Vitamin B for Hair Growth: Which one, though? Biotin?*


Vitamin B For hair growth
Proper Vitamin B supplementation is vital for Biotin to do its job best.

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Vitamin B for Hair Growth : “B” Mindful

Did you know there are 8 B Vitamins?

It’s often referred to as Vitamin B Complex, which typically includes all 8, with a few extras, depending on that brand’s beliefs.

For the record, you’ve heard people swear by one of them. ” I started B12 and my energy was through the roof!”


……………”I added Niacin and I broke out in hives! They told me it would help with hair growth. I’m never taking that again!”

Vitamin B for Hair Growth: Which one, though?* What about Biotin?

Here’s the deal. 

IF you are deficient in something, and you cannot pinpoint it right away, you may be barking up the wrong tree at the moment.

That’s time consuming, not to mention expensive in the long run! 

For example, the first ( above ) comment about B12 is correct for her, because the probability is that there was an actual B12 deficiency and supplementing it rounded out the complex needed for energy levels!

The second comment about Niacin/B3 is definitely a sign of a deficiency in our book.*
When B3 needs get restored, it dilates (makes larger) the skin surface capillaries, and blood rushes through to
fill them up.  It’s believed to be cleansing.  But while you are experiencing it,
you may think you are dying from a serious rash, fever, sweats, cold and then a bunch of itching spots all over your body!

The good news/bad news is that you have found the deficiencies with the above 2 vitamins & the bad part is that it’s a daily thing.  Not a one-time thing.

You must balance ALL the B’s.

But here’s a new problem that is becoming more and more common.

B Vitamins are used up when you are on certain medications.*

Medication plays an important role in so many people’s lives. |
Because we listen carefully to our customers,
and we’ve learned how to help with these things, and will help you, too.*

Vitamin B for hair growth
Balance B Vitamins when using medicines. Ask your doctor.
Empower your hair growth, now.

For those with diabetes, Metformin is an oral medicine taken that helps control blood sugar levels.
Ladies daily, take birth control pills.
And there are those pills we grab for heartburn.
While all these meds are helping in some way
it’s a great idea to understand that
we may need more co-factors.

Co-factors?  The things that are used up in conjunction with the med’s use.

B vitamins are co-factors in this process.

B vitamins in our bodies can be depleted when taking many medications, so be sure to consult your physician about it.

If your co-factors are being  depleted, it’s a good idea to add Vitamin B for hair growth. The whole array has to be considered.
Depleted Vitamin B’s are simply not good for your hair growth.

Here’s why.

B vitamins play an important role in cellular development and function, along with metabolism and energy production.

Some B vitamins are thiamine (B1), niacin (B3), and vitamin B12.

As the medications are working, it uses up more of these …and other…. vitamins to assist your healing.

Another way WE, at Belegenza, look at this by tracing back what’s needed at the follicle root or papilla to grow the BEST hair possible for you.

Like a serious travel plan, you have to plan it out.  To make sure that those building blocks arrive at the follicle destination, you have to make sure you send-from the origin, your mouth, all of the building blocks with everything it will take to get it through your digestive tract, into the bloodstream properly, and for it to arrive safely at the top-most point of your body, against gravity as well! From there, we’ll help your hair before, during and after with our silicone-free food extracts! ~~Alan & Cheryl, Belegenza Natural Hair Care

You need to put these back in your body and a few
good sources are
leafy greens,
liver, &

Vitamin B for hair growth
Got Milk?
Not the only answer to Vitamin B. A full array of building blocks for follicles will insure best hair growth.

All are great sources and combined
with our Belegenza extracts (more later)….

…this combination will get you on your way to great health and hair health, too!

By the way, the new TREND and MAGIC is Biotin, which is simply Vitamin B5.

It’s up to you to try it.

If you’re deficient, after a few months, you’ll see the results.

Our recommendation is to round-out your supplementation.

In other words, if you try Biotin, make sure it’s in an all 8 Vitamin B Complex that gives you the whole rounded-out B’s.

Also, be sure to use the best you can afford.
If you are going to do this, do it as best you can, right?!

B vitamins come with fillers often-times.

Pure is best so your body is not having to process garbage/fillers.

Purity is MOST important!

Let us know how this approach goes for you.

As you can probably tell, we are well experienced in purity and hair growth.
so if you have any hair growth questions, get with us now! *

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Vitamin B for Hair Growth : What about Biotin?


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Vitamin B for Hair Growth


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