Can I use Simply Straight over my relaxed hair, and what about the new growth coming in? 


Yes, you can safely use Simply Straight on both types of hair.  Though the name says progressive straightener, it is not something that stays active.  The progressive term refers to the abilitySimply Straight Belegenza Ethnic hair woman looking up for you to control the degree of smoothing you will  have.  As you like the amount of smoothing you are getting with your curl or frizz, you can use again for more and yet again for more.  In other words, when you have the amount of straightening, you stop using it on that particular section of hair.  It only is active while wet, or damp, and when using heat, therefore, there is no concern for it adversely reacting with relaxers.  A key ingredient (a Vitamin C complex)  is very low in pH (approx. 4.5) and relaxers pH range very high (10-14), therefore, Simply Straight also assists in balancing pH and strengthening the hair by restoring proper pH.  The rich emollients also are able to fill in the sites damaged by the relaxers, thus imparting brilliant shine, and resistance to humidity, thus keeping hair looking smooth longer and easier.

Let’s suppose you have 1 inch of regrowth, and have been using a relaxer.  You wish to soften the new growth and prolong the time before your next relaxer touchup.  Using Simply Straight during your styling , aiming to apply directly to the new growth would be the best approach.   In other words, shampoo, condition.  Apply 1 pump of Simply Straight to the palm of your hand, and rub hands together.  Apply the cream to the root area paying most attention to the most stubborn curl.  Use a comb to continue to distribute the cream from the root area towards the ends.  In most cases, there is no need to apply more on the midshaft or ends of the hair, as that which gets distributed with the comb is usually enough. Repeat the above application process until all the regrowth has received Simply Straight.   Because each hair type is different you will want to make a note of how many pumps you end up using.  Style as usual.   Also, take note of  your results, and adjust the amount you use each time, until you’ve achieved the best results.

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