Scalp Sores from Hair Color: Aloe Secret Plus Hair Growth

Beauty knows no pain! Beauty knows no bounds. It’s the mantra some have to chant while suffering through certain beauty treatments. Waxing. (Especially there….) Threading. Tweezing. Relaxers. Bleaches. And, for the sensitive types, just a simple hair color is a “necessary pain.” If you’ve already read our blog about the Bleach Sores that Cheryl Caused […]

Chemo Hair Loss: No More Fear

“The first time I heard I had cancer was…. (silence)….The doctor called me and said, ‘I got your test results back and you have cancer, but it’s the good kind.’My immediate response was like whaaat?What do you mean a good kind. I don’t think cancer and good go together. But in retrospect, she was right. It was […]

Chemo Hair Loss, Chemo Hair Growth After Chemo & a Bunch of This & That!

Like a bolt of lightning, the news of having cancer is shocking, to say the least!  No matter how prepared you are, the news calls forth what seems like an avalanche of thoughts, concerns, fears, angers, and it just keeps coming…thoughts of what about, what if and so on. We realized that we had no […]

My Blistered Scalp: Sores from Bleach Accident! Back to Hair Growth….

If you’ve ever had a platinum blonde bleach application, you’ll really know the pain I’m in. If you haven’t had bleach job, here’s the problem. Bleach is caustic and burns! As it munches at your hair pigments, it is also munching on your scalp and follicles. This partly explains why there a not a ton […]

Is This Track Legend Allison Felix’s Secret to Hair Growth

None of us likes to feel our hair is getting thinner. We constantly see more strands on the floor or perhaps the water is draining out of bathtub slower. Sometimes all it takes is just to look in the mirror and not be happy. Food, and the right food we mean, is a combatant. One such food is […]

Learn From Lady Gaga: Yoga & Hair Growth

Learn From Lady Gaga: Yoga & Hair Growth As we all know, exercising is just good for your body and yoga is one such form of exercise that you can benefit from. Yoga involves all kinds of movements and works to bring harmony between your mind and body. Did you know Lady Gaga is a […]

Go the Missy Elliot Way: Give it up for Hair Growth!

What you put in your body, whether food or drink, plays an important role in hair growth and hair loss.   So many out there love to drink diet soda as they feel it aids in weight loss.   Perhaps it does.   But you might change your mind about it if you knew that […]

Tom Selleck Got Smart: Avocado Growth & Hair Growth

Butter or jam for your toast?  That’s a thing of the past. Avocados are all the rage these days. It turns out that actor Tom Selleck likes to farm avocadoes in his spare time and has done this for about 30 years since he bought a 30-acre ranch in California. How cool is that! So if […]

“Pretty Little Liars’ Star Loves Hummus: Hair Growth Foods

Good hair is a goal.   Yes, good product is important.   But more importantly is what you put in your body.   For ladies, good hair is a direct result of good estrogen and protein levels in the body along with the presence of B complex and zinc levels. You can promote this by eating […]

Kylie Jenner Swears By This & Fine Hair, Hair Growth Secret

It’s so easy to step out of the shower and wrap your wet hair in a towel.   We all do it and it seems relatively harmless.   Guest what? It’s not.   This wrapping causes stress on your hair and subsequent hair loss. If it’s too hard for you to break this habit then try swapping […]