Hello, my question is, will hair actually grow at areas I am thinning at using ur products and how long will it take to see visible results?
Dear K.,
It’s great to hear from you….
While the FDA will not allow us to make claims about growing hair specifically, we can talk about keeping the hair that you currently have due to an ingredient that is clinically proven to keep the anchoring molecules of the follicle intact for up to 27% longer than usual.   Said another way…. Each hair goes through phases, the initial growth spurt, and then an ongoing phase that lasts for years, and then a falling phase, then a resting phase….AND hopefully, it will wake back up, and start the growing phase again!
Where our ingredients and the GrowOUT Shampoo, and especially the GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray affect your hair and scalp are in the phases where the hair begins to fall.  That ingredient helps it stay up to 27% longer!   Then, the energizing ingredients target the ‘awakening’ of the follicles that are in the sleep phase, thus you have more of the follicles that are simply sleeping growing again.
So, using all of our products will give a great chance of Keeping your follicles as healthy and awake as possible.
 The other big deal that we recommend paying close attention to the foods that you are using to “feed” your follicles.    We have some no-no’s on our food list that are very common today, and have been shown to clog hair follicles.   So, if that is of interest, we can share more about that with you.. just let us know!
Ok, K., I hope this helped!
Let us know what else we can answer for you!
Alan & Cheryl

Oh, and as far as timing….  Usually in 30 days, you will see new hairs at the scalp, about 1/4 inch long or so.  If they are pointed, that means they are newly awakened hairs!
Alan & Cheryl​