My once thick naturally curly brown hair is now mostly gray, thinning, frizzy. Please tell me what products  (I think EnCore Leave In Conditioner sounds good) to help my aging hair. Thank you.

Well, you’ve landed on a good start, the EnCore Leave In Conditioner! It will start to calm the inner core of the hair, which when left “empty” on the inside (common problem for curly hair, especially during the graying process) complicates frizziness. Before you start that, though, let’s get your hair primed for the best possible results and address the thinning issue.
Begin with the GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener as your shampoo. This will softly transition your hair to silicone-free, so that the conditioning agents can “fill” the core of the hair again. Also, this will nourish your scalp so that it can grow your best hair possible. It sounds also that Romance Deep Conditioning Treatment is the next most important. This will begin “filling” the hair with moisture so that it’s not trying to absorb humidity, thus calming the frizz. EnCore is then your best bet for now as a leave in conditioner and in this case a softening agent to the curl patterns. Give these a try first. You may need more control for your curls/frizz, and at that point you may need to add either the Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker, or the PerForm Control Styling Gel. Let’s chat more after you’ve tried the first few products and then assess your new hair to see what’s the next best choice!