New hair growth products come and go.

Some have been around for a long time,
given the investment made in patents and FDA clinical trial expenses and such.

Some have been around for a long time,
because they are trusted by the top stylists, beautiful celebrities, and satisfied customers.

For those who depend on their looks, many rely on having their best hair possible, especially those with fine hairs needing a bit more lift.

Certainly, everyone is looking for the best hair growth products, yet it seems that everyday, there is a new brand that promises miracles.

Picture it.

TV * Click ad * Infomercial * /Fancy Website dot com

With incredible marketing precision,
hair growth looks pretty promising, especially with those
“strategically lit” and
cleverly photographed
before & after photos!

Here’s the way it works, though.

IF they can get you to buy ONCE, at that special price, it doesn’t matter if it works.

They make their money on VOLUME.  1000’s of new customers a day come into their “click-ad-trap.”

Even at a few dollars per click, they factor that into the cost of the product and
what is called “customer acquisition cost.”

AND, if they can hook you into an “auto-ship,” it’s likely
you’ll stay for a few rounds, thus increasing their profits through the roof.

That’s not the Belegenza Way, though.


So, if you don’t mind putting your follicles & fine hairs at risk
while you TRY the latest NEW gimmick….

It’s kind of fun….

What’s your approach? Day by day…. Are you saving or losing hair? GrowOUT now.

Until you’re part gets wider and thinner.

Until your partner stops eye contact for ‘shiny scalp’ contact.

Until your brush has more hair in IT than you have on your scalp.

Until you pull that glob of hair you lost out of the shower drain hole.

Until you take a leap of faith and use the secret that we’ve developed for those who want the best of the best even for fine hair.



We take it seriously, 

EVEN THOUGH we did not start out to save hair.

It happened as a side-effect of
our original Belegenza
“delicious” & irresistible
shampoos & conditioning treatments.

We make products that are known for bringing deeply damaged hair back from the dead, and not just for those with long fine hair.
Belegenza’s goal is turning good hair into 

Because of the innovative food extract base FREE of silicone & nasties, our customers would ask,
Why is my hair growing faster from Belegenza?  What’s in this?”

It was a simple discovery.

Silicone-FREE was the common denominator that is in more than 97% of hair products and especially in
hair growth products!

Once we revealed that,
we went a step further for hair,
it just made & makes sense.

If the SILICONE FREE concept is SO effective,
now let’s add trusted & proven extracts believed
to grow hair.

So, it gave us an excuse to travel like crazy to find the world’s finest extracts.

We narrowed it down to about 17 extracts, like
olive (Italian),
coconut (Caribbean & Indian),
sea veggies (Hawaiian & Asian), etc.!

So, it’s packed with power for your hair.

long fine hair, fine hairs nourishment fine straight hair
Feed your hair now! Premium extracts for all hair types especially your fine hairs.

We used our Belegenza approach to make it and
it’s called GrowOUT!

It’s not got any fillers because
it’s so full of active ingredients.

It’s pure, targeted, and
now our top seller!

So, when it comes to trying products,
trying GrowOUT is
like trying over 17 OTHER products
without the cost and definitely
FREE of the nasties like silicone or other cleverly named ingredients!

At Belegenza, it might be a bit boring…(wink-wink)

You get the best of the best for your hair.

You get improved scalp circulation, FREE of “capsicum” stimulation (many are allergic to capsicum).

You get more awesome hair days.

You order when you need, and usually only every 8 weeks.

You are feeding your hair better than nature intended.

You end up INVESTING in your hair.

You end up spending less in the long run.

Hair Excellence for YOU. GrowOUT by Belegenza

You get obsessed with Belegenza’s GrowOUT, and have to find a NEW hobby beyond the thrill of trying new products to grow your hair.

Because we’ve done all the
RIGHT work to treat
your hair, scalp, follicles AND YOU with the
respect that you deserve!

Whether you’ve got a full head of hair or long fine hair, and want to have bit more…
….This is for you! 


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