Here’s what Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary has to say about it:

Silicone- any of various polymeric organic silicon compounds obtained as oils, greases, or plastics and used especially for water-resistant and heat-resistant lubricants, varnishes, binders, and electric insulators.   

Unbelievably, major natural grocers (Whole Food ) and distributors still consider silicones organic and safe even though experts in the industry like Beth Terry, author of  Plastic Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too  explain and teach how plastics and silicones are hidden dangers in plain sight. 

Here’s a list of some of the increasingly many forms of silicone derivatives:
















to name a few and the new versions…..hidden with “sil,” like:



This list continues to grow as hair product manufacturers add new versions developed by chemical companies. 

They are able to hide these from consumers by inventing newer unknown “new & improved” versions. 

Unfortunately, their effects are not known either, until class action suits of serious hair loss emerge as has been seen in very popular brands (W E N, etc.). 

Silicone derivatives, like a liquid glass or plastic /oil covering, seals the scalp and stops the ability to absorb nourishment transdermally.

In Lookin’ Green Magazine by Charlene Brown,  she explains a bit about why you may want to reduce and or eliminate your usage of silicone derivatives,


“In 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved several silicone-based breast augmentation devices in the country. In people who have had implants, concentrations of silicone have leaked into vital organs and systems of their bodies.

This has led to nerve damage, granuloma formation and or breakdown of tissues in direct contact with the gel,”

reported Allergan, maker of FDA-approved silicone gel breast implants.

Allergan’s own research found that: “There have been reports of silicone presence in the liver of patients with silicone breast implants. Movement of silicone gel material to lymph nodes in the axilla also has been reported, even in women without evidence of rupture, leading to lymphadenopathy.”

The FDA has also ordered studies comparing exposure from topical application or inhalation of silicone from cosmetic products, with exposure to people who have had actual silicone breast implants. Preliminary data found traces of silicone in body tissue of both groups!!

Fear of absorbing harmful synthetics like silicone has turned many of us into label-herders, calculating the price per ounce, deciphering organic from natural, and endlessly glaring over the long list of unfamiliar ingredients.

And if you happen upon products like Belegenza’s hair solutions you would never have to  label-herd those products again.”

“We thankCharlene for doing the research on the FDA studies, as I have been busy running a business since the creation of Belegenza in 2004.   We originated the silicone free movement and inside of running day to day business, we hadn’t looked out there to see the studies that had been mandated by the FDA 2 years later.  We just knew intuitively that this was the right direction, and followed our passions.”~~Alan & Cheryl

Silicone and its derivatives have a purpose in the world…electrical insulation, caulk, etc.

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Also, phthalates have tremendous evidence as hormone disruptors in boys specifically..  Belegenza is phthalate free.  Phthalates in perfumes are known hormone disruptors. In 1989 the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health evaluated 2,983 fragrance chemicals for health effects. They identified 884 of them as toxic substances. The US Environmental Protection Agency found that perfumes can contain toluene (which has since had lots of measures put in place to eliminate) , which has been reported as causing liver, kidney and brain damage as well as damage to a developing fetus. That was the big problem years ago in the nail salons.  Also, the big news about phthalates now is that it is associated with evidence of hormonal imbalances, especially in boys and men, links to cancers  and tumors, and fetal developmental problems.  It has been found used in vinyl, toys and cars, and  is a key ingredient in nail polish.   Is phthalate that new car smell? 

Phthalate-free is the way to go!  It’s no wonder so many sneeze as they go down the detergent aisle at the grocery! 

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