Sweet Potato for Hair Growth : Foods for Hair Growth

sweet potato for hair growth, foods for hair growth

Sweet Potato for Hair Growth : Foods For Hair Growth AVOID sweet potato chips fried in SOY oil!   Who doesn’t love sweets? We’re sure there are a few out there that do not. But for most of us it is a necessity. Candy, cookies, cake, ice cream satisfy us but aren’t really good for […]

Slowly Balding? Reduce Hair Thinning(even fine long hair)

New hair growth products come and go. Some have been around for a long time, given the investment made in patents and FDA clinical trial expenses and such. Some have been around for a long time, because they are trusted by the top stylists, beautiful celebrities, and satisfied customers. For those who depend on their […]

Why and How does GrowOUT work?

Growing hair faster and getting thinning hair to grow thicker is a combination of hairs in differing phases of the follicle growth patterns. Keeping the anchoring molecules healthy prolongs the life of a hair, and energizing the follicle can awaken the hair into its growing phase quicker.  Natural GrowOUT by Belegenza addresses these two important […]

How long before I see hair growth?

Hello, my question is, will hair actually grow at areas I am thinning at using ur products and how long will it take to see visible results? Dear K., It’s great to hear from you…. While the FDA will not allow us to make claims about growing hair specifically, we can talk about keeping the […]

Must have’s in Beauty Bag: New Hair Trends June issue with Rihanna

We LOVE this issue! We’d love to publish some of the great hair that Rihanna is showing off, but we cannot post her photos due to copyright. YOU will have to get a copy of this. I found it at our local grocery, and we are especially proud that we have an inside cover that […]

4 Steps to Perfect Hair: New Packaging Coded with Numbers 1-4

It’s getting simpler each day at Belegenza, for you to have perfect hair. We’ve coded our products with a numbering system so that you can take a lot of the guesswork out of your hair growth or hair care regime. All shampoos are denoted with 1. All conditioners 2.  Treatments are 3.  Styling products are […]

DIY Hair Growth Treatment

Coconut oil has been celebrated by cultures for centuries.  Indian women use it daily on the scalp, and we all have admired their long luxurious hair. Caribbean cultures agree with this powerful oil, and have gone so far to mix differing palm oils into the nut’s magic liquid to enhance its benefits. Without having to […]