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Extensions, tracks, pieces, wiglets, clip-ins, etc…. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Taking care of that investment, along with your natural hair (leave out) is very important. Whether it’s synthetic or human hair, we’re going to surprise you with how responsive and incredible ALL your hair can look!

1  TransFix Shampoo
An all around treat for each texture and porosity of hair, giving you a fresh new start especially around those areas where the added hair is attached, with no worries of loosening the adhesives. Once TransFix has primed the hair for maximum condition.

2  VirgINity Hair Repair
Actually rejuvenates human hair extensions that may seem ready for the trash. It’s nothing less than a miracle when it comes to replenishing tattered old hair for yet another round looking better than fabulous, again.

This is what we call being “green friendly,” when you can use that hair just one more time before tossing it into the recycle bin!

3  Taffy
Use this in small amounts to get the humidity protection, body and bounce to the hair again, and even between shampoo days to refresh and reorganize your hair for a smooth finish that you can count on.

4  SpotLite Shine Serum
The only natural shine serum (silicone free) that penetrates to spark a shine from the inner core of both the extension hair AND your natural hair. The shine is beyond a glossy coating, as it absorbs and enhances your true haircolor tones, like when your hair would sparkle as a child!

This package brings your hair (both extensions and your own hair) into the same dimension….out of this world!
Bought separately, the products sell for $132.

It is offered exclusively at our website with a packaged price of: $108.00

Free Shipping FedEx Ground within the contiguous U.S.A.

What are you going to say, when, though you’re still wearing extensions, and they say, “I LOVE that you’ve gone back to your own hair…It’s gorgeous!”

“This is a godsend on my leave out…when I step out in the summer heat, I don’t have any “pfff” (puffed curl reversion) not having any of that problem anymore. My hair is very soft now….Try it. You will not regret it.”  VirgINity Hair Repair on leave out.
Before you throw those extensions away, try this behind the scenes trick from the Hollywood stylists’ off-label secrets!


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