Always searching for new and better ingredients to RE construct and RE condition hair is what makes Belegenza Extraordinary.  If you have to say you’re extraordinary, though, they say you’re not.  Well, soon we may be even changing our name to just… BELEGENZA…. because, we are in the business of making extraordinary hair for extraordinary people.  So, up until now, we’ve had to say it out loud until it caught on!Marilyn Belegenza Monroe diamonds best friend taffy growout

It’s now caught on!  We’ve now RE constructed our website for a faster, cleaner, and easier experience, and will be adding new ingredients to its performance regularly.  Though we’ve seemed quiet for a few months, we’ve been diligently working not only the website and educational side of our business and marketing, but we’ve still been in the labs creating new products, and as some of you insiders have seen, our new packaging!

So, we hope that you enjoy our new site, our new and improved services and tools that will be being released!

Ultimately, though, we are always most excited about the terrific stories, pictures and compliments from YOU!  We love being part of your world.  As most say, “Let me get out of your hair,” on the contrary,  we are proud to get in your hair!

Thank you for being part of the Belegenza Dream Come True!


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