Conditioner for Aging Hair : More than just Vitamin E!

UP THE STAKES : Conditioner for Aging Hair Means More than just Vitamin E!

Conditioner for aging hair, DANDRUFF SCRATCHING, how to grow hair faster
How to keep hair young. Conditioner for aging hair starts with proven food extracts.

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Did any of us like taking vitamins when we were a kid?

Maybe a few did and we’d have to search to find them.   (“Flintstones Chewables” were Alan’s & Cheryl’s FAVES!)
Little did we know what our parents knew.
especially that vitamins are necessary for a healthy body.
It turns out that deficiency of proteins and vitamins are listed as the main cause of hair fall.
Not having enough vitamin E happens to trigger this problem.
Of course, if you don’t get the full balance of vitamins and such in the proper RDA (recommended daily allowance),
your hair will definitely show its disappointment!

So, always stay aware of proper balanced nutrition!

Because Vitamin E is so robust, and often overlooked…..
let’s talk about how you can up your intake… for the sake of
your HAIR & Hair Growth!

conditioner for aging hair, DANDRUFF SCRATCHING, how to grow hair faster
The more colorful the foods, the more potent the hair growth factors!

Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants.

As you know, they are crucial for your hair and skin.
Vitamin E also reduces cell damage generally.  AND, most experts agree that Vitamin E improves hair growth, which makes it part of the perfect Conditioner for Aging Hair!

Foods rich in vitamin E are nuts, green vegetables, and sweet potatoes. ( And, when it comes to French Fries, if it’s an option, we always go for the Sweet Potato Fries!)

Vitamin E does provide moisture which helps balance pH levels and
control oil production in your hair.
With an imbalance of pH levels and overproduction of oil in the scalp, hair loss can occur.


The easy fix, take your vitamins or eat foods rich in vitamins in conjunction with the best Conditioner for Aging Hair.
Isn’t that a better deal than losing your hair?!

Your Favorite Brother & Sister Vitamin E for Hair Experts!

Alan & Cheryl


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