Must have’s in Beauty Bag: New Hair Trends June issue with Rihanna

We LOVE this issue! We’d love to publish some of the great hair that Rihanna is showing off, but we cannot post her photos due to copyright. YOU will have to get a copy of this. I found it at our local grocery, and we are especially proud that we have an inside cover that […]

GrowOUT safe for adhesive tape extensions

 I have very fine hair that has a lot of breakage.  I highlight my hair and I have Hotheads tape hair extensions in my head.  Can I use the Grow Out shampoo with the tape extensions in my head?  Will it affect the bond? GrowOUT Shampoo and Strengthener will be fine with the adhesive, as […]

Will Simply Straightened/Smoothed Hair Revert?

Will my natural hair revert if I skip using Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker for about a week? No, but you may have humidity problems again, and you can use Encore Leave in conditioner to substitute for the time being for excellent frizz control.