Good morning, I have a question about the Simply Smooth Progressive Straightener, which I absolutely LOVE by the way! wonderful product!  I have been using it weekly for a couple of weeks.  If I skip or week Simply Straight Progressive Straightener Nancy La Loca Watson Before and After Belegenzaor so, will my hair revert back to the way it was, or will it hold the straightening that is has?



Dear Theresa,
Thank you for your awesome review!
If you skip, you will not have any reversion, as the Vitamin C complex is as close to permanent as it can get.  Nevertheless, you may notice the humidity getting its way again, so that can be considered a reversion of sorts.  If you are needing to slow down the effects of it, you can alternate into Taffy Styling Cream as the styling product and/or EnCore Leave In Conditioner.   (Backstory) Simply Straight/Smooth was actually developed FROM the Taffy Styling Cream when many top end stylists in our testing salons started using it as a blowdry cream!   We saw the amazing results, and then added the Vitamin C complex for the straightening and smoothing!  Voile! Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker!
What other questions can we answer for you?
Great!  Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  No more questions for now!  I will be trying your other products in the future, as you have gained a very satisfied customer!
Alan & Cheryl