Hello Alan,
The product sounds good and I know someone who uses it and raves about it, plus her hair is great. Problem, my hair is combination; dull, dry, thinning around edges and thin, reverts from any style when moisture is introduced (gets soft and fluffy). I’ve been wearing braids for 15 years and now want to go natural (controlled styles but without chemicals, no perms).
Hope you can help  “
I’m so glad to hear from you!   I bet we can figure out a perfect combination that will work to get you natural and in control a bit better.
The first thing I think will be worth trying is the Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker.   This you can use on your braids, and it will begin to soften the curl patterns with a Vitamin C complex.  It’s all natural, and it has no sodium/calcium or even thio.  Its very rich with emollients, and they penetrate the hair to fill it up so that the humidity has “no room” to get in!     (More off-label uses of Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker)
The other that will be worth a shot is the EnCore Leave In Conditioner.   It really will be helpful to stop the dryness and brittleness especially at the edges.   THEN, once you start seeing more length in those areas, you may alternate the products on differing days OR use them like a cocktail, by mixing them together!
EnCore is based on the RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment which is super moisturizing.
I could talk/write for days, so tell me where this lands for you, and what question this has drummed up for you thus far!