How do I use the products in the Chemo-Feel Better Look Better Package?

Here’s a quick overview of each product.  I’ve written so many emails with this similar information, and this time realized, that it is probably the most concise and easily understood version I’ve done…
Dear ……,
Thank you for telling me more about your hair and where you are in the growing phase in relation to your chemo.
Alrighty….  (I also am adding links to each product’s page in case you want to click on those names and read more in-depth…. )
#1 IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser: This shampoo is SLS free and is low lather.  It will gently remove impurities, yet help keep the moisture levels proper for your hair AND scalp.  I would say lather up twice.  Note that the second lathering will lather morseso.  If not, do a third lathering if you feel the need.  This will depend on how often you shampoo.  If you like daily, that’s fine.  It’s that gentle.  If you like to skip a day, that’s better, in our opinion, so as to give your follicles and sebum time to do what they do best for you naturally.  If you like to go longer, that’s fine, of course.  And, the “Cleanser” part of the name is because it is also an excellent body wash!  So, feel free to use from head to toe, as it keeps the skin in its perfect pH balance.
#2 Romance Deep Conditioning Treatment :  Now that your hair is primed by the IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser, it’s time to condition.  If you can keep a towel handy, blot away some of the water from your hair. Then use about a dime sized amount and massage through your hair. It will feel heavy, but don’t worry.  Get it to your scalp all the way, as it helps the scalp moisture levels.  Leave a minute or so if you have the time and rinse…. and rinse…. and rinse……   By blotting the water away, it makes the conditioner penetrate and work better.  Then when you rinse, you don’t have any heavy residue left, leaving your hair with better body!  Do this each day you shampoo.
#3 GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray”  This is a leave-on-the-scalp spray.  After blotting your hair dry….. apply about 7-10 bursts right at the scalp all over.  Curl your fingers inward, to “scratch” your head with the bed of your nails to distribute  it on your scalp….. Try not to use the free edge of your nails, as we typically do when we scratch.  By using the bed of your nails, it feels great, stimulates circulation, and doesn’t make micro-cuts on the scalp.
Use this each day you shampoo and condition.  ALSO, use on non-shampoo days.  It’s best in the morning, so that the moisture can be used to move your hair around and even refresh it with a gentle blowdry heat!
Some like to put another application before bed, but that’s up to you!
#4 PerForm Control Styling Gel   Used on your towel blotted hair as a styling product to add body and further moisturize the scalp……  Start with a bit in your palm, like the size of a pinto bean.  It’s a funny Jello-like consistency…. not like a typical creamy feeling gel.  The proteins are springy, so you have to trap it in your palms.  So, put that bit in one palm, trap it with the other and squeeze and twist your palms.  Once it is “liquified”, use your fingertips to transfer it to your roots and scalp!  It actually is good to have this gel on the scalp. Hit it with a blowdryer or place it and let it dry naturally.  Once dry, you can use a bit on the ends to “piece it” out or whatever to finish it out like you might use a pomade or paste.
Let us know how it goes for you the first few times, and we can fine tune it for you.
Also, let us know when you start to see some new pointed fresh hairs coming in!!!
If you need more clarity, let us know as well!
We’re very excited for you and your hair!!!
Alan & Cheryl
P. S. Also, let us know before you re-order.  You may find you want more body, or less this or that, and there might be more appropriate products for your NEW hair!
P.P.S.  This is always useful, too…The 12 Everyday things that slow hair growth   12 EVERYDAY hidden culprits
So, we hope that the above is helpful to you. If you want more assistance, we’re here for you, so just reach out!
Your Favorite Brother Sister Hair Growth Experts,
Alan & Cheryl
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