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A touchy subject for many…..thinning hair.

If you are losing hair at a younger age than your father and grandfather, then there is proof that that you may be using products that are thinning your hair.
⬝ Foods and chemicals rob your follicles of their power to grow hair.
⬝ The gel you use daily leaves a layer of acrylate (liquid plastic) on your scalp and follicles
⬝ The gym’s shampoo is made of the cheapest and harshest version of detergents.
⬝ Estrogen levels may rise from the foods you’re eating.
⬝ Testosterone falls from unbalanced foods.

4 easy steps to keep & maximize your hair:

1  GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener
Gentle cleansing without chemicals. Smells great. Removes acrylates, silicones and anything that might be holding back your hair’s potential for growth.

2  DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner
Add body and volume to hair. Our formula contains food grade ingredients that keep your scalp moisturized to encourage hair growth.

3  GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray
This provides a burst of nutrition designed to provide growth encouraging balance 24/7. Unlike other leave-ins that promise hair growth and leave hair feeling strange, this power-packed blend can be used once or even twice daily! Keep your follicles nourished and scalp pumped for max hair growth!

4   PerForm Control Styling Gel
This gives each hair natural ingredients without chemical layers left on the scalp. By using sea extracts, rather than chemical acrylates, you now get control without flakes or stiffness. Apply to wet or dry hair to gain style confidence that lasts.

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By the way, remember that these products are free of:

  • silicone (dimethicone, etc.)
  • acrylates (plastics)
  • polymers (plastics)
  • SLS (sulfates)
  • parabens
  • salt
  • gluten
  • sulfates
  • mineral oil
  • phthalates
  • PABA
  • petrolatum and more!
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Take action now, before it’s too late!  Get and keep your hair as long as possible!

Life is easier with awesome hair!

AND!!!   Only FDA approved ingredients are used and manufactured in ISO5000 FDA approved facilities.

**PETA Approved  Never tested on animals all Belegenza products are People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Approved!


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Ingredient lists of each product can be easily found on its individual product page near the bottom,  by clicking on the name.

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4 reviews for Men: Thin Hair-Power Builder Package

  1. Mary M., Houston, TX

    Hey guys–my husband wouldn’t get online to do the review, so here is what happened! … I’ve been using this gel for years, and all of a sudden, I started running out sooner than usual. What I realized is that my husband, whose hair was thinning, started looking thicker and rarely did he have that stiff look that I really don’t like, anyway. He fessed up the other day that he has been switching back and forth to other gels for months, but settled in on the Perform exclusively! LOL. I’m doubling my order now!

  2. L. Smith

    I have been using this along with the entire grow out system on my 6yr old daughter for 1.5 years. She has SAS and her hair has gone from fragile scarce wisps to thick curls. I am a believer!

  3. Anselmo

    5 stars ! I have been using this for some time now. I remember when I first started using it, the very noticeable bald spot I had on the left rear part of my crown. Slowly little hairs started growing and it filled in. There is still an area where my hair is visibly thinner but now through lift and volume it is just barely perceptible, which is a great relief. No, it will not solve all your problems and yes you have to use it forever. When I run out and don’t use it for a while I start seeing my hair falling out again in my hairbrush and on the floor, so it helps me keep what hair I have left, too.

  4. Robert R., Miami, FL

    Yes, I think something is working. I have used all kinds of stuff, and even had stuff prescribed by a hair “doctor” in New York. I switched over to these, and I have to say something must be working. I don’t use the prescription anymore, and just use these products, now. I’m happy. Plus, I like that it’s natural because I work out every day, and wash my hair sometimes twice a day. Smells good, and not too much. The gel is kind of odd and it took me a few times to get it right, but it leaves my hair feeling great with a natural looking hold. All in all, it’s good stuff.

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