Secret Seaweed for Hair Growth

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Seaweed for Hair Growth* Exposing Our Secret (for hair growth!)   Belegenza GrowOUT uses and features seaweed. Yes, seaweed for hair growth! Not just any but several from different parts of the world! Part of the magic is that we put things together that may have never happened in nature. Certain seaweeds would probably NEVER […]

Sweet Potato for Hair Growth : Foods for Hair Growth

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Sweet Potato for Hair Growth : Foods For Hair Growth AVOID sweet potato chips fried in SOY oil!   Who doesn’t love sweets? We’re sure there are a few out there that do not. But for most of us it is a necessity. Candy, cookies, cake, ice cream satisfy us but aren’t really good for […]

pH Balance For Hair Growth : OVERLOOKED Secret to Hair Loss/ Hair Growth

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pH Balance For Hair Growth : OVERLOOKED Secret to Hair Loss / Hair Growth * What’s your next BIG EVENT? Belegenza prepares beautiful celebrities & YOU for “red carpet events, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.” Be certain to deliver an intense stack of nutrients & elements to the core of your hair for maximum hair […]

Why and How does GrowOUT work?

Growing hair faster and getting thinning hair to grow thicker is a combination of hairs in differing phases of the follicle growth patterns. Keeping the anchoring molecules healthy prolongs the life of a hair, and energizing the follicle can awaken the hair into its growing phase quicker. ¬†Natural GrowOUT by Belegenza addresses these two important […]

How long before I see hair growth?

Hello, my question is, will hair actually grow at areas I am thinning at using ur products and how long will it take to see visible results? Dear K., It’s great to hear from you…. While the FDA will not allow us to make claims about growing hair specifically, we can talk about keeping the […]

Top 5 Benefits on 3BC Hair Texture

DEAR ALAN, Thanks for following up ūüôā I was actually wondering if the cumulative effect of this product was more akin to a traditional relaxer or a keratin treatment? I have 3 b/c hair and I like to wear it both straight and curly but I have a frizzy areas that I’d like to tame […]

How to make the best hair growth treatment for thinning hair

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When Cheryl and I set out to make our products, we didn’t really set out to make a ¬†faster hair growth series. ¬†It happened rather organically. ¬†We simply set out to make the best shampoo, best conditioner and best styling gel as possible from foods. ¬†Even though it seemed that everything had already been invented, […]

GrowOUT safe for adhesive tape extensions

¬†I have very fine hair that has a lot of breakage.¬† I highlight my hair and I have Hotheads tape hair extensions in my head.¬† Can I use the Grow Out shampoo with the tape extensions in my head?¬† Will it affect the bond? GrowOUT Shampoo and Strengthener will be fine with the adhesive, as […]

Fine Thinning Wavy Hair. Will GrowOUT weigh my curls down?

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I want to keep my fine thinning hair wavy. Will the grow out products weigh my curls down. I first tried your product when you were on the Dr. Pat radio show. They are great, Thank you, What a compliment!! Thank you for checking back with us! Your curls will be great with the GrowOUT […]