Lice happens to 1 out of 5 people

“ALAN & CHERYL! WHAT DO I DO? It’s so gross to even talk about…. HELP!!” No worries!  Here’s our take.  And, as you know, we always have solutions that work!   It’s not a class thing. It’s a parasite that lives only on humans. Fleas may bite you once in a while, but they are […]

GrowOut vs. IlLustrious for hair growth!??

  “I had been using GrowOut Shampoo (& Strengthener) and the (GrowOut Scalp Energizing) nutrient spray after having had chemo therapy 2 years ago.  I have since needed chemo again and now my hair is growing back.  I still have GrowOut Shampoo (& Strengthener) and just received my (GrowOut Scalp Energizing) nutrient spray today.  Now I am reading […]

Can I use Simply Straight over Relaxers?

Can I use Simply Straight over my relaxed hair, and what about the new growth coming in?    Yes, you can safely use Simply Straight on both types of hair.  Though the name says progressive straightener, it is not something that stays active.  The progressive term refers to the ability for you to control the […]

RE Invention and RE Construction of Hair and Belegenza

Always searching for new and better ingredients to RE construct and RE condition hair is what makes Belegenza Extraordinary.  If you have to say you’re extraordinary, though, they say you’re not.  Well, soon we may be even changing our name to just… BELEGENZA…. because, we are in the business of making extraordinary hair for extraordinary […]

Here are a few pointers that not everyone is aware of

• Hairs have a surface that is similar to shingles on a roof, called the cuticle layer. Straight hairs have a smooth arrangement of “shingles” and curled hairs have shingles that are rough feeling, allowing the inner core of the hair to interact with the atmosphere much easier. • Hair can only retain so much […]

I have crazy curls. What do I do to keep my curls smooth?

Curls need moisture. It’s plain and simple. The nature of a curly hair is quite like a sponge. You either give it moisture, or it will pull it from the humidity, and you know what happens then! FRIZZ and out of control flyaways.

How do you test your products?

All of our ingredients have a track record of safety, and have already been deemed safe in line with FDA rules and regulations. But, when it comes to testing the final products, we are only testing for efficacy (do they work to make hair look better) and start on mannequins before we test on salon […]

Are your fragrances organic? What do you mean by phthalate-free?

Our natural, customized fragrances are a new version of fragrance that is Phthalate-free. This is a plastic-like component that may be linked to reproductive issues in young males especially. Belegenza not only has these specially formulated, but we use a very low concentration of pure fragrance to keep sensitivities from being activated. Some people are […]