Hair Loss After Chemo and Radiation

Hair loss may not be life-threatening, yet many patients describe it as the most traumatic side effect of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. It’s …

Thin Hair After Menopause

Thin Hair After Menopause  What You Need to Know About Thin Hair After Menopause When you experience hair loss and other symptoms of menopause it’s largely due to hormonal changes. Your ovaries begin to decrease, the amount of estrogen and progesterone that is normally produced is less. As these hormone levels drop numerous physical changes […]

Help with Hair Loss & Hair Loss Treatment, (including hair growth after chemo)

1. Intro 2. Belegenza Natural Hair Care 3. What is GrowOut? A Hair Loss Treatment? 4. How Does GrowOut Work (hair growth after chemo, too)? 5. Why Choose GrowOut? 6. What are the Benefits of Using GrowOut? 7. Conclusion 1. Intro Hair loss is a common problem, and it can be extremely difficult to address […]

Silicone Made us Rich! Grow Hair Faster Without it!*

Silicone Made us Rich! Grow Hair Faster Without it!* The TRUTH about silicone is told by a new company that I heard about recently. It demonstrates the perfection of silicones. There is a RIGHT way, and they’ve done it. UNFORTUNATELY it’s NOT for hair! It’s called Polo International Roof and Industrial Coatings!  I saw their […]

Secret Seaweed for Hair Growth

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Seaweed for Hair Growth* Exposing Our Secret (for hair growth!)   Belegenza GrowOUT uses and features seaweed. Yes, seaweed for hair growth! Not just any but several from different parts of the world! Part of the magic is that we put things together that may have never happened in nature. Certain seaweeds would probably NEVER […]

The Grow-Hair-Faster Company : Belegenza | Hair Longer Than Ever

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The Grow-Hair-Faster Company : Belegenza Natural Hair Care : Hair Longer*   How did Belegenza come to be the Grow-Hair-Faster Company? It started on stage when I was teaching from the stages of major manufacturers… I had scarring from the chemical allergies I had developed by using mainstream brands. Literally wearing band-aids on my cracked, […]