• Hairs have a surface that is similar to shingles on a roof, called the cuticle layer. Straight hairs have a smooth arrangement of “shingles” and curled hairs have shingles that are rough feeling, allowing the inner core of the hair to interact with the atmosphere much easier.

• Hair can only retain so much moisture(water) at any given time, so to control hair, you must have the perfect amount.

Let’s back up. Hair can only have a certain amount of water on the inside, trapped by the cuticle. When it is perfectly filled with moisture, it can no longer absorb more water (humidity). Also, when sealed properly by the shingles, it will stay in the style you put it in until you alter the water/moisture level.

So that is part of the trick to keeping your hair in the style you desire. Fill the hair properly, and seal it, until the next time you shampoo it.

The problem with curly hair is that the cuticle is somewhat open; the shingles are not perfectly aligned and sealed. This allows for the core of the hair to allow too much moisture out during the styling phase, and then reabsorb the water(humidity) either from the atmosphere or your “personal sauna” (sweat), thus reactivating your curls’ natural patterns. Therefore, if you have placed the desired curls, and there are varying degrees of curliness, you may end up with a mess, so make sure to balance the moisture level with a conditioner that is designed for perfect inner balance, like RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment. Seal it with EnCore Leave-In Conditioner and or PerForm Control Gel with Taffy or Simply Straight.

But before you reach for products you must not towel the hair too much.

You know that head wrap thing that you do that seems all glamorous after you shampoo and leave wrapped while you do your makeup, eat breakfast, get dressed, feed the cat? That’s the very first problem in your regimen. You must leave enough water ON the hair when you put the styling products IN your hair. After rinsing RoMANce out of the hair, simply squeeze the excess water out of the hair and if necessary only BLOT your hair with a towel making sure not to ruffle the curls.

Grab your EnCore, PerForm, and Taffy or Simply Straight and work them into the hair with a scrunching action onto all the hair working it from the ends back to the scalp area without running your fingers through the hair. Yes you will be dripping a bit, but remember, all Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care products are safe for the hair and skin, just make sure you are careful not to slip on the wet floor ( put a towel down or something).

Once you’ve arranged your hair, let it dry from this very “wet and drippy” state. If you usually use a diffuser, wait as long as you can so that the very drippiest water has either dripped out, or has evaporated. Yes, this takes a little longer, but I promise that later in the day, you will be thankful! You see, the problem with the towel drying is that it makes the surface water on each hair uneven. Some hairs actually are touching the towel and others don’t. So as soon as you remove the towel, your approximately 90,000 hairs all have a different moisture level on the OUTSIDE of the hair. Then when you put products in, they are being slightly diluted in different proportions. Some hairs dry perfectly, some are frizzy and the others are just independently confused! By the end of the day, you have 90,000 different interpretations of what you intended….resulting in BAD HAIR DAY AND CRAZY CURLS!

The point? Make the hair consistently wet, fill it properly, seal it consistently.

By the way… most peoples’ answer to curl control is using gels that are crunchy…..Mix PerForm Control Gel with Taffy and enter a new world of soft perfect curls!