“Dear Alan,
Can this help?  My son’s hairline is thinning.”
Yes.  It will help nourish the currently growing follicles and if the ones around the hairline are still able to come out of the follicles’ sleeping phase, he may awaken them!
What else can we help you with?
“Thanks for your response. How much is your product and is it something he should use everyday? “Man thinning hairline hair concerned growout natural organic products for hair growth
The GrowOUT Scalp Nutrient Spray is $39.00   It should be used at least once a day on the areas of greatest concern…his front hairline from the sound of it.
Then, he should shampoo as often as usual with the GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener, $31, making sure to reapply the GrowOUT Scalp Nutrient Spray each time.
Also, if he’s using a gel or styling cream or pomade, pay close attention to avoid getting any of it on the scalp, especially at the hairline or thinning areas.  If that’s not probable, using our Taffy or PerForm Control Styling Gel would be a great choice, given that our gels have only nutritional styling ingredients which are all safe for the scalp!
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