Secret Seaweed for Hair Growth

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Seaweed for Hair Growth* Exposing Our Secret (for hair growth!)   Belegenza GrowOUT uses and features seaweed. Yes, seaweed for hair growth! Not just any but several from different parts of the world! Part of the magic is that we put things together that may have never happened in nature. Certain seaweeds would probably NEVER […]

Low Self Esteem, Slow Hair Growth: How Fast Does YOUR Hair Grow?

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Low Self Esteem – Slow Hair Growth: How Fast Does YOUR Hair Grow?* Bad Hair cut? Bad Hair color? Thinning hair? Chemo Hair Loss? Broken Hair from extensions? Massive Split Ends? Heat Damage? Burned? Frizz? It’s hard to feel awesome about yourself when your hair looks bad, right? Think of it in the opposite… Bad […]

FAT Hair! Benefits of Omega 3 on Hair

FAT Hair! Benefits of Omega 3 on Hair*   Omega-3 fatty acids. We hear about them all the time. So much goodness for you such as lowering your triglycerides, possibly curbing stiffness & joint pain, and lowering levels of depression.* The list goes on and on. Number one on the list of omega-3s that people […]

The Best Leave in Hair Treatment: 3 Best Leave In Conditioners

The Best Leave in Hair Treatment: 3 Best Leave In Conditioners* moisturize protect from heat prevent split ends extend hair color longevity Easy to use & intense!   What makes the best leave in hair treatment work? Knowing what is the missing element of hair. For example, when tinting and coloring, the cuticle layer and […]

Top 5 Benefits on 3BC Hair Texture

DEAR ALAN, Thanks for following up 🙂 I was actually wondering if the cumulative effect of this product was more akin to a traditional relaxer or a keratin treatment? I have 3 b/c hair and I like to wear it both straight and curly but I have a frizzy areas that I’d like to tame […]

Ingredients Belegenza Uses and WHY!

Just updated a page on our site, and it just reminded me about the foundation for how we make our products and how we assume that everyone knows! So, it’s quick and easy to read, AND it has one understand a bit more why we do what we do, and why they work so well! […]

My Gray thinning hair is frizzy. How to Help Aging Hair.

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My once thick naturally curly brown hair is now mostly gray, thinning, frizzy. Please tell me what products  (I think EnCore Leave In Conditioner sounds good) to help my aging hair. Thank you. Well, you’ve landed on a good start, the EnCore Leave In Conditioner! It will start to calm the inner core of the […]