Sometimes, when it is discovered that a child has a special gift or a talent, they are called a prodigy. When Alan Eschenburg started doing hair and makeup at the unbelievable age of only 5, he just called it fun. However, as he grew up, it was clear he possessed an extraordinary aptitude for all facets of the salon industry, happily embracing both the artistry and the business of beauty. Combining his talent with his unflinching optimism, his determination to make the world a better place, his sense of responsibility toward his clients, and a perfectly coiffed head for putting it all together, he quickly became a star in the industry. Now, years later, Alan is the proud founder and creator of Belegenza, Extraordinary Haircare.

It was in the rural countryside of Victoria Texas that Alan’s childhood appointment calendar was regularly booked with an “exclusive” clientele of family, friends, and neighbors. By the time he was an adolescent, he was already concocting successful custom hair color mixtures in his mother’s kitchen. His remarkable ability, his years of practice, and his belief that all the world is a stage, led him to the exciting career of Platform Artist by the age of 20. Over the course of a decade of working for a major manufacturer, he honed his already magical skills to perfection in front of international audiences to the approval of thunderous applause. He soon opened his own boutique in Houston Texas, The Secret Salon, to take care of his loyal clients from his childhood and an ever-growing family of fans from coast to coast.

It sounds like the perfect life, and it almost was, but over time he began to notice damaging consequences from the harsh chemicals in the salon products he used daily. As he traveled the world attending trade shows and beautifying his regular clients, from both his fellow industry professionals and his customers, he heard tales of skin allergies and bad chemical reactions. Their stories of suffering because of such unnatural and unhealthy formulas opened his eyes to the need for high-performance compounds that do no harm to the client, the stylist, or the environment. For years, he had been unsuccessfully attempting to find medicinal salves and soothing balms to ease these terrible symptoms, to no avail. One frustrating day, he had an epiphany and suddenly understood that the answer was to go to the root of the problem and eliminate the cause. Everyone told him it was impossible.

Regardless, Alan was hopeful. With the growing trend toward green living, Alan assumed the answer was just around the corner. He waited patiently for relief, but effective new products never materialized. It seemed there was an unavoidable compromise between beautiful hair with high style, and environmentally sound and health-conscious products.

Eventually Alan realized that if a solution was coming that would address both issues of salon quality styling and natural beauty, it was going to have to come from him.

Believing with all his heart that his work behind the chair is an every day act of creation and sometimes even a miracle, he viewed the opinion that it was impossible to formulate healthy products as a personal challenge. With his seemingly bionic work ethic, his inability to settle for anything less than perfection, and his assumption that dreams are simply a platform to shape reality, Alan made it his mission to create the new gold standard for natural beauty products.

Immediately, he gathered his team and relentlessly researched and tested everything under the sun, until he reached proven success. He did what couldn’t be done and invented a food grade mixture that delivered gorgeous style without doing damage. Finally, in 2005, Belegenza, Italian for “beautiful genesis” was formed, launched, and celebrated.

Alan isn’t done, of course. He embodies the core philosophy of Belegenza and is constantly seeking more information, going deeper into research, fostering cutting-edge ideas and expanding the growing line with exciting new products. Alan is an artist, a solutionist, and a revolutionary. Forever working to bring out the beauty in you, naturally, his life truly is a beautiful evolution.

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