I have very fine hair that has a lot of breakage.  I highlight my hair and I have Hotheads tape hair extensions in my head.  Can I use the Grow Out shampoo with the tape extensions in my head?  Will it affect the bond?
GrowOUT Shampoo and Strengthener will be fine with the adhesive, as well as the GrowOUT Scalp 
Energizing Spray, which can be used directly on the scalp between shampooing treatments.
What else can we answer for you?

Thank u!  I live in Philadelphia… Is there anywhere that sells it nearby?  Or better just to order online?
Should I get a conditioner also?
Any hair vitamins or anything else u can recommend?
Thanks again!
Dear A.S.,
It is our pleasure!
At this time, we are not in any stores/salons nearby Philadelphia.  We desperately need a place, so if your stylist is interested, please send them our way!
Ordering online is simplest and usually arrives within 5 days of your order.
Since you are having breakage, I think that you should be careful when shampooing to decrease the incidence of tangling by gently shampooing, and then using the DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner, rinsing well, and then using the widest tooth comb you can find.
If you still have some tangling ( especially the first few times, as our products begin to purify your hair of silicones, or synthetics if there are any ) you may consider the VirgINity Hair Repair.  Here’s a little something we did  to show how well it works on trashed hair extensions, not that yours are trashed, but to illustrate how effective it is at restoring hair quickly!  It will be a super help!
As far as nutrition, the most important rule in our book is to eliminate any soy products!  Sounds simple, but it’s in salad dressings, fried foods, stir-fried foods, breads, baked goods, pizza dough, etc.!!  Eliminating this alone can help beyond words.
There is more on hair growth and soy in the Ask Alan Blog, which you can search more from the search bar at the top right of each page of our site!
Your turn! LOL!