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Hair Growth Essentials

Loose Anagen Syndrome / Short Anagen Syndrome (s) are mysterious and misunderstood situations.

The causes and reasons for this hair loss and/or short growth problem are not well addressed, except by those afflicted.

Many find helpful input from groups on 
Facebook: SAS & LAS-Hair Disorders and other sites, such as, Dr. Robert A Shwartz on Medscape (LAS), and DermNetNZ (SAS).

Hair loss can happen at any age, but when it happens in children or teens during their formative years, it can be particularly upsetting for them,and their self esteem.  Furthermore, it can also become a tense or even crucial situation for  the whole family.

Though not affiliated with any medical, pharmaceutical, or health care situations or organizations*, Belegenza is dedicated to looking for answers at the root of hair needs.  

Due to our attention to what is a healthy hair, a healthy scalp, a healthy mind and body, we’ve always started with the basics.  What  has to be present in the body (foods & water) so that the scalp can do what it does best, which is, GROW HAIR!  

We’re not in the food business – we are in the shampoo and conditioning and styling product business. We began our studies to see if we could transdermally feed the hair follicles.  When we succeeded, then we knew we were on to something!

In an organic (coco)nut shell, we found a few things that seemed to give positive results to all scalps and textures of hair.

1.  Remove any chemicals that may hinder the natural processes.

2.  Use tried and true food-grade ingredients that are shown to nourish healthy bodies.

3.  Go to science to find the extract or that potent part of the food that might encourage healthier conditions.

4.  Go to chemistry to find how to mix it all up into a great shampoo and/or product, like a great recipe.

5.  Share with people and listen to their feedback!

In doing the above, we have had countless reviews and testimonials from non-LAS/SAS victims, and just recently more LAS/SAS victims who are finding positive results.  Some are getting better anchoring in the follicle, and it seems most everyone is thrilled with the overall condition, shine and body the hair has by using only a few of the products.

For those who are reluctant to invest in the full package the first time around, we offer the foundational  hair growth essentials, as a less expensive alternative that gets one started toward healthier hair growth.

1. GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener– can be used daily.  Removes buildup and chemicals that may be inhibiting growth.  Please note: When synthetics are removed from hair, tangling may occur, which is one of the reasons of recommending DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner in the full LAS/SAS package.

2.  GrowOut Scalp Energizing Spray– Should be used 1-2 times daily directly 0n the scalp using 6-9 pumps. Place nozzler on scalp, depress pump and spread liquid around on the scalp with fingertips. With a wide tooth comb, remove any remaining tangles, and proceed with styling.  (Avoid any styling products as long as possible, unless you are using Belegenza styling products all of which are compatible with hair growth and this process).

This is a concentrated treatment of the key ingredients, encouraging maximum results.   Please be aware that though this is not considered a conditioner for the hair, GrowOut Scalp Energizing Spray will assist  detangling and nourishing the hair and will do so progressively with continued use.

Individually the products included in this package totals $70.00

It is offered exclusively at our website with a packaged price of: $66.00


If you have a LAS/SAS coupon code, you may use it at checkout for an additional savings.

We value your trust and look forward to helping with products that may alleviate this malady.  We also appreciate your questions, concerns, feedback and input.  With this we can further assist in providing more solutions that will help those who may have fallen victim to this problem.  You can contact us at and we invite you to participate in the Ask Alan Blog which is growing continuously with more information about hair growth and LAS/SAS concerns.  Join our newsletter, as it highlights key ingredients and keeps you informed of the latest breaking news in hair growth and beauty. To return to the Hair Growth Support Complete Package click here.

As with all Belegenza products:  We use FDA approved food-grade ingredients, and never test on animals.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


1 review for Loose/Short Anagen Syndrome Essentials

  1. Danielle

    I have only used the shampoo & conditioner one time as I just received my shipment however that was enough for me to order more products! I bought an essentials kit for my daughter’s hair and the results were amazing. I will leave a review on the new products we ordered once the shipment arrives.(Cant wait 😀) I love that this company uses nothing but the best ingredients, is cruelty free and still delivers amazing results!! All three of these benefits is not easy to find. Highly recommend this wonderful line.

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