Will Simply Straightened/Smoothed Hair Revert?

Will my natural hair revert if I skip using Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker for about a week? No, but you may have humidity problems again, and you can use Encore Leave in conditioner to substitute for the time being for excellent frizz control.

Gray Hair Grow Out Tips

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I recently let my hair grow out gray, and would like advice on what’s best for my gray hair. “Softening and shining the hair with Belegenza’s patent-pending shine natural ingredients improves manageability and shows off the inner sprakle of the hair.

Can I use Simply Straight over Relaxers?

Can I use Simply Straight over my relaxed hair, and what about the new growth coming in?    Yes, you can safely use Simply Straight on both types of hair.  Though the name says progressive straightener, it is not something that stays active.  The progressive term refers to the ability for you to control the […]