Silicone FREE or Caulk? What’s with Silicone and Hair?

Silicone FREE or Caulk? What’s with Silicone and Hair? Who started all this Silicone-Free business anyway? We did! Why??? It is important to use “silicone free” hair products because Silicone is a rubber-like plastic material. It’s used as a sealant against water and air. It is not a natural ingredient and has side effects that […]

pH Balance For Hair Growth : OVERLOOKED Secret to Hair Loss/ Hair Growth

ph balance for hair growth

pH Balance For Hair Growth : OVERLOOKED Secret to Hair Loss / Hair Growth * What’s your next BIG EVENT? Belegenza prepares beautiful celebrities & YOU for “red carpet events, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.” Be certain to deliver an intense stack of nutrients & elements to the core of your hair for maximum hair […]

Slowly Balding? Reduce Hair Thinning(even fine long hair)

New hair growth products come and go. Some have been around for a long time, given the investment made in patents and FDA clinical trial expenses and such. Some have been around for a long time, because they are trusted by the top stylists, beautiful celebrities, and satisfied customers. For those who depend on their […]

How long before I see hair growth?

Hello, my question is, will hair actually grow at areas I am thinning at using ur products and how long will it take to see visible results? Dear K., It’s great to hear from you…. While the FDA will not allow us to make claims about growing hair specifically, we can talk about keeping the […]

How to make the best hair growth treatment for thinning hair

best hair conditioner shampoo products organic natural hair, how to shrink pores naturally, younger looking skin

When Cheryl and I set out to make our products, we didn’t really set out to make a  faster hair growth series.  It happened rather organically.  We simply set out to make the best shampoo, best conditioner and best styling gel as possible from foods.  Even though it seemed that everything had already been invented, […]

How to Stop Breakage from Natural Keratin Treatment

“Dear Alan, I just did a natural version of  a Keratin Treatment on a singer yesterday.  His hair is Indian Indian curly, and we’ve done this treatment before and it’s awesome.  Unfortunately, today he called me to tell me his hair is breaking about 3/4 of an inch from his scalp.  What can I do […]

GrowOut vs. IlLustrious for hair growth!??

  “I had been using GrowOut Shampoo (& Strengthener) and the (GrowOut Scalp Energizing) nutrient spray after having had chemo therapy 2 years ago.  I have since needed chemo again and now my hair is growing back.  I still have GrowOut Shampoo (& Strengthener) and just received my (GrowOut Scalp Energizing) nutrient spray today.  Now I am reading […]