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All about Natural Hair Growth Products

Advanced Belegenza technology isolates 17 premium extracts of world’s expert hair growth researchers.

Finally….. a truly natural shampoo that helps you with your hair growth with proven extracts……

…………without having to bother with
harmful drugs overflowing with
negative side effects,
overpriced, dangerous chemicals and
risky surgeries that can endanger your health.

(Natural Ingredients listed near the bottom of this page.)

What makes GrowOUT so extraordinary as a natural hair growth product!?

The FIRST thing is that there is NOTHING in GrowOUT products that will slow growth.

Conventional brands and even high-end salon products typically add one MAGIC ingredient like ARGAN oil,
in a base that contains the nasties, like:
petroleum derivatives
and maybe even a few natural extracts that are molecularly too heavy for hair and a struggling follicles!

Think of it like adding a teaspoon of Vitamin-C to your 3-Layer-Chocolate-Mouse -Cake!
Nice idea, but what’s the point of that lame amount of nutrition in an obvious sugary/fat laden deliciousness?

Oh, yeah, but what about ORGANIC hair growth products?
Even organic brands can include silicone & natural oils (too large/heavy) or
proteins that block follicle vitality!
(yes, even organic coconut oil is too heavy for long-term hair growth).

When it comes to hair growth Belegenza wins every time.
WE start and finish with food-grade extracts… more than 17 effective ingredients and
soon you’ll find out why you’ve never heard of us and
why we can be so arrogant about our products!

Let’s start with  one reason why we ALWAYS get results….

                                                    (…and it keeps getting better!)

By using an organic approach the gentle cleansing process (no detergents, sulfates, sls, etc.) Belegenza GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener primes your hair and SCALP.

Now, with GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener, your scalp is bathed in 17 known and trusted ingredients without any “nasties” in the way.

These 17 potent extracts also combine with each other in  NEW  ways that supercharge their effectiveness.

This is what is called SYNERGY! (more later…)

So, why do some people get results from ONE ingredient, let’s say from coconut?

And yet it doesn’t do much for you?

Then, you see a Pinterest pin that praises the 999 ways olive oil grows hair and give it a try.

Well, it works for some,  because each person may have a particular deficiency and Olive oil meets that need.

… and yet Coconut is the saving grace for the other person…..

The good news is that they happened to get lucky to discover that missing element from one natural hair growth product ingredient.

This is why each culture swears by one certain ingredient…. Coconut oil for example…

yet, with all the different cultures AND beliefs in their one ingredient,

you’d spend a fortune of time and money trying them one at a time to find your MAGIC ingredient.

So, here’s another reason we win FOR YOU!  …..
We give you 17 tried and true ingredients in a perfect blend!

Here’s some simple, yet mind-blowing math your hair and follicles will appreciate….

“You are seriously the BEST!! I just got my Belegenza goodies and I wanted to thank you so much! I really appreciate your kindness and your wonderful products!! I also wanted to tell you that I’ve got my dad on Growout and Spotlite and his swimmer’s hair is so much better, thanks to you!! I will always be a customer!”~~A.L., Orange County, CA

If you just tried the world’s top 17 ingredients ONE AT A TIME and used them for just 90 days, you’d spend over 2 years experimenting!

Keep in mind, your follicles have phases and windows of timing for growth… or not, before they shut down forever. (catagen phase/falling phase secrets later on this page…)

Do you want to spend 2 years to find THE magic ingredient while  losing 5 or more hairs a day?  Heck no, right?

Let’s do the math—that would be over 7,000 hairs lost forever simply testing conventional and natural hair growth products!

OR, you could increase your odds tremendously by applying the top 17 ingredients starting immediately. 

By using GrowOUT, the best natural hair growth products money can buy,
you will be speeding up the discovery process by over 2 years and potentially
saving over 7,000 hairs! 


PLUS you will also be saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars $$$$ that it would cost to find these ingredients yourself!

GrowOut presents one of the most innovative and effective natural hair root stimulators on the market–having the power to provide immense benefits without any dangerous additions, including drugs and synthetic chemicals that usually do more harm than good.

Start nurturing your hair, now, the way it deserves to be cared for and begin witnessing all of your self – image concerns and worries related to your hair loss disappear right before your eyes.

Stimulate your hair follicles and take the health and vibrancy of your hair to a whole new level, as this has never been easier or safer, if in fact, you are using natural hair growth products, like GrowOUT!

Forget all about having to worry about the negative side – effects of drugs and the dangerous synthetic chemicals added to most hair re – growth products currently found on the market and now start enjoying this healthier and safer solution.

Healthier, faster growing hair begins by feeding nutrients to the scalp!

Other shampoos and conditioners are laden with chemicals, silicones, and other sophisticated-sounding ingredients that cover follicles.

Harsh sulfates strip your hair of its natural oils and inner strength. GrowOut Shampoo and Strengthener uses an organic approach to deliver unsurpassed softness and shine while restoring the scalp’s natural pH balance.

As part of your daily hair care regimen, GrowOut Shampoo and Strengthener gently cleanses (no salt or SLS) and nourishes each strand of hair. It provides a powerful foundation for proper hair growth. If you have thinning hair, brittle hair, or just fine hair,

GrowOut will be the solution.

If you are serious about enjoying a whole new level of hair health, thickness and volume –

GrowOUT now presents the perfect solution uniquely tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Add to Cart NOW

“I’ve tried everything already!” 

Until now…..

STOP pulling your hair out trying

new hair growth products!

~~17 times more proven ingredients than any other products on the market…

~~You’re chances for results are practically guaranteed!

“I’m not looking for a miracle to grow all my hair back. I just wanted to keep what have. I thought GrowOUT was working, and my girlfriend confirmed it. Even she noticed that it’s working! And, to my surprise, some of it IS growing back. Let me buy more now!“–J.I., Attorney, Houston, TX

17 Ingredients vs. just one?

Imagine what 17 effective ingredients can do synergistically!
It’s like 17 natural hair growth products in ONE!


We’ll show you how over 17 ACTIVE ingredients blow away all other

hair growth products in the world?

Sure, ONE active ingredient is going to help your hair grow.

AND, hopefully by now, you’ve had some success with this.

Every product manufacturer knows an ingredient that might work.

This is why they are always looking for the



BUT, how do you:

Insure you get the right natural hair growth product?

Insure it will work for your needs, lifestyle & genetics?

Insure the best balance of growth & hair styling results? needs?

Insure it will really work for your hair type & at your phase of hair loss, thinning or GROWING?

Before you settle for ONE ingredient,

Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if you could try 17 at one time?

Not just 17 random things, but 17 of the most trusted and proven natural hair growth ingredients!

Hopefully, though, you are one of those lucky types and

that ONE ingredient is THE missing ingredient for you!

It’s a matter of big manufacturing stats.

If it works for 20 percent of the people,

it’s a marketing success!

Once EVERYONE has tried it, the remaining other 80 percent

either moves on or tries the “new & improved” version!

So, NOW, you can SKYROCKET your chances of success with GrowOUT!

Now, that’s powerful, right?

Take me to the Menopause Hair Growth Package

Later, we’ll tell you why all the big companies HATE US! 


BUT now, when you hold the key to the  SYNERGY of these 17 carefully selected premium

ingredients perfectly,

your chances for results multiply exponentially.

In fact, GrowOUT will be your  STANDARD of natural hair growth products from now on.


If you don’t get results with these incredible effective products,

you will know it’s the end of the line for your hair.

AND, when you do get results,

like tens of thousands of our obsessed  GrowOUT customers have,

you, too, will be one of those….


chanting “My hair feels young again!”….

….”I switched, and it’s like the first time every time I shampoo!”

…”I always come back to Belegenza!”

“I used your system a couple years ago following my chemotherapy. I never lost my hair completely as my treatment was considered mild. I was pleased with the results but went back to my old shampoo after my hair seemed to recover. Slowly my hair has seemed to thin again, not as bad as during chemo but it’s definitely not like it was after chemo stopped & I had been using your products. I’m going to reorder.
Thank you, I’m looking forward to getting back to your shampoo & conditioner on a permanent basis.”~~J.H., Sacramento


 “I’m almost 60, and my hair is so thick I have trouble getting my fingers around my hair when I put it in a ponytail!  I haven’t had this wonderful problem since I was a teenager!  Plus, the new hairs around my hairline make me smile every time I look in the mirror! Thanks, Alan & Cheryl for inventing Belegenza!” ~~G.R., R.N.,  Stuart, Florida

Forget the gimmicks & chemicals, cleverly lit before and after photoshopped pictures, infomercials and lies!

And, honestly, you could related to this as another gimmick as well.

Also, like so many, the excitement of trying another product is a lot of fun, so we understand.

After a decade of success and rave reviews, though we are not for EVERYONE, we are certainly

the go-to for very demanding and satisfied customers who depend on the best for their hair!

Here are some of the main reasons and results people report:

  • Fuller hair
  • Thicker hair
  • More strength per strand
  • Longer hair that grows faster
  • Less breakage or bad (split) ends
  • Longer  lasting  humidity control
  • More new hair growth in hair lines
  • Overall enhanced feeling of confidence
  • More strands growing at the same time
  • Less oiliness & hair stays cleaner longer
  • Better scalp conditions and less irritation
  • Hairstyles seem to look better & ast longer
  • Less concern and worry over genetic thinning
  • Less concern for being stared at for having thinner hair
  • More “baby” hairs (as so many call them) throughout the head
  • Men who expected to be thin by the age their relatives were thinning have kept their hair longer!
  • Hair feels amazing, (specifically as compared to the drug-based hair growth brand that starts with an R …and ends with *gain).

Also, by demographic, we have had almost unbelievable (to us), results including:

Young girls with Loose Anagen/Short Anagen Syndrome (LAS-SAS)

Chemo patients–before, during and after

Body builders with high testosterone levels (and maybe even a few steriods!)

Vegetarians (and those who need more protein)

Dieters (especially those trying to lose weight fast for special events)

Hormonal related disruptions (menstrual, pre-menstrual, meno and post menopausal)

Psoriasis-like scalp issues.

and more.

You can read more about those types on specific pages by clicking above.






that has been ignored by big and small brands for much too long!

By the way… we make no medical claims…. see our legal stuff at the end of this page.


Before we go on… here’s a  WEIRD question that will make a GREAT point in a moment.

DO you know anyone living today who does NOT have a digestive system?

If you do, what a miracle.

If not…. keep reading.

No matter what age, color, race, belief, etc., each human alive today has a digestive system…right?

It’s just a part of the body…. a very essential part.  Some have better systems than others and so on, right?

We relate to hair and scalp in a similar way.

If there is a hair growing, it has a “digestive” system (follicle).

No matter what TEXTURE, COLOR or CREED that hair is, it has common elements and characteristics that make it similar to all human hair, right?

By the way…cats, dogs, etc., have fur.. almost the same, but not quite.

But for now, we can all agree that whether it’s a human being with curly, straight, fine, coarse, white, black or blonde, it is common for them all to have

follicles from which they grow, and certain layers of protein matter ( that is…cuticle, medulla, cortex, etc.)

We will go a bit deeper into this in a moment.

By now, though, you can clearly see that we have approached the whole matter of hair growth and natural hair growth product development in a way that NO other

company has, right?

By the time you use these natural hair growth products, and re-read this as well as other information on our site, you will find

that we are WAY above and beyond when it comes to the approach and especially the delivery of that which your hair

and follicles require for the best possible results.

Also, you probably are wondering why you’ve never heard of Belegenza, right?

It’s about quality and ingredients.  When mass-market products get to the success to sell in BIG ways, like infomercials, stores, beauty supply companies and such, the sheer volume of ingredients is mind-blowing.  It takes millions of gallons of ingredients that have to LAST during the manufacturing process without spoiling.  So, by the time a natural hair growth product gets to that level of production, most of those ingredients have to substituted with chemicals that won’t spoil.  This is why companies who get bought by L’Oreal, or Aveda, or any other innovative company immediately changes the formula!  Going from 1000’s of gallons to millions of gallons is a HUGE jump and things have to change.  This is why small brands have the edge, and so long as they stay in control, the quality is superior when it comes to natural hair growth products!

It’s almost unfair to the other manufacturers and brands because just by switching to Belegenza, that’s about all it takes for us to

start getting results for you… (there’s another NASTY secret we’ve pulled on them and big brands hate us for it!)

They cannot afford to do what we did… because if they did anything near what we did, you’d be paying well over $100 per bottle for it!

If you’ve ever heard of silicone-free products before today, it’s because of Alan & Cheryl’s breakthrough approach!

Yes, we’ve invented the silicone-free era!

Silicone is cheap, and in our opinion, has some serious side effects.

Once you have used our breakthrough products for 30-60 days, you will see why!

Especially if you go back to other products, when you come back you will be CERTAIN

forever that we’ve done something no one else has done.

If you are wondering about organic products from those companies… they believe silicones are not only good

but organic, too!  What a load of marketing crap is that!

HUMAN BODIES THRIVE by eating real foods and wholesome nutrition!

Human Hair growth thrives by utilizing real foods and wholesome nutrition!

Not only is the “right” food important,

it also requires that the body/hair/follicle can assimilate and use it properly.


This is why they hate us!

We always can improve upon whatever you’ve been using because we understand and have developed our products to be far

more effective by blending honest wisdom and nature, with science-fiction-like extraction and delivery methods!


Belegenza has the first-ever combination of tried & true growth remedies

that catapult each trusted ingredient’s power exponentially!

Not just one in a silicone or chemical or synthetic base,



So, even at that 20 percent theory: you will AT LEAST have 3 ingredients that could make THE

ULTIMATE difference in your hair growth immediately!

This is good, stuff, right?

By now, you’re probably certain you want this. So, before we tell you a few more stories and ideas that make Belegenza’s GrowOUT so extraordinary, add GrowOUT to your cart now.

Take me to the Menopause Hair Growth Package

Or, you are simply obsessed with Belegenza already, and want a bit more help making sure you get the best natural hair growth products for your hair type and texture… 

Take me to the Hair Growth after Chemo Package

OR, you are ready to get started with the essentials so you can prove it to yourself before you get completely obsessed for a lifetime with Belegenza GrowOUT

I want to take the FREE "2 Minute Hair Evaluation," now!

Or, you want to hear some more about Belegenza, GrowOUT , natural hair growth products and Alan & Cheryl. 

So, let’s dig in a little deeper….

Alan & Cheryl came from the “sticks.”  From certain moments and events, we came to realize that there was a vast

world of things to discover, so traveling the world was just the beginning.  Those travels lead to discoveries along the way, and

this is partly how these 17 ingredients got blending into these amazing products.

 You can check out Bio’s and the tragic stories of  how STUPID they said we were later! Losing hair is bad, we agree.  When you read all we lost in the process to create this company and products, you will wonder why we kept going in our search to help people with their hair.  Yes, we have wanted to give up countless times… and then, we get another email or comment about what a life changing difference we’ve made, and we’re back at it again! 



As mentioned earlier, this is the end of the track for trying new hair products.

Said another way, NO other brand whether organic, natural, famous, or otherwise has been able to combine the proprietary

ingredients in the way we have.  (And, yes, even the famous company that starts with an L’ couldn’t do it…the launched their copycat version, hired a famous actress as the face of it, and created incredibly clever marketing around it… They NEVER got it silicone free in the final turn, and after the launch, it crashed and burned…..we’re still standing and growing bigger and better EVERY DAY one head at a time!)



By advanced research of home remedies for hair growth & thickness, from across the world,

we handled your hair and follicles real need for nutrition

AND took out everything that could be getting in the way of your follicles’ job… to grow hair!

EVERY brand uses a “filler.”   Some are using fillers like coconut oils or moroccan oils, or silicones.  All of those are what we call blockers.  They get in the way of the follicle’s abliltiy to use the good stuff in the products.   It’s NOT  readily available to your follicle’s “digestive” system!

Why they hate us is that we don’t use those fillers!   We can afford to put the BEST ingredients from the top of our ingredient list to the bottom!

THEY cannot do that because they have ENORMOUS expenses for advertising, marketing, distribution and celebrities, magazing ads, commercials and countless social media and web-based expenses to convince the general public that their ONE ingredient is going to make a difference.

It works for them, because they only need a few million (20 percent) people to buy it at least once.

THEY hate us because we don’t have paid celebrities, huge ad expenses or distribution costs.  You are paying for

INGREDIENTS!   (Some say we should spend more on our packaging… until they realize no one sees the bottles in their showers and EVERYONE

sees their awesome hair results.)

So, yes, once you’ve used these products, they will either work or not.

If it doesn’t, just settle into anything from there just to keep your hair clean for as long as your hair hangs on.

IF it DOES IN FACT work for you.. keeping your hair nourished, healthy, strong and holding on, you will be with us forever!

We have so much to say, because we are excited we created this breakthrough. We are also excited to

hear from YOU very soon, about your results, improvements and satisfaction.

So, it’s time to order now.

You can keep learning while your products are being shipped, right?

This GrowOUT Shampoo & Strenghtener is included in many packages.

We highly recommend that if you are skeptical give yourself a true opportunity to

see if it is right for you by using a package that will have all 4 “steps” included

You’ll see on each bottle a number that corresponds like this:

  1. Shampoo
  2. Condition
  3. Treat
  4. Style

The main reason to do it big is that this way you are using only Belegenza without any barriers from other products for

30-60 days..  Your hair will tell the story and you can always contact us along the way with questions.

 During this time, we will be able to : 

1. Eliminate ingredients smothering your hair growth

2. Introduce a new world of products made of food rather than chemicals.

3. Address your texture and hairstyling needs ( fine, oily, dry or whatever).

4. Be able to adjust for your new, rejuvenated hair by adding or subtracting products more suitable for your new hair!

Before we line out a few packages for your texture, situation, issues or concerns,

Here’s an add to cart button in case you just want to get started now with GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener

YES. Add GrowOUT to my Cart NOW

If you want to get the whole experience right away, click on the following according to your interests.

After these links, though, you can learn about the phases of hair growth…..  Remember to come back  for

more if you order your package first.



How to awaken your sleeping phase follicles before it’s too late!

Each day, follicles are in one of 3 phases.  Learn how to entice the sleepy ones to wake up

before they go to sleep forever!



Phases of hair growth:




You can now increase your odds of optimum hair growth by daily use of of the most popular hair growth ingredients.

GrowOUT is a supercharged shampoo that amplifies the growth effects heralded by experts of hair growth!

Highly acclaimed by users, professionals & world-renown experts alike, you don’t get ONE magic ingredient–

you now get over 17 known ingredients trusted by these experts from all across the world!

• Proven ingredients that work for you 24/7
• Energize scalp & growth center for maximum delivery
• Food extracts (without chemicals) for synergized effects on all types of hair & ethnicities!

Anagen, Telogen, Catagen–Growth phases you must understand so as to gain the BEST growth at precisely the right times!

But rather than understanding this, all you have to do is make sure that each follicle has what it needs to grow hair.

With this shampoo, you increase your odds by having over 17 active ingredients working for you all the time.

You don’t have to think about it… just shampoo and celebrate your results!


  With GrowOUT you are now armed to awaken the sleeping phase of a follicle before it’s too late! 

(Popular brands miss these windows of time and can cost you losing 5 hairs PER DAY, every day!)

Also, because we’ve done all the hard work, scouring the earth for these highly refined extracts, you now have access to THE

exact extracts that provide the MOST benefit without the ‘fluff.’

For example, in green drink nutrition, throwing in some kale will give you some result, but adding the exact phytonutrient, LUTEIN, from kale will amplify that green drink in an extremely more powerful way!

GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener targets your follicles with EXACT extracts while it cleanly and responsibly primes your scalp for maximum delivery AND attends to your hair to have it perform like younger hair again.

Like using a new shampoo the first time, it’s like the first time EVERY time!

Rather than losing 5 hairs a day from conventional attempts, you now increase your hair growth odds each day with GrowOUT.

Thousands of thrilled customers swear by GrowOUT.

They saved 2 years of experimentation, and ultimately, saved their hair by beating the odds of  hair falling due to aging, genetics, chemical/follicle damage, silicone/dimethicone contamination, etc.

As many cultures swear by their “growth ingredient,” Belegenza has combined the active molecules from MANY cultures. By amplifying each ingredient’s effectiveness in a never-before synergistic “potion,” each culture’s advantageous ingredient is working with the synergy of supplemental ingredients that work beyond expectations…. for everyone!

Later we’ll tell you how to apply a concentrated dose on non-shampoo days to increase your chances of nutritional stimulation!

No matter what culture you are– all you need is some still-active follicles.  In other words, if your complete head is slick and bald, this is not for you.

If you still have active follicles, now is your chance!!

Make sure you arm your follicles with a complete array of potent ingredients that it can pick and choose from during that window of opportunity (anagen phase)!

AND, during that very short 2 week transitional phase (Catagen) which is so critical…. Keep impressing your follicles that you will provide them with THE BEST CONDITIONS for new growth by keeping the nutritional stimulation going and available EVERY DAY!

More in a moment about that…AND, with such a complete array of ingredients, it’s even more appropriate for those with mixed genetics.

“The main causes of hair loss:

  • follicle aging,
  • poor scalp micro-circulation,
  • follicle atrophy caused by dihydrotestosterone in men AND women
  • and by chemical residue.”

When the anagen phase (growth phase) begins, which is different time for EVERY follicle,

you want to insure ALL conditions are right for it to be able to produce your best hairs possible–and

GrowOUT is your best option possible!

Even if you are certain you have found the MAGIC ingredient,

you will see that adding these precise 17 ingredients to your already existing

success will catapult your results, every time!

By now, you might be saying to yourself,  “This all sounds awesome. I’d like to know more.  How can I be sure I’m getting the right things?”

…. If this is true for you, click here now and take 2 minutes to tell us about your hair type, texture and all, and we’ll be able to help you with more specific answers! Click here, now! 

The first thing that happens the moment you start GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener is that you are removing chemical residue left behind by conventional products, including salon brands and organic products!

By removing barriers, your follicles immediately improve.

By switching to GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener alone,

you are maximizing your chances of keeping your hair in its best-growing condition before it’s too late.

Second, you are preparing your follicles to receive one, two…up to 17 or more ingredients that resonate to your genetic coding and follicles’ needs!

Just by doing this, you will be ahead of the game starting day one, setting yourself up for a certain win!  

“Reawaken those (telogen & catagen) follicles resulting in a possible 121% increase in the number of hairs on the head growing, with minimal telogen phase occurring.”

When you want more than the appearance of increased density and new hair growth,

GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener is your best choice, now! 


GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener gently cleanses (no salt or SLS, parabens, silicone, mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates, etc.) & nourishes each strand of hair and follicle.

For women (read more..menopausal),

men (read more)

and  even children (read more),

insures  an exclusive, ultra-safe combination of food-grade ingredients

that provide a powerful foundation for proper hair growth.

No fillers, no gimmicks, no cover-ups.

You save time and money by now

using effective food-grade ingredients rather than constantly trying trendy undervalued ingredients in beautiful packaging.

When your self-esteem soars by knowing the difference, and

when compliments are a daily occurrence,

you will always be thankful you transformed your hair and your life with GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener!

By the way, ladies, no hormonal disrupters, here!

So, no need to worry about more facial hair or other hair side-effects!

Every mass and salon product makes you want to believe their product is the best.

And, for a while, you may even believe their products are working. Switching is fun for the most part.


Then, again, here you are, looking for the best you can do for your hair.

AND, now that you’ve found 17 active, effective ingredients… you’ll agree that it is MORE fun! Right?

Why can’t I find this in the stores or beauty supply stores?

The MAIN reason you will not find Belegenza GrowOUT in beauty supply stores, grocery or drug stores, or even department stores is that we will never make it inexpensive enough for “those places” to afford to stock it on their shelves.

We always use the finest ingredients. Period. …..In a way that has each ingredient enhance the others!

So, we have to afford those ingredients and not waste the money on highly paid celebrities and commercials an such.

Like a luxurious gourmet meal, you must use the finest to deliver the best flavors, nutrition and

the most exquisite experience.

Isn’t it your turn to find out for yourself?


Finally, get what you want!

Finally, get your best hair possible.

Now you can certainly understand that this is completely different than anything on the market, right?

Now that you’ve heard of this, you’ll agree that all the new stuff on the market will only remind you about

GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener is the best choice possible.

By now, all there really is to do is to use it yourself and let your follicles show you!

So,, you are ready for ready for this, right?

…. longer, stronger, thicker hair?

YES. Add GrowOUT to my Cart NOW


Other shampoo and conditioner brands laden with chemicals, silicones, & other sophisticated-sounding ingredients cover and smother hair & follicles.

The truth is that they’ve done the best they can with their limitations

to make available for as many people as possible.

It’s too bad that harsh sulfates and even sulfate-free substitutes strip natural oils and disrupt growth factors.

Mass marketing is for people who may not be able to afford top notch ingredients…and this is okay if you are not able to afford the finest.


Trendy, inferior “argans,” moroccans,” and “oils of the month” splashed into big brand filler cyclomethicones (click here for a shocking list of derivatives to avoid) coat the hair & scalp, and also strip your wallet, as the MadMen-masters-of-illusion cover up the pennies-per-oz formulations with exotic marketing fluff.

Of course, you’re ready to step up your game, so it’s no accident you’ve found GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener.

By understanding the marketing and mass market game, you will now know HOW and

why the elite know authentic products like Belegenza’s GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener is

the obvious best choice! 


Rather than wasting time talking about chemical brands made to look like they work and are supposedly natural,

let’s talk about how you can get results in a matter of 60 days,

…..starting right away! 

YES. I'm in! Add GrowOUT to my Cart NOW!

Shared by word of mouth in the inner circles of the entertainment world and upper echelon:

They know that especially now “if it’s found in stores, it’s made cheaply for the masses, and cannot be the best for you.”

“I tested the product out and had great results. My hair that has not budged in length in years finally got about 1/2 an inch longer. I was thrilled. My hair even looks fuller. Smells clean and fresh too.”~~Rachel, “Reviews by Rachel” author

By now, you realize that you have to take a chance on yourself.

And, time is of the essence when it comes to CATAGEN PHASE follicles.

This is the sleeping phase that can make your follicles go to sleep permanently…overnight!

If you’ve already tried a bunch in the mass and salon, or even infomercial category,

you already know the future…more loss, more shiny scalp, fewer hairs, and eventually permanently sleeping follicles (baldness).


Isn’t it time to find out for yourself?

Worst case??… Use it, stop… you can always come back to GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener!

YES. Add GrowOUT to my Cart NOW

The predictable future is certain… mass market, salon, and infomercial brands have gotten you this far,

and that’s all you can expect from them…

Isn’t now the time to devote 60 days to possibly re-awaken those CATAGEN PHASE follicles

and restore them to ANAGEN PHASE (growth) follicles before you lose them forever?

To get started with keeping your hair and possibly increasing your hair to previous thickness,

you must take action now

by using Belegenza GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener. 

YES. Add GrowOUT to my Cart NOW

Imagine finding out for yourself that:

  • That 20%  or more hairs re-awakened!
  • Your hairline or thinning spots start to fill in!
  • This slowed down the thinning process by a decade or two!
  • That your newfound hair strength allowed your hair to grow longer!
  • Belegenza GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener is awesome… and more!

The worst case is that you buy, use and get minimal results, and for whatever reason, slip back to the mass market.

At least you will now have your own experience and know for sure that GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener works.

(We get a kick out of those who have tried, slipped back, and now know grow out is the best choice, and come back as our thrilled customers for life!)

Your journey now begins with the right choice

–GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener!

YES. I'm in! Add GrowOUT to my Cart NOW!

Thinning hair,

brittle hair,

fine hair,

or even good hair,

you want to have it be its very best…

Let GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener be your solution, now!

Isn’t now the time to experience the finest?

Are you now ready for hair to be fuller, healthier, and thicker each time you shampoo?

Aren’t you ready to feel confident about your hair?

YES. I'm in! Add GrowOUT to my Cart NOW!



(“If you save money, yet don’t save your hair, what did you really save, anyway?~~Alan)


“Hi Alan & Cheryl,
I just want to let you know how much I love your products.  I don’t know if you knew that I was diagnosed with Valley Fever and had a rough two years.  I was on such heavy duty medications that my hair was falling out in big patches.  It was so bad that I had to wear a bandana to cover it.  After using your products for the past year and a half,  I am happy to say my hair has grown in beautifully and no need for bandanas!  My girlfriend commented on how thick my hair is now and asked what I was using.  I think she will now start using Belegenza also.  Just wanted you to know how much I love your products and glad you are doing so well.
Love, Jenna”–Obsessed in San Diego!

“Did you know that each day, a typical head loses 70-100 hairs?  Be as certain as possible that yesterday’s sleeping follicles have all the conditions for ‘awakening’….daily!”~~Alan & Cheryl


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No other brand comes close to Belegenza’s extraordinary list of benefits:



We know that our unwavering  demand for perfection in our products has resulted in the worlds first and finest silicone free luxury products in the world.  If you have ever heard of Silicone-Free products, it is because of our work.  We invented the Silicone-free Era.  We realized decades ago that silicone may be the biggest fraud of beauty care every, and set our sights to make the BEST and healthiest, nasties-free products in the world, exceeding all categories…. high-end salon brands, so-called naturals and organics, and have never been surpassed by any company, whether small brands, or the world’s largest brands.

We did this for ourselves (Alan’s devastating health issue), and ultimately for everyone.  We may not have the marketing dollars to save the world overnight, but we keep going-day by day, person by person, strand by strand.

With our approach, you are assured the best that money can buy.

Not only that you are better off with Belegenza than those so-called organic (silicone derivative) based products.

If you haven’t read between the lines, yet, we  believe you should never touch silicone based products ever again!  And, yes, this includes organics and naturals who hide silicone derivatives in their products.

Whether you have had cancer or not, we are your partners.  These “No-nasties” products are:

FREE of nasties!

What are the nasties?

  • salt
  • gluten
  • fillers
  • silicones
  • parabens
  • pesticides
  • phthalates
  • petrolatum
  • artificial dyes
  • formaldehyde
  • harmful sulfates(sls)
  • …..and more!


PETA Certified (Peoplebest natural hair products, natural hair growth product for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

 ( not just a cute logo…a prestigious stamp of approval!)

Only FDA approved ingredients used and manufactured in ISO5000 FDA approved facilities.

We realize that you thought you’d just scan this page, and even bounce off after a few seconds, but it’s pretty certain you realize now that it was NO accident that you found us.

If you think you learned a bit from this page, we have tons more information that you will want to read and learn and understand.   It’s no wonder that Belegenza is the new addiction—for good!

So, now is the time to GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener to your cart and get started with Belegenza.

YES! Definitely add this to my cart NOW

Your hair is going to love it and so will you.  As the days go by, you will become more obsessed with Belegenza.   As this happens, and your hair improves, you will be able to add & fine tune when you replenish your supply of products.

Yes, we’ll be right here, with tons of information and help along the way as you switch between products to go with your new hair, new styles and new curiosities!

So, now, get  your order started, and then, you can come back to read even more about each product!




Legal Disclaimer

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Fine hair? Tinted? Indescribable damage?  If you have found yourself on the “TRY ANYTHING” wheel, it may be that silicone and synthetic products just can’t quite cover up the damage that has accumulated coupled with hormonal influences on the hair’s natural processes.   As Belegenza begins to purify your hair from these slick cover-ups, the true damage may be revealed and for the first few applications, your hair may tangle, feel dry or more brittle.  This is temporary, as the micro-conditioning agents make their way INTO the damage sites.  Keep going.  It’s temporary, and you’ll be glad you did! Not only that, we’re here to assist you through the process.  You can always start the conversation with “Alan-bot” who should have already popped up to help!
























Only FDA approved ingredients used and manufactured in ISO5000 FDA approved facilities.

PETA Certified & Approved!

**PETA Approved  Never tested on animals all Belegenza products are People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Approved!

Quick, Easy How to USE GrowOUT & Ingredients

GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener may not create the bubbly effect that you are used to.
Bubbles normally come from sulfates – which are actually harmful to both your scalp and

Before applying, first thoroughly wet your hair.

Women: Depending upon the amount of hair, apply somewhere between 1 to 3 tablespoons.

Men: Those with relatively short hair, just apply a dab into your hand.

Rub into the hair and scalp.

Allow the shampoo to soak in for a minute or two.

Thoroughly rinse out.


Although not mandatory, we certainly recommend applying one of our healthy conditioners:
DraMatic or RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment.

This keeps your scalp chemical free, too, enhancing overall results!

This provides more nutrients to the hair, stimulating better chances for hair growth, and prevents tangling and lessens breakage.

YES. I'm in! Add GrowOUT to my Cart NOW!


Maximize growth factors by applying daily…especially on non-shampoo days!

Ready for 24/7 nutrition delivered daily without having to shampoo again?

GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray is a must every day for supercharging results! 



Ingredient lists of each product can be easily found on its individual product page, near the bottom. 

Can Belegenza be used with other products?

For best results, GrowOut should not be mixed with other shampoos from other brands due to chemical barriers present in mass, salon and infomercial brands. 

It can be done though, and we cannot vouch for its full effectiveness when contaminated by silicones, and other nasties.

We encourage the use of Belegenza products for optimal results, so if you insist using other things, maybe try it when

you can dedicate 30 days exclusively to Belegenza products,

which are guaranteed-silicone-free which allows hair to breathe and maximize chances of hair growth.

Belegenza products ensure purity on the scalp without residue that may impair growth and strength of hair.

YES. I can do this and I want this! Add GrowOUT to my Cart NOW!


Silicone kills our lather (and follicles),


GrowOut may not lather much the first you shampoo because it has a conditioning quality to it and is very gentle in its ability to remove previously used product residues (silicone and nasties) that may be impairing hair growth and strength.  

Shampoo 2 or 3 times to really lather it up.

At 30 days, take note of new growth recognized as short “pointed ends” hair.



Scientifically Named Natural Ingredients:

Dihydrogen Oxide (Water), Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate (non-sulfate), Cocamidopropyl
betaine(Coconut based), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Aloe Vera) , Butylene Glycol,
Dodamidopropyl Hydrosysltaine (Coconut), Disodium Cocamphodiacetate (Coconut), Sodium Cocoyl
Isethionate (Coconut) , Peg-120-Methyl Glucose Dioleate (Olive), Oleanic Acid (Olive), Biotinoyl
Tripeptide-1, Apigenin (Olive), Wheat Gluten-free Protein, Gluten Free Wheat Starch, Poly Complex
of Palmitate, Hypnea Musciformis Extract, Gelidiela Acerosa Extract, Sargassum Filipendula Extract,
Ricinus Communis (Castor Bean) Seed extract, Peg-40 (Castor Oil), Hydrogenated Castor Oil,
Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Menthol, Sorbitol (berry), Polyquaternium-7, Polyquaternium-10, Glycol
Distearate, PPG-26-Butheth-26, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint Oil), EDTA (Mineral Chelator) ,
Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Triethanolamine


Information in this report is provided for informational & entertainment purposes only and is not meant to
substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional.
The results reported may not necessarily occur in all individuals.
BELEGENZA LLC and KEITH ESCHENBURG INC is providing this site and its contents on an “as is” basis and makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to this site or its contents. Except as specifically stated on this site, neither BELEGENZA LLC and KEITH ESCHENBURG INC nor any of its directors, employees or other representatives will be liable for damages arising out of or in connection with the use of this site.

Legal Disclaimer

This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including (without limitation) compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This (these) product(s) is(are) not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, nor is any growth claimed. Individual results may vary.


All products are made of FDA approved ingredients from start to finish. Period.

Reproduced with permission of




Yes. Within 30 days of your purchase date, should you want to return the products, it will be your responsibility to ship at your expense to Belegenza Returns, 4735 Ingersoll St., Houston, TX 77027.  Send tracking information to or call 844-476-9688.  Allow 7 days from Belegenza Returns department’s receipt of your package for credit to your billing account for the cost of the product(s) only, unless otherwise agreed upon method approved by representative. No shipping/handling charges are refunded. Due to Covid-19, no exceptions will be made to this policy.

More FAQ’s about hair growth:   Until we complete the answers to these questions, please direct your question to us at Customer Support for a personal answer!

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What is your recommendation for essential hair growth oil?

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How does GrowOUT compare to Aloe Vera Hair Grower?

Does Growout contain natural hair growth oil?

How many natural remedies are there for hair growth?

What about home remedies for hair growth and thickness?

Are the GrowOUT natural hair products for black hair for growth?

What’s a good hair oil for growth?

I want to regrow hair naturally. Are GrowOUT products for black hair growth?

Is GrowOUT considered a natural hair loss treatment?

What are the best products for 4C hair growth? GrowOUT?

Do natural vitamins for hair growth really work?





Additional information

Weight12 oz
Dimensions7.5 × 2 × 2 cm

55 reviews for GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener

  1. Dana D.

    I switched to Belegenza GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener about a year ago- My hair has never been healthier! I used to use the Nioxin system, because I wanted to grow my hair out, and because of dying, blow drying, straightening and such, my hair did not grow and when it did it was not healthy growth. I did not like the texture of my hair after I used Nioxin, and my hair showed no signs of considerable growth over the 2 year period of use. However, I have seen significant growth with GrowOut shampoo (4-5 inches in my first year). Not only is my hair growing faster, the overall health of my hair has improved. I see little to no hair loss when I brush my hair, less tangles, and less breakage. My hair is shinier, feels thicker, and has more volume than it ever has. I also do not have to do as much styling wise now that my hair is healthier, I only have to blow-dry my hair it now dries naturally straight (which is my hair type) I would absolutely recommend Belegenza GrowOut shampoo and feel it is more than worth the price!

  2. Lisa J

    Since using this product, I have noticed my hair does not get as oily between washes! My hair looks healthier, and my color doesn’t dull after use, like with other shampoos- it has stayed consistent.

  3. Alicia

    I’d like to tell you dear Belegenza that last Year this time I had
    Lost about 2/3rds of my hair
    From iron deficient anemia and
    A bout with cancer.
    I have been a customer for years
    And spoke with Alan who provides personal customer support like no company I know
    Of and he suggested I use
    Growout Shampoo and Strengthener..
    It is unbelievable that in four
    Months time my full head of
    Hair was back and better than
    Could not let this wonderful
    Reversal and recovery pass
    By without expressing a
    Well-deserved acknowledgment
    To Belegenza’s product delivering on it’s promise..,
    With a grateful heart..
    Las Vegas

  4. Sherry H., Madison, WI

    I have been using your products since 2012. I did a lot of research on good products for my post chemo hair growth. I will never know if Belegenza actually made my hair grow faster but I do know that as long as I used it, I hardly shed, the growing phase seemed to last longer and my hair was strong and healthy. When enough time had passed that I could color my hair, my hairdresser could not get the color to lift using 30% volume. So much for weak hair!

    Last fall I found myself again needing chemo therapy! I again lost my hair. I was always careful to wash my scalp with grow out to keep the hair follicles clear. After 6 rounds I was switched to another drug and told I would not lose my hair but it might thin. What I found was it stopped growing and shed a bit more than normal. Now I am finished with chemo and taking Hormone therapy. This has no ill effects on the hair. It has started growing like crazy. I alternate between grow out and illustrious. I use the nutritious spray treatment daily all over my scalp. It will still be a few months before I can go without a wig. Post chemo hair is peculiar. It could be a different color, different texture in places and cowlicks in odd places. Most return to normal In about 6 months to a year.

    Thank you for making a wonderful product for all but especially for those of us who have lost our hair. We need to know we are doing something good for ourselves.

  5. Rhonda, R., Houston, TX

    I started using this because I was getting such good results using the Growout Scalp Energizing Spray. I used to have psoriasis, and started using the GrowOut Scalp Energizing Spray. The psoriasis went away, so I stopped using it. But, the psoriasis came back. At that point, I started using it again, and now I haven’t any psoriasis for almost 2 years! So, now, I always shampoo with Growout a few days a week, and put a little bit of the spray everyday to make sure I keep my great results!

  6. Serina, Houston, TX

    I am 89 yrs. old and started using the product 2 years ago. I take it in my bag each time I go to the salon. I won’t let them use anything else on my hair, now!
    I had been told by my beautician that I was going to need a wig. My daughter told me to start using this, and since then my hair is fuller, and shiny gray, and healthier. I still wear my natural hair, and no wig! I simply took it to my stylist and shes uses it on me, and even she comments on how well it works! I especially happy because some of my hair grew back. I have to get more haircuts now, which is good and bad, because it’s growing faster.

  7. Pam Koepke

    My hair is growing faster and the overall health of my hair has improved since I have started using the shampoo. I don’t have as much hair on the bathroom floor and I have less tangles breakage. I love the way my hair feels and looks thicker.

  8. Kate Linder, The Young and the Restless

    You know what? Belegenza…. They are the best. They absolutely saved my life.
    I was going under some major stress and my hair was, I thought it was falling out. They saved me!
    I have the growout, the kind that regrow, the shampoo and the conditioner and then spray this on your scalp and now it’s perfect…see now my hair….
    It’s my best, it’s my best feature!! I was totally flipping out! They saved my life!
    (per video)

  9. Tracy Magee

    Where do I begin to appropriately convey my appreciation for these products! I, like many women, have been looking for the perfect shampoo most of my adult like (I’m 52 years old). Belegenza GrowOut Shampoo is as close to the perfect shampoo as I have found. It is like gold to a person looking for hair growth regardless oh the reason why. I have recommended your entire haircare product line to countless people. The feedback I have received has been unanimously ‘excellent ++++’. On a personal note: thank you for improving the overall quality of my hair from average to “the lady with great hair!”. It does not get any better than this! Don’t believe me?-Buy just 1 bottle. And a special thank you to Alan for redefining the meaning of ‘outstanding’ customer service.

  10. Jason Dombrow

    If you needed proof about the results of using Belegenza ExtraOrdinary Hair Care – Just read what my MOTHER wrote!! It REALLY works!! Try it…and See for yourself! FYI – She is using the Grow Out series of products. Thanks Alan G Eschenburg and Cheryl Honc for making my mom so HAPPY!! XO

    “I have gotten such good results from using Belegenza products. I suffer from Eczema, itchy scalp, dandruff and dry course hair. I only buy top of the line hair products recommended by excellent hairdressers which are sold in these salons. I have even tried the Wen craze for help and no relief. The first time I used Belegenza, I could not believe how how soft and shiny my hair was. My Dermatologist recommended prescriptions for help, but they are full of chemicals and cost a fortune. My Eczema is so much better now and my scalp stopped itching. I went out with the girls for lunch today and it was nice to hear compliments regarding how terrific my hair looked. They word is out about your products in Boca Raton, Fl and I even called my cousins in NY. Thank you…..Maxine”

  11. Alan Eschenburg (verified owner)

    Thank you so much! Your compliments keep us motivated to continue “reaching for the stars” and being true to our mission and commitment!
    We are so happy to hear from you!

  12. Y Rene, TX

    When I was a teenager, I always tried to grow my hair past my bra line, and it would just never make it. I had blonde fine hair that was shiny, but would just never grow. Now I use the Growout, and it’s got my hair grwoing faster and down to my butt line, but I cut it now to make it look better, and it grows so fast I have to cut it. But when I shower, I lather it up at the roots, then I leave it to sit while I shave my legs, and then I rinse it out. I think it absorbs more this way and I like to get my moneys worth. I even see the little hairs in the hairline growing better than ever. Then, I use the Encore leave in conditioner to keep my ends from snapping off. I love it! 🙂

  13. Cynthia Harriss, David’s Bridal

    My hair was short because it was broken, burnt, from too much process~blonde~within a month my hair was growing, beautiful and today is a signature of my look- The products saved me- Cynthia Harriss

  14. Julian Armanente, Actress (verified owner)

    I have the finest, thinnest hair & it has been years of me trying different fancy products- I never do this but @Belegenza completely works! … Grow Out (G1) shampoo & strengthener and Grow Out (G3) scalp energizing spray. I feel like I finally have hair!! Big difference.

  15. D. Freeman, NYC (verified owner)

    Here’s the good and bad. I went back to Illustrious shampoo because using the Growout made my hair grow too fast, and I didn’t want to have to get a perm so often! I use the Simply Smooth for my regrowth between relaxers, and it prolongs the time between. My hair has never grown as fast, nor been as healthy! Thanks for helping me feel great about my hair again.

  16. Jillian Armenante, Actress, Fresh Off the Boat, Kittens in a Cage

    I can’t live without it! Really, I can’t tell you how awesome your stuff is. I have tried it all over the years. The list goes on and on. Nothing touches this stuff. OMG, thanks so much.
    “The Holy Grail of hair products” and I am passing your contact info to our key MUA!
    And thanks again,

  17. Alan Eschenburg (verified owner)

    We love hearing this, and your stylist is so happy, too! We’ve been in touch, and she loves you, and so do we! Thank you for making US look good!

  18. Alan Eschenburg (verified owner)

    We’re so happy you had such a good problem! I love how you’ve found a way to manage your faster growth, AND using Simply Smooth to prolong the time between perms is so great! You and others are getting the best of all worlds, and growing longer hair that is healthy!

  19. Mary, Las Vegas

    Hello there, Angels!
    First of all…I want to give you a wonderful report. If you remember, when I saw you this summer, I told you I was experiencing quite a bit of hair loss. I had gone for blood tests and there were no markers that would explain it. My stress levels were more or less normal…although I admit to being highly emotional. Well…my hairdresser says my hair loss is at normal levels now. No longer am I filling the sink after washings and I don’t freak out cleaning my hairbrush daily. I believe I owe all of this positive report to your amazing Grow Out Shampoo and Romance Deep Conditioner. Not only has it banished the hair loss issue…I also see some sweet re-growth around my hairline. I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief even as I write this! (As a side note, I want to also congratulate you on incorporating the aromatherapy with the shampoo! So rejuvenating…)
    Thank you so much for your knowledge, insight, creativity and ingenuity.
    Wishing you both continued success in changing people’s lives!
    With great love and respect,
    Mary, Las Vegas

  20. Alan Eschenburg (verified owner)

    Congratulations! Thank you for letting us assist you. We understand how the hair loss spiral seems to sweep people away. Your great report makes us so happy! You have proven our theory and work… help people look great, grow hair, and feel fantastic and they will GET ON with life, loving and making a difference in the world! You ARE our vision! Thank you for trusting us and sticking with us to get great results.

  21. Alan Eschenburg (verified owner)

    Congratulations! Thank you for letting us assist you. We understand how the hair loss spiral seems to sweep people away. Your great report makes us so happy! You have proven our theory and work… help people look great, grow hair, and feel fantastic and they will GET ON with life, loving and making a difference in the world! You ARE our vision! Thank you for trusting us and sticking with us to get great results.

  22. L. Smith (verified owner)

    I have been using this along with the entire grow out system on my 6yr old daughter for 1.5 years. She has SAS and her hair has gone from fragile scarce wisps to thick curls. I am a believer!

  23. Dana

    im in love with it!! My hair was so curly and frizzy from always starightening it. Being a teen (14 years old) It was hard trying to look decent with hair like it was.Now I love it better curly than straight!

  24. Jen

    I did quite a bit of damage to my hair last year trying the no-poo thing (ended up with old doll hair). By the time I stopped, my hair was coming out in an alarming amount, more than it ever has. My brother got this for me as a Christmas gift, and I really didn’t expect it to do anything. Very soon after starting to use this, I was seeing all kinds of little strands of new hair growth sticking up.
    Very surprised. I also typically get a rash with mint products – the strong mint smell made me initially panic – but the mint they use in this did not irritate my skin. I am trying the Illustrious right now because of the cost and because I am more comfortable using that on my face as well (no mint), but this Grow Out may clean a bit better/use less per wash.

  25. April S.

    I began using Belegenza grow out the summer before my fall wedding. My hair had been falling out and piling up in my shower! In the first week – I counted only 9 hairs total lost! My hair grew like crazy and stayed healthy! I also let the shampoo sit for about 5 minutes on my hair (I decided on my own that it helps more).

  26. Maria Molina

    I love this shampoo! I’ve been using it for over 2 years now and I wouldn’t use anything else in my hair. I was looking for a sulfate free product and this one is not only natural but my hair has never been as amazing as with Belegenza products!

  27. Pam Koepke

    My hair is growing faster and the overall health of my hair has improved since I have started using the shampoo. I don’t have as much hair on the bathroom floor and I have less tangles breakage. I love the way my hair feels and looks thicker.

  28. Nicole, Oregon

    I had to keep my hair up in braids for a while to give it a rest and insure better hair growth. When I took the braids down, before I was to speak before the Natural Hair Symposium, it was so dry. I remembered how the Belegenza had made my hair feel so good all the time before, so I used the GrowOUT Shampoo and then left the Romance Deep Conditioner on for only 5 minutes. I rinsed it and was amazed at how good it felt! I didn’t even have to use the flatiron afterwards. My hair had shine, smoothness and was full of body, that bounced beautifully. Needless to say, I got tons of compliments! Thanks, Belegenza!

  29. C.K., Norman, OK

    I totally beat my sorority sisters at growing my hair out this past year. I chopped my hair off last September, and was growing it back, and then started using Growout exclusively since February, and in the 10 months, I’ve grown over 7 inches and it’s shiny and healthier than ever. That’s crazy! That’s like 3/4 inch a month, but I know it’s more since February. I should have measured because I can tell it seems to be more than 3/4 inches per month! Thanks, Belegenza!

  30. Kate Linder, Esther, Young & The Restless

    I had run out and can definitely tell the difference…My hair and I so love you both!

    Kate Linder

  31. Deborah F., NYC

    This summer with this package, my hair is growing superfly fast! My daughters and I are so happy given my health challenges in the past, when I had lost so much hair, compared to now. GrowOUT is amazing, and the softness of my texture has never been so great. My regrowth from my perm is so long, but with the Simply Smooth, I can keep going without a touchup which makes me very happy.

  32. Nicholle, AL

    I always use this now. I’ve always had fine hair and it had started thinning during college. My mom stuffed my stocking with this last year, and my hair is fuller, thicker and grows better than ever. I now wear it to my middle back and love it! Thanks, Mom and Belegenza!

  33. Mary C., LA

    I gave my daughter Growout for her hair, which was thinning and slow growing due to her stressful lifestyle, and she is thrilled. She said it’s thicker and growing faster than ever, so much so that her stylist commented on it, too! Now, I know what gift she’s always going to love getting…Growout!!

  34. M.L.B., Austin

    I tried another brand that had no sulfates, no silicones, and no this and that, but I’m back to GrowOUT and Belegenza and I like it! Though the other made me feel clean, it never left my hair feeling quite right. Now, I use Belegenza, and my hair feels and looks great, and not only that, it has lasted me 3 months already. I’m just now running out, and getting my next set of products. Awesome hair, and awesome value!

  35. M.T., Miami Beach

    Awesome service. Belegenza rocks package delivered. Have a spectacular day.

  36. Kaylee

    I really like it! I think it is making my hair stronger and getting a little longer but nothing huge. My natural curls are definitely coming back when I get out of the shower, which I haven’t had for a long time!

  37. LATOYA


  38. Janet G. (verified owner)

    I have been using Belegenza Grow Out shampoo, Romance conditioner, and Virginity hair repair for 11 weeks now and love it! Within one week, my mother and a coworker commented that my hair looked shinier and healthier. I noticed that my hair doesn’t feel as dry and my scalp feels better too! I’m so glad a friend told me about Belegenza!

  39. Bobbi K (verified owner)

    I started using Belegenza products a long time ago and for some reason just stopped. Dumb thing to do. I am now just starting up again with 3 products that are simply wonderful. I have very curly and dry hair. I just received my GrowOut shampoo and it’s terrific. My curls have a better shape and my hair is bouncier. Also go their Taffy and that sets my curls and keeps them where I want them to be. I am keeping this short and sweet, but I highly recommend giving this product a chance. You won’t be disappointed!

  40. Mary Jo (verified owner)

    Have been using now for over a year, my hairdresser commented last week on all the new hairs around my temple!!! I am “62” years old so having this product for my hair at post Menopause is important!!!

  41. Shawn M (verified owner)

    I love how the Belegenza products make my hair feel! I have been experiencing hair loss since late fall. (not unlike a lot of women in our 50’s) as I understand. I’ve switched to using the “Grow out” products, and I am really hoping to slow down the advancement of this condition.
    So far, I believe that it’s working. Thank you for creating a product that I feel safe using.   

  42. B. A. – SugarLand (verified owner)

    I had the best hair cut ever this past month. Until I ran out of GrowOUT Shampoo.  I got more and it completely revived my haircut again!  Now I know that GrowOUT is my secret to the best haircuts.  Thanks, Belegenza! 

  43. Gina (verified owner)

    I have always had thin, blah hair. When I began my journey to keep my hair naturally gray (or platinum),I wanted to search for products that would strengthen and give my hair body and luster. 
    Found Belegenza products via internet. 
    Have been using Belegenza Grow Out Shampoo, draMatic Conditioner, perForm Styling Gel, Grow Out Energizing Spray and SpotLite Shine Serum EXCLUSIVELY for over a year now. 
    I even bring it to the hair salon. I LOVE that Belegenza products are helping my hair be stronger and look good. I LOVE that Belegenza products are vitamins for my hair. Thanks for a terrific product.

  44. Cheryl P (verified owner)

    As a cancer survivor, who had no hair at all for over a year and a half while in treatment, you can imagine the hope that I had that would someday have hair again… I have hair and instead of coming in thicker than before, it is thin. I prefer natural products and so was attracted to your ad that I saw when checking my Facebook account. I have just now started using the products (GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener) and can already feel a difference in hair texture. Thanks for making a product that I feel safe using. 

  45. Jaime Shaw (verified owner)

    I will only use Belegenza’s GrowOut line of products on my hair! They are that amazing! I have suffered with significant hair loss and other health issues since 2016, and I have complete faith that this company’s products are safe and healthy, unlike most hair care products on the market that are filled with harsh chemicals that can potentially harm the hair and body. In addition, Alan is an admirable business owner who has personally assisted me with the product choices I have made. He truly cares about his customers! All companies should have such high ethical standards and customer service!

  46. Suzy Bogguss (verified owner)

    I was performing at the George Jones tribute in Nashville and was given samples of Belegenza in my goody bag. I fell in love and have used nothing else since that time. — Suzy Bogguss

  47. Judith (verified owner)

    Wow-follow up on the order!  Thank you.  All came in perfect shape, and quickly, just as promised.  I’ve already called my salon in Pittsburgh to tell them how great it is to work with you!

    I have shoulder length grey/white curly hair.  I love what the products (GrowOut Shampoo, DraMatic Conditioner, Taffy Styling Cream) do for my color, and for the texture.  Many curly hair products clump the curls into stringy, hardened spirals, which makes strands already thinning with age, look sparse. But the Belegenza left my hair soft, full, shiny and with great silver definition!  I have only used it twice, and am working toward the best mix of Taffy and Gel for my hair.  Even so, I am thrilled with the products and service.  I look forward to trying more products in this line.  By the way…great second and third day hair!!!

  48. Janet G. (verified owner)

    One of the reasons I first started using Belegenza (GrowOut Shampoo) was because I had so much hair falling out. At first I was losing a lot due to peri-menopause I think but then I really started losing tons of hair when I started taking low dose chemo shots for rheumatoid arthritis. I was losing so much hair that I would end up standing in 2 inches of water in the shower and have to clear the drain. After 3 months of use, I suddenly realized I wasn’t standing in a tub full of water anymore when showering. I would have shared this great news sooner but I thought this must be a fluke. Now, after 4 months of using Belegenza’s GrowOut Shampoo, I know I’m not losing tons of hair anymore! Thank you! You saved my hair!!!!

  49. Constance (verified owner)

    I have a lot of gray sparklers in my auburn hair and the Belegenza products (GrowOut Shampoo)have done wonders in just one week. My hair is soft, bouncy and shiny. I’m letting my hair grow out a little and I’m hoping it will help keep my hair thick and less frizzy. Time will tell. Thank you for wonderful products.

  50. Deborah (verified owner)

    I have only had the products (GrowOut) for about a week. I use them every time I shampoo. I have had wonderful results. My hair feels healthy, has shiny and is super easy to style. I highly recommend these products!

  51. Clair (verified owner)

    My boyfriend, Robert, received his order for GrowOut Shampoo, Encore and Dramatic Conditioner and yes — he loves it!! Thanks Belegenza!

  52. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Since using Belegenza’s Grow Out shampoo and Romance conditioner, I have concluded that they are the absolutely best commercially available products; no question. I am very pleased and have not bought any other brand for over five years.

  53. Danielle (verified owner)

    I have only used the shampoo (GrowOut) & conditioner one time as I just received my shipment however that was enough for me to order more products! I bought an essentials kit for my daughter’s hair and the results were amazing. I will leave a review on the new products we ordered once the shipment arrives.(Cant wait ?) I love that this company uses nothing but the best ingredients, is cruelty free and still delivers amazing results!! All three of these benefits is not easy to find. Highly recommend this wonderful line.

  54. Mary Jo (verified owner)

    I have to do a “Shout Out” testimonial for the “GrowOut” products!! I’ve been using the shampoo, conditioner, and GrowOut spray for a year now. Got my hair cut yesterday and my gal would not believe all the new growth especially around my temples. YAY!!!

  55. Janet G (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the grow out shampoo, Romance Deep conditioner, virginity and and perform styling gel. I’ve been using your products for about a year now and my hair feels as thick as it did years ago!


  56. Jane (verified owner)

    “My granddaughter and I were on her graduation trip to France. On the 3rd day her hair looked fantastic. I know she was a “luush” girl. She confessed that she had use my GrowOut shampoo that morning and she looked fantastic and knew it. So I gave her my bottle and now I need to restock.”

  57. Vincenza (verified owner)

    Love these products because there is nothing to harm my hair in them. Been using them for over a year and will continue to keep using Belegenza as my only shampoo (Growout), conditioner, styling gel, and of course grow out scalp spray. And they smell so good too.

  58. Elsa P. (verified owner)

    I love washing my hair because I love the scent and how it feels on my hair. I have lesser falling out and I think I have less grey hair too or maybe just delaying it.

  59. Shawna (verified owner)

    I love you hate you! My hair is now so silky I can’t keep it in a bun anymore!

  60. Cheryl Honc (verified owner)


  61. Lynda J (verified owner)

    I met Alan and Cheryl at an event. I fell into casual conversation with Alan that started with “so what do you do…” I was captivated by his story and journey that brought Belegenza into fruition. I didn’t try the Growout shampoo and conditioner at first. I ran into Alan and Cheryl 2 months later. Again conversation began and I realized that it was time for a change. The GROWOUT SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER arrived and I couldn’t wait to try it out. In the first wash I was blown away with my results. I put it to the test and colored my hair (dark brown) first and used it on the first wash. The results I was looking for was that the color I had just put into my hair didn’t go down the drain. The second thing was that my hair wasn’t weighed down and third was that my hair really did grow out. I was thrilled with the results! The color didn’t go down the drain, my hair was full of life and body again AND it truly grew out. I was in the kitchen that night and my husband asked what I did to my hair. I asked “why.” He said “it looks like mink.” BAM!!! My step daughter told me later that I have crazy genetics for growing hair. I thanked her for the compliment and though… maybe, or it’s BELEGENZA! Now I just rinse and repeat with full confidence.

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