Curly Hair: Mixed Textures, Soft Curl Control, No Crunch

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(Alan & Cheryl, Founders of Belegenza, escaped the terror of humidity on their curls by developing food-extract hair formulas that make humidity cry like a baby! )

Curls come in all shapes and sizes, and not one head of hair is like another. That’s why you want to discover this perfect solution for your hair, and you have now found it!

Hair has basic physiology or characteristics. That’s what we address with our natural formulations. From detailed research and testing on thousands of heads of curls (including hundreds of celebrities),  we’ve unlocked the best ingredients for repairing the cuticle and cortical level of the hair, which is the key to curly hair perfection!

Belegenza created formulations that stack these ingredients together in never-before-done ways that deliver superior, synergistic hair conditioning and control! Our blend of unique seaweeds from 3 exotic and remote ocean “gardens,” oils of 7 differing plants, and specialized extracts of elements of over 23 natural elements from across the world! By distilling the most important parts of these botanicals, the microscopic “crevices” of each hair now absorb an exact amount of the powerful parts without useless buildup.  In other words, these formulas are not only concentrated, they are packed with active ingredients that lock into your curls throughout every strand for maximum results you feel every time you touch your hair!

These formulas give you the power for curl repair and cuticle sealing. By locking in the best qualities of your hair, your curls respond with a soft yet confident control and now reduces the inner core’s ability to pull humidity from the atmosphere during the day! You now can get on with life knowing your hair is in its best shape ever…all day with Belegenza!

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1  IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser
This shampoo prepares hair for maximum reconditioning and filling of the inner parts of the hair. By using this gentle low-lather process that may take up to a month to completely remove cosmetic (silicone) buildup from conventional products, you will notice your hair’s flexibility and softness returning, with marked improvements every time you shampoo.  Once you enter this new world of curl perfection, you will understand and love your curls like never before. Even by trying other products,  you will always return to this shampoo for a fresh new start.

2  RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment
By infusing differing molecular weights of moisturizing and strengthening agents in this cream, your hair selects and absorbs the particles it wants and needs. The rest rinses away for perfectly conditioned curl patterns that now look refined and defined from the very first use.

This improves each time as your hair absorbs the perfect amount according to its porosity.

3  VirgINity Hair Repair
This super intense repair formula sprayed onto wet hair further seals for protection and humidity control factors like no product on the market!  This treatment lasts up to 7 shampoos, but our “curly heads” report used more often due to their addiction to the control, shine, and humidity protection.

4  PerForm Control Styling Gel
This plastic-free (acrylate-free) and silicone-free gel works along with VirgINity to create control in your hair and soft hold with its springy-seaweed-based helix, blending curls and reducing flyaways and frizz. (Moisture exchange is BEST demonstrated in nature by seaweeds which must keep salt outside its membrane walls, preserving its moisture inside. Though very complex, it is the basis that allows you to afford your curl’s perfect moisture balance without these humidity issues ever again!)

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21 reviews for Curly Hair: Mixed Textures, Soft Curl Control, No Crunch

  1. L.K., Hawaii

    I wanted to let you know that I’ve been using other products for many years and I recently I tried the gel and taffy mixed together. I absolutely love the way my hair looks, the curls are shiny and there’s a lot of body even when I use a good amount of your product. They also stay in tact for second and even third day after styling with a bit of water and product. I am just delighted with your stuff!

  2. Melissa G.

    My hair is curly…. and I hadn’t shampooed for 3 days, now, and I had slept last night with it in a messy bun. I used PERFORM gel on my dry hair this morning thinking I’d have to slick it back into a bun or ponytail but when I put my hair back down to hunt for the right rubber band, MAGIC happened, and it looks fabulous! Tadaaaah! Love my hair…love my Belegenza!

  3. Janice

    I’m rapidly approaching my sixties, and I love my hair long. I started using Belegenza about 6 years ago, as I was confronting my aging process, and holding onto staying as young and vibrant as possible. I get compliments on my hair almost daily, which I love. The thing that surprises me is that in my family, everyone started graying in their forties and fifties, and I haven’t even noticed a gray hair! I think the nutrition or whatever is this secret formula has a lot to do with it. Even my college buddies keep commenting, and of course, are now using Belegenza, too! By the way, my high-stress career has me want to tear my hair out most of the time, so these products have to be the difference, which I admit sounds a bit weird. My hair really looks and feels so great all the time, which definitely makes me feel younger and that I’ve still got it! Thanks, Belegenza!

  4. Jess

    I’ve used Belegenza on and off for years. However, for the past two months I’ve been using exclusively belegenza products. I use the Illustrious shampoo, romance conditioner, and then apply encore leave in conditioner to my curls before letting my hair dry naturally ( no more store bought mousse!). Last week, after not showering for two days I had a very memorable hair moment. I reached back expecting to feel coarse knotted curls and my hair was SOFT with no tangles! The softest it’s been my entire life.


  5. Kimberly G.

    you’ve convinced me to go curly! Since you taught me how to use products in another way apart from my go straight look, I’m benefitting from not using as much heat on my hair..I literally let my hair dry and topped off the straight part with a quick blow dry! Saved 20 min…good to go…not sure where but good lol!

  6. Cassie

    This conditioner gave my damage hair life. I used this a few times and my hair definitely is more soft and shiny. I love the fact that it can be treated like a hair mask almost. A little goes a long way and I love that. Plus this conditioner is free of a lot ingredients I been trying to stay away from so I was so pleased with the natural ingredients. Natural ingredients work so much better for my naturally curly hair and with the heat damage that I have I feel this conditioner can be a start to replenish it. I was grateful for this product OH and it had my extensions feeling brand new.

  7. Sprad

    I love the RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment! The scent was wonderful. The conditioner was thick and rich. Went smoothly on my hair and made it easy to comb through my thick curly hair. The bottle didn’t say how long to leave it in, so I left it on for 2-3mins. After rinsing it out, my hair was so soft and smooth. After drying my hair, it still smelled wonderful. I loved it, it’s great.

  8. Rhonda

    I loved this shampoo. It had a great smell, which stayed in my hair even after washing it out, which I absolutely love. It worked great for my extra curly hair also. It actually cleaned my hair really well also, which is hard since I use so many products in it during the week to keep my curls tamed. And it is a total bonus that the shampoo is paraben free, sls free, and phthalate free.

  9. G.R., Stuart, FL

    I’m so spoiled with my hair now! I realized the other day, as I was leaving the restroom, that I never check my hair in the mirror anymore. I used to freak out, given my curly hair would puff and frizz or be so stiff from gels that most of my time in the restrooms were spent trying to fix my hair to be presentable. With Belegenza, though, I just do it in the morning, and I’m done for the day! My curls are deep, soft to the touch, and I go all day, and have good hair days all the time! Perfect hair plus good for my hair, health and the planet! Thanks for awesome products, Belegenza!

  10. Elizabeth

    How beautifully this product (RoMANce) was packaged! I was able to get many uses out of this bottle, quite enough to see a shiny frizz-free happiness to my curls! The scent is floral, yet not unpleasantly so. I will buy this product!

  11. Nour

    The first thing I noticed about this shampoo (Illustrious) was the impressive ingredients list. There are several botanicals in this product at the top of the ingredients list, not way at the end. The shampoo has a pleasant floral scent and forms a gentle lather. It really left my hair feeling soft and nourished, not stripped and dry. This was great for my dry, curly hair and I’d certainly recommend it. I have never heard of this brand before and would love to see it on store shelves!

  12. Angela

    RoMance Deep Conditioning Treatment is awesome!! The first time I used it, I could tell a difference!! Having curly, frizzy hair is a fuss, but this conditioner changed the way I feel about my hair!! My hair feels so soft and healthier!! I would recommend this product to anyone who has unmanageable hair, actually I would recommend it to anyone period!

  13. Sarah

    I liked everything about the Illustrious Shampoo and Cleanser. I have crazy curly hair and I use a lot of products each day, like mousse and hairspray. The Illustrious shampoo made my hair feel clean and soft, and it smelled great. I was very impressed to try something that made my hair feel healthier and smoother. Being mostly natural is a definite plus too. I would recommend this to a friend in the future.

  14. Ashley

    I have naturally curly hair and I have to be careful of what shampoo products I use because they dry my hair out. This shampoo worked great and left my hair feeling squeaky clean. I will definitely purchase this in the future.

  15. Jennifer

    Love this product (Illustrious)! I use a lot of products with my natural curly hair and my hair felt so clean after washing it. I would recommend this.

  16. Angela

    RoMance Deep Conditioning Treatment is awesome!! The first time I used it, I could tell a difference!! Having curly, frizzy hair is a fuss, but this conditioner changed the way I feel about my hair!! My hair feels so soft and healthier!! I would recommend this product to anyone who has unmanageable hair, actually I would recommend it to anyone period!!

  17. Maria

    love love love this…..Romance was the right name because it made my super long hair stay nice and curly without weighing it down…..will be buying this on the regular!

  18. Jess

    I am not a huge fan of shampoo to begin with because it tends to dry out my curly hair but I used this one and it really wasn’t bad! It (Illustrious) seemed to clean my curly hair and scalp pretty well without a lot of the dried out feeling going on, so I have to say I was pleased. I will buy this in the future 🙂

  19. Amanda

    Upon getting my Illustrious Shampoo and Cleanser, I was already excited because the label stated “silicone free.” Then after reading the labeling and not seeing sulfate in the ingredients, which always dries out my hair and since my hair is naturally curly, thick and frizzy anything drying out my hair more really bums me out. Normally I need to mix a little baking soda into my shampoo to get a truly cleansed feeling. I was able to use this alone and still get that same real clean feel and the smell was subtle but just right. Definitely highly recommended!

  20. Devon

    The conditioner had a nice consistency. I have dry, curly hair and my hair when it dried felt soft and my curls were contained. Overall it is a nice conditioner!(Romance)

  21. Holly

    After trying Illustrious Shampoo and Cleanser for three days, usually after the second try I determine I don’t like a shampoo or conditioner, however this product is awesome! I can honestly say, this is a product I want to use all the time. As a fervent Wen product user, I will not generally use a product that foams, as I feel this leaves my want-to-be curly long hair too dry. Although this was NOT the outcome I thought I would receive. This product made my curly hair manageable, beautiful, and I just love the way my hair feels now. I love washing my hair now! Thank you!

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