Silicone FREE or Caulk?
What’s with Silicone and Hair?

Who started all this Silicone-Free business anyway?

We did!


It is important to use “silicone free” hair products because Silicone is a rubber-like plastic material.
It’s used as a sealant against water and air.
It is not a natural ingredient and has side effects that are bad for hair.
While it may give hair the illusion of shine, it’s a fake shine from the synthetic derivative of silicon/sand.

Definitely not the shine we want!

Other things made of the same stuff is the CAULK that’s used on your toilet seal, tub, shower, sinks.

Yes, that stuff that turns gross if you don’t bleach it every 5 minutes in your bathroom and kitchen!  YUCK!

So, as your follicles are giving up,
it just might be the same CAULK stuff around the follicle on your scalp that is keeping the moisture away,
but also smothering your poor
dedicated hair factories—
hair growth follicles!

Silicone and hair just don’t go together.

If you are going to TRY to find silicone free,
watch out for this trick they play on the unsuspecting consumer.

There are many silicone derivatives out there and you need to be aware.
Here are a few of their tricky names:


For more tricky names, click here.

If that’s not enough, this next piece of info will make you
scream especially if you DON’T have breast implants!

 “In 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved several silicone-bases breast augmentation devices in the county. In people who have had implants, concentrations of silicone have leaked into vital organs and systems of their bodies. This has led to nerve damage, granuloma formation and/or breakdown of tissues in direct contact with the gel,” reported Allergan, maker of FDA-approved silicone gel breast implants.


Silicone has its place.

Not on your hair or follicles, though!

Unless you really want a sexy bald head…permanently!

In case you’re more interested in hair growth….

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P.S. Belegenza is the world’s first and finest silicone free luxury hair product creator!

So, if you’ve ever heard of silicone free…. we started it!


Silicone FREE or Caulk? What’s with Silicone and Hair?




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