I need help to find the best suited products for my hair conditions. I have a complex hair condition have been diagnosed with LAS, I had 2/3 cysteine keratin treatments in the past, I like to control the frizz dryness volume (too much) and treat LAS (Loose Anagen Syndrome). I’m Indian origin with thick black hair. Is it possible to achieve all these goals at the same time? Or do I need to prioritise the conditions and work to resolve one at a time.I am confused between your treats t for frizzy hair, for keratin hair, or for LaS.Also could I still use the kerastase sulphate free discipline range? That is what my stylist advised me to use.Indian Indian Hair Best Conditioner  Treatment for Frizz and LAS
Thank you for asking about how to care of your hair and LAS situation.
This may come as good news, because the situations you have described may be improved in a few simple steps.
First I will tell you the 4 products, and then tell you why they will be appropriate for your situation.
Using these will working in tandem to gently nourish your follicles, so as to help with the anchoring molecules that hold the hairs in your scalp longer (with a clinically proven ingredient that assists this up to 28%).   Then we need to fill the interior core of your hair with structure and moisture to keep the humidity from puffing your hair out (frizz).
Then Simply Smooth will be your styling cream that you will simply blow into your hair each time you style.
On the days you don’t shampoo, you will simply use the GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray at the scalp to further enhance and nourish the follicles for better hair anchoring and new hair growth.
Interestingly enough, our chief formulation designer is Indian, and he has assisted us greatly in dealing with Indian hair specifically.
We recommend this protocol, and when we see some positive results, we can then fine tune your products to give you the best results as possible.
By the way, we don’t recommend Kerastasse, given that it has many derivatives of silicone built into the formulas, which we believe is counter to follicle clearing.
In answer to your question about shipping, we know that it is quite prohibitive in cost.  If you’d like, we can get an estimate from a carrier.  All we would need is an accurate address, and we can give you a pretty close estimate on the shipping.
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