It’s so gross to even talk about….


No worries!  Here’s our take.  And, as you know, we always have solutions that work!


It’s not a class thing.

It’s a parasite that lives only on humans.

Fleas may bite you once in a while, but they are species specific…dogs, cats, and a few other animals.

Lice don’t like cats or dogs.. they like people.

So, though a flea may bite, they wont’ set up house on your body.

A louse may get on your dog or cat, but it will soon die, because dogs and cats lack what they need to live.

A louse on a human, though, relates to YOU as all you can eat buffet AND luxurious resort living!

So, the obvious choice for lice infested victims, is to poison them.

Unfortunately, that poison is also poisoning you or worse, if you are a parent… your precious loved one!

Not only that… those poisonous remedies leave the hair feeling awful and smelling poisonous!

And, if you’ve experienced a lice infestation or talk with someone who has, they complain that poisonous products and even the so-called natural ones from the drugstore or Amaz*n don’t always kill those little buggers!

What if you could:

>>upgrade your hair,

>>enjoy deeper shine,

>>strenghthen your hair,

>>have it smell sensational,

>>AND protect yourself and your family from lice in

>>>>>>>>>>>>ONE and only truly natural based product?

Oh, did we say, no pesticides?

Oh, did we say, no silicones?

Oh, did we say, no phthalates?

Oh, did we say, no parabens?

None of these either:

  • paba
  • sodium chloride
  • sulfates (SLS)
  • petrolatum
  • mineral oil

Sounds like a miracle, right?

It is.

It’s genius.

It’s effective.

It gives back a level of safety and confidence that is so needed in today’s world.

Though lice don’t jump around, they do crawl in the most interesting ways to find new homes!

Most common ways of infestation are overlooked.

With this miracle, NitFlix Shampoo & Conditioner:

No more concerns about sleep-overs.

No more concerns about theater seats.

No more concerns about sharing brushes.

No more concerns when doing “selfies.”

No more concerns about transferring from sofas, bed linens, etc.

If you like taking chances, and have an extra $1000 to spend in a panic to clear and clean,

you can now protect yourself, your family, and look better than ever for under $60.

More about that at Grace’s NitFlix Away With Lice. 

Click here to get started.


Your Favorite Brother Sister Lice Free Hair Experts,

Alan & Cheryl



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