Fine Hair Volume Secrets

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Everyone seems to think: Volume in fine hair is impossible.

….Until NOW!

  • Non-drying
  • Moisturizing
  • Adds Flexibility
  • Volume

You don’t have to believe it yet!

How can this really work?!

If it’s so good, why haven’t I heard about it or seen it at the salon or beauty supply?  Read “Never heard of us! Why? 

Everyone with fine hair knows this… you can’t add weight to fine hair unless that weight is springy and adds more bounce to the hair.  We at Belegenza have discovered a blend of sea extracts, supercharged with Vitamins B6, B12, and E that is a perfect balance adding volume & strength that makes your hair feel and look better than ever!  Not only will you feel like you have more hair, but you will also ensure your hair’s future growth and body because the natural ingredients will nourish your scalp.  By adding flexibility to each strand simultaneously, your fine hair not only looks thicker, but your hair also takes on a natural style memory and “Belegenza bounce” that feels amazing!

Aren’t you ready for great results you can count on?   Of course, right?

Here is why we are so excited for you.  We’ve discovered certain seaweed proteins that practically wrap themselves into your hair to give a styling response you’ve never had before!

By treating your hair with these until now, unknown yet superior formulations, fine hair seems to become proud.  As you use Belegenza exclusivelyyou will see your hair responding as if it has gotten a boost of confidence. With its boosted shine, body, and bounce you start to get more compliments.  Your hair deserves it, and so do you…for you made the right choice to use Belegenza! Day by day, as your most nourished and healthy hair now grows in, you feel better & better about your hair and yourself!

Conventional mass markets and expensive salon products commonly cause dryness in the hair to make it respond. By drying out the hair, it is stiffer, so it “stands” up better. BUT, after a while, like dried tree branches, your dry fine hair now breaks off faster than it can grow out! Then, with regular products, by covering up the dryness with their silicone derivatives (avoid list), your fine hair continues on a dead-end spiral.  But don’t worry anymore.  When you use Belegenza’s gentle system, and by gently removing silicone build up each shampoo treatment, the way is made for Belegenza’s flexible, springy molecules to now infuse their body-building qualities into your hair, encouraging flexibility and style response.  Seaweed proteins, by their nature, understand water and moisture exchange and are naturally springy~~what you really want for body and bounce.   AND, this is the key to better styling response every time~~springy proteins unique to these certain seaweeds!

   This incredible combination is Nature’s gift to your fine hair! 

Imagine new hairstyles as your newly moisturized, voluminous hair continues to grow to longer, fuller lengths.  By now, you realize that this may actually work for your hair.  You may, like thousands of other satisfied Belegenza customers, find that your time used trying new products is no longer wasted.  In fact, rather than trying new stuff all the time, you will come to know that Belegenza is what you have been wanting badly and that extra time can now be used trying new hairstyles!

As you feel the immediate difference and day-by-day improvements, you will be so glad you made the switch to Belegenza!

Your package includes 3 products: 

IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser (8 oz.)

This natural shampoo cleans and purifies your hair without sulfates, is color-safe, and is free of salt or cheap additives found in other products.  By gently removing build-up, it prepares your hair to accept sea extracts and body-building natural ingredients. (Should your hair have suffered excessive damage or serious silicone build-up before using Belegenza products, your hair may exhibit much tangling or “gumminess”  the first few times. The gentle removal process takes time, and we are happy to guide you through it if this happens.    If you wish to remove those chemicals quicker, call us for instructions at 760-518-8823. This way you will now get more and faster results from the following Belegenza products.)

DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner (6 oz.)

DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner strengthens the core of your hair by infusing molecularly springy proteins from 4 rare seaweed types and lightweight emollients from fruits and certain vegetables. By preparing your hair by removing silicone derivatives, your hair accepts these unique Belegenza ingredients to now create a powerful foundation that supports the very core.  Other products dry the hair out to give it more volume. Dry hair breaks easily and that’s not good for anyone. DraMatic is a breakthrough in conditioning your fine hair; adds volume AND balances moisture. By allowing your hair to now get this moisture balance, your hair “shows off” with more body and flexibility and has greater chances of longer and stronger growth.

PerForm Control Styling Gel (6 oz.)

PerForm Control Styling Gel not only balances moisture levels at the core, and it clearly resists humidity.  Humidity goes to dry spaces, which, by now, you know is the problem fine hair has with conventional volumizing products from other companies. By drying the core of the hair this way, the more it draws humidity into the hair, now leaving fine hair flat and limp. You can leave that problem behind once and for all by now using PerForm Gel which gives you perfectly balanced moisture levels in your hair for the first time.  You will now be protected from humidity, naturally!  If you want a styling gel that keeps hair soft, this is clearly the best choice!  Different than volumizers, this plant-based hybrid outperforms!  Also, free of acrylates and plastic-based gel ingredients, Belegenza rare seaweed proteins understand water exchange and how to add body.  With all of these benefits, your hairstyling efforts are sealed in for longer-lasting styles. Also, with a touch of shine emanating from the core, your hair will now have you feeling confident all the time.  You might still want to use hairspray, but a lot less, leaving your hair to feel like luxurious hair!  [Plus, by having a layer of PerForm with its amazing seaweeds on your scalp, the overspray chemicals (acrylates and MORE)  from the hairspray have less chance of direct contact on your follicles! Awesome, right?]

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You’ve tried so many things, hoping this is the magic secret. We know.  Every product on TV promises it really works, and we know how that usually ends up~~you’re here with us, right?  Pretend for a moment, though,  that you had never tasted chocolate.  Pretend that someone told you all about it and how excellent and luxurious it is.  They even compared it to things you already had tried, like fruits, cakes, pies, cookies……    When you really think about it, the only way you can really know what the taste of chocolate is like is actually to taste it! Let your hair taste the goodness of these products, and know how good it is!   

Isn’t now the time to go outside the box and trust a new world of hair care?

Won’t you be excited when you are enjoying your hair and compliments like never before?

Now that you are ready for a new world of hair care, all there is left to do is to

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Imagine your hair looking and feeling better as you continue to pamper it with these incredible products.  Imagine not wondering if your hair looks good enough. Imagine walking in with irresistible confidence, knowing you look fantastic. Imagine what else you’ll get done in your life knowing your attention is no longer on your hair but on living and loving your life. Won’t you feel great about yourself and your hair? 

“What’s gotten into you lately? You look better than ever!  What’s your secret?”

“LOL…My obsession and secret is Belegenza Natural Hair Care!” –Andrea

Added bonus, thanks to Hollywood Celebrity Stylists:

If you really want an extra bounce to your hair, do what our celebrity stylists taught us about Belegenza. After applying the PerForm Control Styling Gel, spray a light amount of VirgINity Hair Repair just before styling!  This amps up the volume.  Be sure not to use the VirgINity first.  You must use it on top of the PerForm Control Styling Gel. You will not find this in the directions on the bottles.  It’s something that was discovered by “accident.”  You will see it for yourself, and after a few tries, you will realize the perfect amounts for your specific needs!  Celebrity stylists must have perfect results every time, and that’s why they trust Belegenza, and we believe you will trust us, too!  We love their discoveries, and now these secrets are yours as well!

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Fine Hair Volume Secrets


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