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Rejuvenate your hair after coloring, tinting, toning, or bleaching–IMMEDIATELY!

Trying to keep your hair color from fading as long as possible?  Super Fantastic for deep colors and especially the new GREY and GRAY tones!

This easy-to-use 4 product package is the perfect start towards recovering the silky feel of your hair as if it has never been chemically processed!  Color retention and luxurious color rejuvenation makes hair feel and look brand new–instantly!

Belegenza’s combination of deep conditioning ingredients and powerful repair agents, penetrate deeply to restore your hair’s resilience, strength, shine and luxurious touch-ability!

So what if you’ve over colored your hair?  Accidents happen that leave hair less than fantastic, but with this remarkable combination, natural ingredients surpass the finest and most expensive salon brands to restore extraordinary results.

With this combo, you don’t have to resort to cutting it off anymore!  NOW, you can rejuvenate, restore and parade your luxurious hair again!

Simple to use, and the results get better each time you use them.  Stops chemical residue from colors, perms, relaxers, and retains color and dye better than synthetic products, including the ones that tout themselves as the best on the market…even the ones in famous salons and infomercials!

Feel good about your hair, and feel your good hair, again!  The best part: your hair will look better than ever.  Just in case you’re addicted to changing your hair again, you now have what it takes to make your hair stronger, healthier and prepared to stand up to your next color, perm, or relaxer.

Illustrious Shampoo & Cleanser
Removes residual cosmetic residue for a fresh new start, while preparing hair for maximum deep conditioning and repair. Whether you need that “first time” feeling again, or want to maximize your conditioning and repairing treatments, IlLustrious is your best choice! 

RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment
Restores pliability, reducing chance of breakage, optimizes natural color pigments for deep emanating shine, and color that lasts longer! 

VirgINity Hair Repair
Locks hairs strength at the inner core sealing the fibers for up to 7 shampoos!  Seals color molecules in place for the longest lasting color you’ve always wished for!

PerForm Control Styling Gel:  The most versatile styling aid made of natural ingredients that keep your hair where you want it…and soft to the touch, too.  Say goodbye to humidity problems!

This package is a life changer.  No more concern for how your hair looks during the day.  Once your hair is done, you will be irresistible, and they’ll want to touch your hair!  You’ll have decide who gets to touch your hair– or not!

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When you choose to buy the products individually, the investment totals $142.  But that’s not what you’ll pay.

When you buy this package your investment is $115.00, with free shipping within the contiguous U.S.

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Not only do you want this now to rejuvenate your hair, you will be thrilled to have it on hand when you get the urge to change your hair again!  You’ll be prepared and confident when you take on your next makeover!

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Once you’ve experienced the difference, you will soon be wanting to try many of our other products to define and refine your look!

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REMEMBER that Belegenza is free of:

  • Silicones
  • Acrylates (plastics)
  • Polymers (plastics)
  • SLS
  • parabens
  • salt
  • gluten
  • sulfates
  • mineral oil
  • phthalates
  • PABA
  • petrolatum and more!

Only FDA approved ingredients used and manufacture in ISO5000 FDA approved facilities.

**PETA Approved  Never tested on animals all Belegenza products are People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Approved!


**Free shipping in the contiguous US only. Shipping method determined by shipper. Excludes Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and US territories.



Ingredient lists of each product can be easily found on its individual product page near the bottom,  by clicking on the name.


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18 reviews for Color Safe~Color SAVING Package

  1. Melissa

    I am a person who dyes their hair frequently. I get easily bored so I’m constantly changing the color of my hair. I use punky colors, so that requires bleaching and lately its been taking a toll. I’ve had the chance to use the RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment twice since I received it. I immediately noticed in my hair texture. RoMANce made my hair softer, shinier, and thicker. It even brought back some curl to my hair! The best thing is that you don’t need to use a lot of product to condition your hair. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with colored, dry, or damaged hair, You will see an improvement right away in manageability. The smell was great, the thickness of it was perfect and it does what it claims. I would buy this product and tell my friends to buy it, because it works!

  2. Katie

    I really liked this conditioning treatment! I loved the way it smelled… Very nice and fresh….This conditioner left my hair feeling nice and soft and well nourished. I have tried everything in my hair. I do a lot of hair coloring every month and it always dries my poor hair out. This stuff is amazing. I love the natural ingredients. It can be hard to find conditioners with good stuff in them. In the end.. my hair was shiny, soft, and it felt stronger. It really did smell great too. I would definitely buy this again!

  3. Doug

    This conditioner worked well on my hair leaving it feeling silky smooth. I had colored my hair a few weeks before beginning to use this, and my hair felt a little dry and damaged. Using this product made my hair feel softer and more manageable.

  4. Katie

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Love the scent, love the way it made my hair feel, and love that it contains fruit and veggie extracts… This left my hair feeling amazing!! This shampoo removes all of the every day wear and tear us women do to our hair. It also helps to stop color fade. I love that fact!! I color my hair a lot. My hair was smoother and healthier looking after using this. I would definitely buy this! So many natural active ingredients! LOVE IT!!

  5. Heidi

    I absolutely loved this shampoo. I have color treated long hair and have a hard time finding a shampoo that doesn’t make it dry and frizzy. This illustrious shampoo and cleanser smells amazing! It doesn’t lather, as much as shampoos I have used in the past yet I soon found out that it wasn’t needed. It spread easily thru my hair and left my hair very clean and shiny. I didn’t feel like I had build up left after I rinsed. I loved the creamy texture and how soft it made my hair. I would definitely recommend this shampoo to others.

  6. Amber

    My hair is thin and I also have highlights so I’m very careful about what kind of products that I will use and I am so happy I tried this shampoo because it’s great. It cleaned my hair and made my hair shine but not oily. It also made my hair very soft and I will for sure be buying a full size bottle. It also smells great, not overpowering.

  7. Delia

    Now this conditioner is Amazing. I have fine wavy hair. I flat iron my hair and curl it often during the week so my hair is frizzy, overworked, dried out and with split ends. There are some major points about this conditioner that I loved the scent was one even after a few hours of using it my hair smelled amazing I could smell the scent when outside and the wind would be blowing. I got very nice compliments too. Besides the scent I found this conditioner to give my dry frizzy hair some hydration my hair looked shiny nourished and not greasy. My hair was touchable silky and soft. Honestly my hair never looked and felt so good. There are no fillers, no silicones, no plasticizers, and no alcohol. Simply pure goodness to create luxurious hair. And for those who color their hair, RoMANce is a must if you wish to keep the color as long as possible and reduce fading. I definitely recommend this conditioner if you want to see a transformation in your hair for good!

  8. San Marcos

    I have enjoyed trying out Illustrious Shampoo and Cleanser. There are a few things i really love about this product. The fact that it is silicone-free, SD alcohol-free, formaldehyde frees (a main thing I look for and a ton of other ingredients that it is free of. I love that it is a cleanser as well. It helps break down all the buildup that is in our hair that we often put in it. I love my free flowing hair but on some days I just run some hairspray and products in it and go. Not always the best thing to do to my hair but I love that there is one out there that counteracts that. It not only helps your scalp but also the color. If you are like me I dye my hair and I hate when shampoos or conditioners fade my color so quickly. This helps that from happening. It’s made from a ton of healthy extracts like seaweed and Mapleweed, plus green tea extract. The main reason I would continue to use this is because it helps your hair grow naturally and healthy which I could use right about now.

  9. Heidi

    I’m always searching for a good conditioner for my dry color treated hair. I was excited to try a product free of all the unwanted additives. The first thing I noticed was the wonderful scent and how creamy it was. It rinsed well and left my hair smelling great with tons of shine, silky smooth, and best of all no tangles. Even after blow drying it stayed soft and I could tell how much moisture really got into my hair. My hair looks like I just left the salon.  I think I just found my new favorite conditioner.

  10. Barb

    This shampoo left my hair soft, even before I put conditioner on, which is very unusual for my hair, since it is color treated & dry.  I use many styling products when drying & styling my hair. I use straightening serums/creams, anti frizz serums, Moroccan oil, etc. This shampoo cleaned all the styling products on the first wash, no 2nd wash needed. My hair was squeaky clean & didn’t feel dry. I would purchase this product and I would recommend this product.

  11. Shasta

    The Illustrious Shampoo and Cleanser actually did what it promised unlike most shampoos. I color my hair red and for those who don’t know red fades and washes out quickly. I used this shampoo and wow did that red shine come back. I was really impressed and it worked better than the shampoo that was meant for color that I had been using. I also have a really oily scalp and within a couple of hours I have to use dry shampoo to keep my hair looking clean. The cleanser part took care of that completely. Almost the whole day without my hair looking oily and several compliments about the way it looked. Overall, I would suggest this product and say give it shot.

  12. Nancy Gaines, Colorado

    Amazing results immediately! I used RoMANce consistently for 4 days before my Balayage hair color appointment hoping to improve past over-processing and heat damage. I am stunned how fast it worked. From the first use, my hair instantly regained it’s shine, health, and more. I no longer require a spray detangler product because the comb glided through my wet hair effortlessly. I highly recommend this product as part of your hair care program!

  13. Lewis

    I really like how this conditioner worked on my overprocessed color hair. Left it smooth. I could get the comb thru my hair now.

  14. Cherrie

    I’ve used this conditioner several times now, both before and after having dyed my hair. I must say, this is 100%, hands down the best conditioner I’ve ever used. It does everything it claims to. I was easily able to untangle my hair by using it and it definitely left it with a light, airy feel. Even my hair, which I always thought was in good condition felt a million times nicer after using this. I also used it as a leave in conditioner overnight once to try it out, and it was once again faultless. My worries about it being inappropriate for my oily hair were so unnecessary. My hair has never felt so soft or looked so shiny before!

  15. M. A., Shaker Heights, OH

    I have been using your products for about a week
    I love them esp The Virginity hair repair.
    My hair was severely damaged after i had a japanese straightening treatment . Virginity literally makes my hair feel like “virgin” hair
    Thank you for your products!

  16. *Vicky-

    I absolutely LOVE this product. First of all, it smells amazing. It’s not overpowering, but it has a great scent. Also, it is wonderful! It works so well; my hair feels amazing as it cleaned every strand from product buildup. I can definitely feel a difference in my hair after using it. My hair doesn’t feel weighed down; it feels smooth and looks shiny. The makeup of the shampoo is also a perk for me. It’s natural and can be used on men, women and children. The ingredients are great!

  17. HoneyB22-

    ILLUSTRIOUS SHAMPOO AND CLEANSER!! I had only recently dyed my hair and really hated losing so much color with every wash.. Thanks to Illustrious Shampoo and Cleanser made from NATURAL FRUIT and VEGETABLE EXTRACTS, my NEW color did NOT FADE and my hair felt clean and healthy! I was further impressed to learn that Belegenza’s Illustrious Shampoo and Cleanser was SLS-Free and Salt-Free which meant my hair was not bogged down with any unhealthy buildup.
    Bottom-Line:I want my hair to grow and be healthy; and was greatly impressed that Belegenza’s Illustrious Shampoo and Cleanser was SLS-free and SALT-free which means HEALTHY HAIR!

  18. Dana

    I have tried many products for my fine blonde 63 year old hair. I was skeptical about a claim for youthful results from a “celebrity” product , but I was overjoyed to be wrong! Illustrious Shampoo has turned back the clock to make my hair feel and look thirty years younger, and being “Mrs Bambi”, I could not possibly use a product that had been tested on any animal, so this is just perfect.
    Thanks for a truly great hair care system!

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