Heidi Klum Considers This the Perfect Snack: Hair Growth with Magnesium

Vitamins and minerals are good for us and our health.  One such mineral is magnesium. It turns out this mineral helps keep your blood pressure regulated and builds strong bones. It’s also reported to be essential in over 300 vital processes in the human body!   The bad news is most people don’t get enough of […]

Salma’s Trick With Almond Butter: How Fast Do Hair Grow with Omega-3’s

Pretty hair. Gorgeous hair.  What can you do to achieve this? Many things.  Did you know almond butter, which is rich in healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, and protein, is good for hair growth? Who knew! Apparently, Salma Hayek does! Salma Hayek has a wonderful breakfast that she shared with fans on […]

Camilla’s Royal Love of Peas: Hair Growth Secret Made Public

What can you do to help your hair?    We believe there aren’t too many who have not asked themselves that question at some point.    Maybe the start is just to maintain the overall health of your hair.    It just happens that eating green peas can help you do that.   It’s a little-known fact that […]

Halle, Scarlett, and Rihanna Lead the Way…Hair, Food & Hair Growth

Ask most any female out there and they will tell you their dream is to have shiny, healthy hair. Good hair products do help, with Belegenza Natural Hair Care products being the best.   But you also need certain vitamins that will aid in the growth and health of your hair. Vitamin B is one […]