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“They absolutely saved my life. I was going under some major stress and my hair was, I thought it was falling out. They saved me! I have the growout, the kind that regrow, the shampoo and the conditioner and then spray this on your scalp and now it’s perfect…see now my hair…. It’s my best, it’s my best feature!! I was totally flipping out! They saved my life!”
Kate Linder, Actress: The Young and The Restless

The 4 Steps:

GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener
Removes cosmetic and chemical residue to allow your scalp to “breathe” and do what it does best….grow hair! SLS-free and salt free so it’s even safe if you’ve had a keratin treatment.

RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment
Restores pliability, reducing chance of breakage, optimizes natural color pigments for deep emanating shine.

GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray
A concentrated burst of nutrition designed for the scalp and follicles. No matter what ethnicity, we all eat food to live, and no matter what ethnic type your hair is, we’ve got the “food” your scalp will love. We found the common denominators in hair of all types. Keep it nourished with this spray for a month and take note of the improvements.

Simply Smooth/Simply Straight
A progressive styling cream that is used to smooth out curl patterns, resulting in amazing blowouts that last due to its humidity blocking technology derived from food grade ingredients.

When the new growth is curly and it’s really time for a keratin, but you just don’t have time, this cream bridges the gap in a simple blow dry. Just apply to the most curly or frizzy or “offensive” areas, and less to the more tame parts and blow dry to not only blend the textures, but make your hair feel like never before. Soft, yet with body and bounce, no more “puffing at the roots.” Your hair will stay and feel like you’ve always wished it would!

You could buy these separately, and they’ll cost $133.00.

It is offered exclusively at our website with a packaged price of: $126.00

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Are you ready for camera-ready hair?


4 reviews for Perfect Blowout Package for Curly Hair Blown Out to Perfection

  1. Elizabeth

    How beautifully this conditioner was packaged! I was able to see a shiny frizz-free happiness to my curls! The scent is floral, yet not unpleasantly so. I will buy this product!

  2. Sojourner McBride

    When I first decided to go natural I was terrified about the day to day maintenance! I had been relaxing my hair pretty regularly since grade school. The INSTANT I started using these product, I saw a huge change in my hair for the better. My hair has become the best version of itself …. my hair does itself these days and I am forever grateful! Going natural was the best decision I could have made for myself and my hair…. but Belegenza got me through it!!

  3. Deborah F., NYC

    This summer with this package, my hair is growing superfly fast! My daughters and I are so happy given my health challenges in the past, when I had lost so much hair, compared to now. GrowOUT is amazing, and the softness of my texture has never been so great. My regrowth from my perm is so long, but with the Simply Smooth, I can keep going without a touchup which makes me very happy.

  4. Kate Linder, Esther, Young & The Restless

    I had run out and can definitely tell the difference…My hair and I so love you both!

    Kate Linder

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