Vitamin E for Hair Growth

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Vitamin E for hair growth… for all ages.

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WHAT TO KNOW About Vitamin E for Hair Growth

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of daily tasks.
The world moves fast and we’ve trained ourselves to move fast.
The result is sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves.
One moment does count.
Be sure to take that moment for you.
A little help is always appreciated.
How about in the form of vitamins?!


Vitamin E for Hair Growth?  What’s the easiest way? 


A great vitamin to start with that has benefits for your hair is vitamin E.

Hair growth starts with your MOUTH.


You are what you eat, so that’s the point of entry for your hair “building-blocks.”

Once your scalp and your follicles get “building-blocks,” your on your way to hair growth.
It’s up to you to decide what quality of hair
by the choices you make!
With a healthy scalp you’re on your way to healthier hair.
Good blood circulation with your scalp is key. Vitamin E makes it easier for the blood vessels to carry blood to your scalp. Vitamin E oil improves blood circulation when it’s massaged directly into the scalp and provides nourishment to hair follicles. It reduces oxidative stress and helps boost hair growth.

With all of these benefits, it makes sense why we included vitamin E in
Belegenza products, right?

Be sure to add vitamin E for hair growth! 

Another advantage of vitamin E for hair growth is it has properties that
moisturize and condition your hair.
It will aide in getting rid of your frizzy and dry hair, in turn
making your hair smooth and shiny—

& completely irresistible! 


One vitamin—
so many benefits.
Incorporate vitamin E for hair growth into your diet and
love what it does for you!

Want an easy way to get this and more… done for your hair?

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Vitamin E for Hair Growth

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