My Gray thinning hair is frizzy. How to Help Aging Hair.

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My once thick naturally curly brown hair is now mostly gray, thinning, frizzy. Please tell me what products  (I think EnCore Leave In Conditioner sounds good) to help my aging hair. Thank you. Well, you’ve landed on a good start, the EnCore Leave In Conditioner! It will start to calm the inner core of the […]

How to Restore Hair, Period…Shown on Hair Extensions

  Not all hair needs to be cut off, nor all extensions need to be thrown away. With the expense of new hair extensions today, restoring, refurbishing and renewing extensions may be just what the “Green Doctor” ordered! Watch this fast and unbelievable natural approach to rejuvenating this “seen-better-days” hair extension. The question is….. “Imagine […]

Hashimoto’s Thinning Hair

Hi, I’ve been using Belegenza for several your months and have absolutely loved every product of yours I’ve tried. I wanted to contact you and ask what products to use for my hair. My hair is extremely curly, but has thinned out a lot over the last year. (I’m 31 now, and have Hashimoto’s Disease, […]

Will Simply Straightened/Smoothed Hair Revert?

Will my natural hair revert if I skip using Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker for about a week? No, but you may have humidity problems again, and you can use Encore Leave in conditioner to substitute for the time being for excellent frizz control.

How to use a Washcloth to Save Your Hair from the Flat IRON!

“Even though your flat iron rheostat may say 400 is the highest, that is only the temperature that each plate is when it is open.   The moment you clamp hair between the two plates, the temperature can spike upwards of 500 degrees! Hair is a fabric, and just like when you are ironing a piece […]

Growing Natural: Relaxer Free Healthy Hair Guidance

Natural in this context means: Natural curl and/or Chemical Relaxer-free hair! Yes, it is an honor and pleasure to have Sojourner McBride step up out of her full self-expression to give women access to making the transition from chemical relax (-ed) hair to natural hair, and love the process.  She says it all in her […]