I’m going to try this so what should I expect in 30 days?

Detox * Chemical Removal * Follicle activation * Growth * Interior Shine * Longer Lasting Style * Humidity Control
Especially if you have already tried everything, you’ll now get results.

Lather, Purification & FRESH NEW START

As you begin your hair transformation, Belegenza shampoo’s first job is to begin purifying your hair of left-over chemicals. Lather signals that toxins are gone, so, your first few shampoos may not lather much.  This means it’s getting its job done-detox.

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For fine or extremely damaged hair types

…..tangling may increase for the first 14 days.  Why?   Chemicals covering up the cuticle and cortical damage have been coating your hair to make it “feel” and “appear” smooth.  By now removing those chemical silicones, the “velcro-like” damage is exposed. These inconsistent damage sites collide with each other, thus forming tangles acknowledging the severe damage that needs more than surface chemicals to correct.

Once this chemical coating starts to break apart, only then are the patent-pending & inner core conditioning elements able to penetrate and begin the restructuring process to create strength needed for longer hair.

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For oily types

……….natural oils tend to “slide” out on the hair due to the chemical silicone cover-up that must be removed.  So, in the first 21 days, a few things are going on simultaneously.  Gentle cleansers that do NOT stimulate sebaceous (oil) production are calming to the scalp, resulting in less oil being over stimulated by harsh cleansers that disrupt your best natural flow.  In oily hair “conventional thinking,” it is believed that the more oil, the more lather (soap) is needed. It may work for a few hours,  but what also happens is the sebaceous glands get disrupted and begin to overproduce oil to compensate for being stripped, leading to oily hair within the first day and the process repeats with no true results.  Slick surfaces of chemical silicones make a “runway” for natural oils to travel, thus allowing the excess oil to slide 3-4 inches per day, vs. the 1/2 inch in normal hair. By now removing this chemical silicone “runway” oiliness becomes a thing of the past.  Ultimately, because there are no chemicals left ON the scalp, the scalp (skin) isn’t compelled to “exfoliate” it off by now producing more oiliness.   If flakiness is also an issue, by day 30 of regular use, this, too, will be improved.  Flakiness will return to normal exfoliation levels in the 30-45 day range.

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Inner Shine is Always Better

As the reflective shine vs. inner shine.   Chemical silicones reflect shine.  Once coated with these, hair appears to be shiny.  By removing these and now replacing this with inner core shine molecules of food origin, the natural multi-faceted (think diamonds) sparkle emerges like most notably seen in children’s hair–each hair emanates its color and inner pigments from the core of each strand for a vital, living-color sparkle.

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Bounce & Style Ability

As the flexible proteins enhance the structure of each strand, you’ll experience more bounce in each hair. Whether straight or curly or in-between your styling efforts are empowered and styles last longer.  As the proteins penetrate more fully, use by use, hair goes from contrived and “placed” hair, just hanging-hair, to supple hair that looks vital and practically “in-motion!” with newfound life and more shine.

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New Hair Growth

Due to hair cycles, most customers report short, new “pointed” hairs emerging, usually easily seen by day 21 and more.  Catagen Phase is the sleeping phase of a hair, and when chemical silicones and impurities are lifted, these follicles tend to awaken sooner.  At a 23% sleep rate, this can be significant to people like you, who desire more hair!

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Softer Feeling Hair

Based on flexible sea extract proteins, and rare oil extracts, the inner core conditioners work on softening each strand, naturally. Keep in mind that they are only as effective as they can be once the chemical silicone barriers are removed.  In the first few weeks, you may want to shampoo daily to speed up the chemical silicone removal process to allow the inner core to receive these softening elements.

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Longer Length

Faster growth is one thing and then also reduced breakage of the ends (splits) will compound your want for longer lengths.  Once the silicone chemicals are removed from the scalp, it will be more able to grow at a naturally improved rate.  Coupled with hair ends that are becoming more flexible, the length rather than snapping away during styling, will stay soft, manageable, and contribute to the length.

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Starting Day 30, you may notice you need less or more of certain things.

As the inner core is nourished, strengthened and moisturized, at the 30-day mark it is always recommended to revisit our products to now understand more fully the benefits.  For example, your previously dry hair is no longer dry, and you may require a lighter version of styling products.  Your previously oily hair may need proper nourishment for moisture, giving more styling options, now that the oil accumulation is handled!

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More Compliments

This almost goes without saying, as you will find.  You will get more compliments for certain.  We do warn you that “we are not responsible for strangers who feel entitled to touch your hair without your permission!”

What happens when you run out and need to re-order?   In case you fall off the wagon…..

Trying New Products Again

They say, “I always come back to Belegenza!”  Why?

Trying new products or just going back to something you can quickly get your hands on will give false hope.  When you realize that something is really missing,   you will return to Belegenza where it’s like the first time every time..  AND, you now understand how long Belegenza lasts and you can set reminders to order on time from now on! 

Marketers know how to punch your buttons every time, and we agree..It’s fun to try new things.   AND, for a while, their products  ON TOP of the Belegenza CORE structure can be phenomenal….until their chemicals inevitably eat through our food grade perfection, leaving you NEEDING to try something new again..  That’s when you’ll realize every time why they, AND YOU will now say, “I always come back to Belegenza!”

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“I try everything, and I mean everything….Belegenza, though, is ALWAYS in my shower and I return to it every time and have done so for the past many years! It always works, and I know I can count on it even after I try other stuff!” ~~Stevie Wilson, Fashionista

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