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•Delivers thicker, fuller looking hair
•Nourishes your scalp to maximize hair quality as it grows
•Adds strength & encourages scalp to produce more hair

Belegenza’s hair growth essentials include:
GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener and DraMatic Daily Conditioner

They will grow hair stronger, longer, and faster – easy – no fuss

1. GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener
Our shampoo removes cosmetic and chemical residue to allow your scalp to “breathe” and do what it does best….grow hair!

Free of synthetic chemicals. Leaves your hair fresh and longer. Regular usage balances the scalp, stimulating hair growth, and creating healthy strands of stronger hair.

Wet yout hair – Rub a “dab” into the hair
Let it soak for a minute.

2. Dramatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner
This conditioner use seaweed extracts to strengthen each individual hair strand. The scalp is moisturized for suppleness, and a balanced pH. This encourages your scalp to stimulate hair.

Thoroughly wash out the shampoo.
Apply a dab or two of the conditioner into your hair.
Again let it penetrate for a minute or two.
Then wash out.

Good-for-you ingredients leave hair with the perfect amount of moisture and body.
Because it fortifies the core of your hair, your hair will feel and look fuller.
Each day you will notice better and better results.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 21 x 7 x 5 cm


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