Sweet Potato for Hair Growth : Foods For Hair Growth AVOID sweet potato chips fried in SOY oil!


Who doesn’t love sweets?

We’re sure there are a few out there that do not.

But for most of us it is a necessity.

Candy, cookies, cake, ice cream satisfy us but aren’t
really good for us, and are not on our list of
foods for hair growth.

Is there good sweet?

Of course!

sweet potato for hair growth, foods for hair growth
Sweet Potato Fries
for hair growth vs.
plain french fries.

It comes in the form of sweet potatoes.

We love that they are becoming a common option over regular french fries!

(For the record, there is a bit of controversy over ‘what are sweet potatoes vs. yams,’ and we don’t like when they are fried in soy oil or canola!) More about that coming soon.

When it comes to foods for hair growth,

Sweet potatoes will give you that sweet you love
they are also are good for you and your hair.

They are high in potassium and fiber and also a good source of vitamin A which protects your hair from environmental toxins.

It’s also good to note that vitamin A is considered the workhorse of dermatology.
Healthy body and healthy hair.
It’s your turn to grab it!

Faster, healthier hair growth may be as simple as this–

Small daily delicious choices,
one by one,
stack up to supply your hair follicle with
an abundance of perfect hair building blocks.

Sweet Potato fries vs french fries are not only a tasty simple choice,
they are guilt-free because
you are feeding your follicles at the same time!

Like most things in the world, there is a version for everyone…..

and then there are the choices for those,
like you,
who are committed to excellence.

Our food choices for Belegenza is not usual either.

Belegenza is not just food-grade, but
the top of the food chain for your hair!

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Sweet Potato for Hair Growth : Foods For Hair Growth
AVOID sweet potato chips fried in SOY oil!



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