Best Natural Products for Keratin Straightened Hair

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Wish you could make your keratin last longer?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stop keratin treatments and have the smooth hair you want and your hair to obey your styling commands?

Wouldn’t you love to go a few months longer before going in for another expensive keratin treatment?

Belegenza takes over where keratins leave off!

You now can enjoy long-lasting smooth, tamed hair, even at the new growth!
•Advanced keratin fibers replenish moisture & strength to your hair
•Formaldehyde-free & chemical-free (especially sodium & thio-free)
With a unique Vitamin-C complex, curls don’t “kick” back as much
•Versatile application allows these to work on all textures of curl/frizz
Clearly superior thermal protectant
• Humidity-blocking products lead to longer-lasting styles day by day!

“I have been using your products for about a week

I love them esp The Virginity hair repair.

My hair was severely damaged after I had a Japanese straightening treatment. Virginity literally makes my hair feel like “virgin” hair

Thank you for your products!”–M. A., Shaker Heights, OH 

Keratins (from now on, also referring to Japanese, Brazilian, etc.) opened up a new world of smooth hair. By chemically altering the cysteine structure of the curl patterns, heat locks them into a straight position. Each company boasts its unique ingredient, yet be certain they all work due to the chemical breakdown of the curl patterns first.

Everyone who has experienced this category of hair smoothing is typically happy.  Most also “justify” doing it even with the horrific news related to it.

Rather than going deeply into the drawbacks of this heat and chemical process, let’s focus on the Belegenza solution so that you can now enjoy better results from your keratin treatments, naturally, or simply move away from chemicals altogether yet still have awesome hair, using Belegenza’s unique food-grade products.  

Yes, you can now have better results!

By smoothing with the products explained below, you are not just saving your hair and health from chemicals, but you are also now going to be nourishing your hair and scalp like never before possible!

Now you can smooth it out!  Naturally!

Before explaining the amazing versatility of these products, we must mention the cover-up.  Unfortunately, the formaldehyde scare was deadly, and even now, those companies must rely on long-term proven substitutes. By separating the chemicals in the bottles/tubes, the new versions combine ON the hair,  and, then, when the heat is applied—bam—the formaldehyde releases now!

No one is really safe.
………Until now!

Let’s move on and talk about the superior benefits to your hair!  Because this is such a multi-faceted product combination with so many different uses, it’s worth taking the time to read all of this to be sure you are getting the best results as expected from Belegenza. Of course, you can tap a note to us on the Questions tab to the right at any time.

By focusing on the main product Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker, this next part goes through the different hair types and some uses of Simply Smooth first. You may want to now skim down to your hair type/ situation and then scroll down to learn more about how and why the 4 parts work together to give you the satisfaction you are now desiring.

Developed for children to tame curly hair without using chemicals, Belegenza added a Vitamin-C complex to the rich emollient cream, Taffy Styling Cream. With unbelievable detangling qualities, Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker creates a barrier of protection by filling the damaged sites that usually absorb humidity. By filling in the damaged sites, humidity has no way to enter. At the same time, the Vitamin C complex gently reduces curl “kick-back.” Unlike chemicals, this process works gently during the drying phase and stops once dry. Therefore, while hair dries, this very gentle curl kick-back reducer is working. It’s working for you while blowdrying, or drying naturally, or even while in braids or ponytails. Complete confidence and safety. Each time you use it, you monitor how much it has softened your curl’s kick-back and either add more on stubborn spots or switch back to Taffy when you find it perfect. By the way, this is NOTHING like doing a relaxer or Japanese treatment. (No lye, no ammonium, no thio…period). Now, if you are expecting a curl pattern to be straight, this is not for you. It only softens kick-back so that when it is dry, it doesn’t revert as much. Think of it like a slow, slow, slow-motion process. If a relaxer or Japanese chemical process takes 15-30 minutes to process, this might take weeks (being wet the whole time, too), yet still, you will not get the straightness provided by those chemicals. These are completely different categories, and Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker is a chemical-free “gateway” to smoother hair, now,  from wherever you begin.

Naturally Curly Hair That Will Mind your Styling Commands!

Apply to wet hair. Style and experience newfound curl control, humidity resistance, and a bit of curl “kick-back” reduction. Assess on each shampoo day, and repeat as you desire.  Remember that your hair will stay soft and flexible, not crunchy.

Curly Hair Blowout, Finished with Flat-iron or Curling Wand

Apply to wet hair. Blow smooth. Keep your heat medium to medium-high. If your blower causes smoke, it’s too hot–back off. Simply Smooth is a product that will alert you with smoke, to say reduce the heat. Let the product do the work (not excessive heat) which is the safest way of smoothing hair. Reduce your iron temperatures below between 350-375 degrees. High heat is no longer necessary, and because of this, your hair over the next year will have grown out in superior condition due to less heat and the incredibly deep conditioning you will have been receiving from Simply Smooth. Imagine less breakage, if any, longer lengths and deeper shine with healthy shaft and ends which leads you to greater self-confidence, and power, not to mention better pictures, too! Who doesn’t want this, right?

In conjunction with Keratin/Japanese

Use a small amount for each blowout. As your new growth is growing in, apply a bit more in that area, especially around the hairline. By being very concentrated, a very little bit will do. Blow, iron, or simply let dry naturally, and finish up with a small amount of heat to polish your look a bit more!

On Curly Hair with Mixed Textures, Worn Curly

Add to wet hair. Place curls. Let dry naturally. After it’s dry, rub a small amount in your hands and “scrunch” this through areas for greater control especially of the “sub-texture” curls or frizz. Each time you use this on that “sub-texture” it will “kick back” less and less, thus showing off your true curl patterns more and more!

On Curly Hair that You Like the Curl, but Would Like Those Curls to be a Bit Larger

Add to wet hair. Add tension such as doing a “wrap” or simply pulling it into a smooth ponytail. Let it dry, which may take hours or longer. Rinse out and style as usual. This “ponytail treatment” can be done on alternating days to loosen the kick-back while simply wearing a ponytail. Should you have the “halo” of frizz around the hairline, adding more will encourage the process.

Men: Hair that Grows OUT!

Need a haircut almost too often? Use Simply Smooth as you would your cream or styling gel. By using this daily, you can soften the “kick-back” progressively. (Trick: to add tension, if you already wear a cap from time to time, use that cap to smash the curls down as it dries… realize you will have some serious hat hair, so be prepared to re-wet it when you take your cap off!) This is a miracle for some– especially when you are due for a haircut and need to make it just a few more days or weeks!

Clearly, you want the best results. 

By using the below products, you ensure the finest results from Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker:

1  IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser: This SLS-free and salt-free shampoo prepares your hair for maximum reconditioning by removing silicone and other chemical barriers. Your hair maintains flexibility and softness, with marked improvements day by day.

2  RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment: This cream contains many differing molecular weights of moisturizing and strengthening agents. Your hair dictates the particles it wants & this intense cream delivers deeply & to the core! The rest rinses away for perfectly conditioned hair that has luminosity. You will feel the difference–both wet and dry! It’s like nothing ever before!

VirgINity Hair Repair: Spray this onto wet hair. This seals and protects from heat and humidity while it repairs microscopic damage throughout the strand. So intense, this treatment lasts up to 7 shampoos. Our curly-head experts report that they use it more often due to the addictive control, shine, and humidity protection!  Your struggle ends here, and as you know, you’re already an expert with your texture, so now is the time to use this… It’s clearly what curl experts are raving about! 

Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker: This cream is used super versatile. By reading the above, you now see you have many different ways of obtaining awesome results.  A must-have product for anyone with curl “kick-back” and a desire for hair that will obey your styling commands. If you need perfect results in your life and your hair, then use this cream every time you style your hair.

Put just a little extra around the edges and on the new growth. Put off Keratin treatments for longer periods and keep your hair satisfied and performing at optimum levels in between.  With this, your hair will continue to be extraordinarily smooth, tame, and distinctly beautiful day by day!

You can buy these items separately for $154.00, but that’s not what you’ll invest in with this package!
Now, your package is  $134, with absolutely free shipping in the contiguous U.S.

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Want more shine?  Have flat irons, bad coloring, or simply overworked hair stolen your sparkle? SpotLite Shine Serum is the answer!  By purchasing SpotLite Shine Serum now you can take advantage of free shipping with the above package! Remember to add to your cart before checkout!

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Of course, like you, we know,  that every head of hair is unique and has special requirements…especially those with curls and textures.  So now, if you have any doubt or concern that you these are the best products, and package!  Feel free to click on the tab on the right to ask us questions.  We’ll also be around once you have and are enjoying the products, so that we can continue to refine your experience for the best hair of your life! ~~ Isn’t now the time to enjoy more than ever?  Of course! 

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Ingredient lists of each product can be easily found on its individual product page near the bottom,  by clicking on the name.


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9 reviews for Best Natural Products for Keratin Straightened Hair

  1. JLynn, LA, CA

    My hair feels and looks so much better which means I look and feel so much better!!

  2. Kate Linder (Esther), Young and the Restless

    My hair and I both love you!

  3. Alan Eschenburg

    We love you, Kate! We love Esther, too! And, we love your hair, too!!!

  4. Noah

    I didn’t literally mean it is suffocating your hair. My point is, silicones wrap your hair in a waxy film (giving the feel and appearance of softer and smoother tresses), which then builds up, keeps hair from actually asborbing the moisture it needs, thus creating breakage. I have seen stylists literally scrape built up silicone products off of hair strands. Ask any professional and they will tell that in the long run silicones are not good for your hair. Nevermind the other ingredients in chemical conditioners that are known to be cytotoxic…Not trying to be a PETA, I just know.

  5. K. A., CA

    LOVE these! I didn’t realize until a year later that I hadn’t had a keratin treatment from the salon. This keeps my hair perfect in the humidity, and I’ve saved enormous money (though my stylist is a bit annoyed), and saved my hair.

  6. Laura, OC, CA

    It’s too bad that more people don’t know about this. Simply Smooth alone, has changed my life. My stylist and I found that using it backwards makes it even better. Before the blowout, we put the Simply smooth, and then a light spritz of the Virginity. The directions are too small to read, and I’m glad we invented our own way of using these. I hope they change the directions, and make them larger, so it’s easier to read. Either way, thanks! Love my hair and know it stays great all the time, now!

  7. Kim Gloger

    The only way to describe my experience with Belegenza products is to use the cliché of “it changed my life!. I literally went from nice hair (never amazing hair) for most of my life to the most awful, ugly damaged hair ever because I started self designing my hair so to speak…and colored, straightened, highlighted or whatever else the newest hairstylist or YouTube reviewer suggested. I learned that you must find an excellent hairstylist who knows you and your hair and stay with them! I moved away from a great hair stylist and just took a chance with a new one near my new home. Well, my hair fell out in parts, looked horrid, and would not grow for years from the work of this stylist and others I would get “help” from, even from some well known names that I would have paid any amount to solve my problem. In order to not shave this mess off my head, I tried EVERY product and DIY treatment I could find but with no success. When I finally found Belegenza by a miracle chance meeting…it was like I was an ugly caterpillar who quickly blossomed into (and I mean in one magical month’s time) to a beautiful and free flying butterfly! People stopped me all day to tell me I looked amazing which was so needed after years of embarrassment and low self esteem. I no longer have the breakage from the keratins on top of my highlighted and lowlighted hair. Before these, I would go to the salon in fear of them overlapping the colors and the keratins, and now, my hair is strong, shiny and I feel fantastic again! My hair just keeps getting better and better. I’m obsessed with Belegenza! Maybe this is your miracle chance meeting to bring Belegenza in your life!! Start a magical month with using ONLY the right Belegenza products for you. Belegenza’s Alan and Cheryl will help you personally choose what your specific hair needs.

  8. Theresa H., OH

    “I was using Simply Smooth humidity blocker, for a year and it is wonderful, then I took a break from Simply Smooth and used Keratin treatments for three months, which made my hair look thin.

    I have stopped using the Keratin treatments and went back to lye relaxer every six months and using Simply Smooth in between and on my new growth.

    I have noticed a difference in my hair already!
    My hair looks like celebrity hair when I use Simply Smooth, even though I am not a celebrity! Kudos for great products!”

  9. M. A., Shaker Heights, OH

    I have been using your products for about a week
    I love them esp The Virginity hair repair.
    My hair was severely damaged after i had a japanese straightening treatment . Virginity literally makes my hair feel like “virgin” hair
    Thank you for your products!

  10. Kimberly G.

    you’ve convinced me to go curly! Since you taught me how to use products in another way apart from my go straight look, I’m benefitting from not using as much heat on my hair..I literally let my hair dry and topped off the straight part with a quick blow dry! Saved 20 min…good to go…not sure where but good lol!

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