My Mentor, Marshall Sylver, in Forbes!

NOV 29, 2016 @ 03:15 PM 12,055 VIEWSThe Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets If You Want To Discover The Secrets Of Power, Success, And Make Millions, Do This One Thing Now Peter Lane Taylor ,   CONTRIBUTOR I cover start-ups, travel, real estate, and the occasional celebrity Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their […]

To Clarify or not to Clarify!

“Good Morning! Question for you. Since I use Simply Smooth occasionally between relaxers, is it good to use the clarifying Ilustrious shampoo, during the times I am not using Simply Smooth? Or should I alternate between clarifying or Sulfate shampoos?” If I understand your question, you are wondering if switching to another brand of sulfate-free […]

How to make your keratin last longer!

Wish you could make it last longer? Doesn’t it make sense to protect your keratin investment? What if your keratin-ed smoother, straighter hair could last longer? Keratin not as smooth as it used to be? What about the NEW Formaldehyde-Free ones? Everyone knows they are not as powerful–(find out how to take it to the […]

Talking Hair, Growth on the set of Rizzoli and Isles

Cheryl and I had a blast with the oh-so-talented Carla Farmer, represented by Criterion-Group, personal hairstylist to the gorgeous Angie Harmon, of Rizzoli and Isles, and her jointly agreed “on the set husband” Mark Bautista, who is Angie’s makeup artist! Both dedicated and loyal members of the Local 706, the exclusive union guild of Hollywood, […]

Curl Confidence in Humidity and Social Settings: Curly Self Esteem

Dear Alan, I had to tell you.  My sisters and I have been so spoiled for so long with great curly hair, thanks to Belegenza.   Recently, a “friend” or actually a community member who knows my sister learned about Belegenza.  Honestly, my sister really didn’t care for her as a friend, and kept her […]

How Does Belegenza Compare to Wen?

How Does Belegenza Compare to Wen?   We are happy to answer this question! We can hardly fathom how many millions of dollars Wen has  spent in marketing and advertising on TV.  So, that is why we are relatively unknown.  Those who DO know us, though, tell us about the amazing results they get from […]

Inconsistent CURLS: Love Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker

“I have inconsistently curly hair; it’s straighter towards the front and curlier underneath and in the back. I did a Brazilian Blowout treatment 5 years ago and immediately began losing hair and still am. I’ve used the Grow Out shampoo and Romance conditioner and although it didn’t completely fix the fall out problem, it is […]

Jake says NO to Canola Oil: You Should, TOO!

What does Jake Carney, Founder of The Alternative Daily, have to say about oils?   We’ve been talking about this for decades, now, and I am THRILLED to tell you what Jake has to say!   Below is  link to his book, which tells all kinds of things that you must know, now!  Here’s is an excerpt […]

Haircolor cover-up! SOME Ugly Truth about Reddish tones on Men’s Hair

How To Stop Reddish faded tones in dark hair on men’s hair  especially. Women: the method applies to keeping your color richer and not fading as well. I will not come out directly and say what my opinion of how dangerous haircoloring really is. There are colorists who are doing the right thing and blowing […]

Grey Hair Gene Discovered! No more Grey?

We’ve been interested in this for many years, and have a few suspicions that are right on target with these scientists!  Of course,  Cheryl and I  are blonde by choice, and I must say, it is easier these days to be a blonde, thanks to my melanocytes for taking it easy!  LOL! This article from […]