“Dear Alan,

I just did a natural version of  a Keratin Treatment on a singer yesterday.  His hair is Indian Indian curly, and we’ve done this treatment before and it’s awesome.  Unfortunately, today he called me to tell me his hair is breaking about 3/4 of an inch from his scalp.  What can I do to stop this breakage?  He’s got a show this weekend, and I’m devastated! What do I do???!!!”


The first thing is to not comb or brush or wet the hair for the next 48 hours if possible.  Of course, he’ll need to move it around, but do so gently.

Get him to your salon or make a house call!

Put about 2 oz of SpotLite Shine Serum in a small bowl so that you can dip your fingers into it.  Gently part the hair into four sections, and pretend you are going to do a color retouch application.  Instead, you will dip your fingertips into the SpotLite Shine, and apply this directly to the strands about 3/4 of an inch from the scalp.  Gently disperse the shine oils.  You can press the hair between your fingers, but do not rub them together.  You simply Rescue Deep Conditioning for breaking hair IMG_4963want to “lay” the oil on the hair strand.  Do this throughout the head.  If you need to comb it, use only a wide tooth comb.  You will probably use about 1.5 oz of SpotLite Shine for a typical head.  This will add flexibility to the hair, and this is tantamount, as breaking hair is brittle hair.  So, this will help with it’s ability to bend without breaking.

If you can wait 24 more hours, that’s best before applying anything wet.   If you must, due to scheduling, this is the next trick.

In a bowl, mix 5 oz of RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment with 2 oz of VirgINity Hair Repair.  Set that aside.  Using a applicator brush, apply this to the hair in the most fragile area, (in this case the 3/4 inch mark from the scalp). Apply generously.  Wrap in a plastic cap, and only allow the body heat to assist the penetration of the hair.  DO NOT ADD HEAT FROM LAMPS, DRYERS OR ANYTHING!   The hair is already so porous, that heat will only swell the cuticle and further weaken the strands.

Leave this treatment pack for about 30 minutes, at which time you will rinse with tepid water ONLY!  Not warm, and definitely not hot.  If cold water can be tolerated, use cold.   Rinse well.

THEN, use VirgINity Hair Repair by spraying a small amount evenly over all strands, paying attention to the area that was breaking.  IF you can get away with styling with NO HEAT, choose that option.  Our suggestion is to gently detangle, wrap (comb hair in a circular pattern around the head) and dry under a tepid dome dryer which can take a long time, but at this point, worth the wait!

IF you must style or curl the ends, try not to add any heat to the breaking areas and only focus on the very ends in order make the hair presentable for them.

Do this treatment again in about 48 hours, as the hair will have “healed” dramatically.  At this time, you can shampoo, but use only IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser.  Do not ruffle the hair as you shampoo.  Only wiggle your fingertips at the scalp and push the hair in a downward motion ( in the direction of the cuticle) as if your fingers are the teeth of a comb.  Do not ruffle the hair!  After rinsing super well, use RoMANce as directed on the tube, making sure to squeeze the hair of excess water and towel blot, before applying the second phase.

Use VirgINity Hair Repair as directed.  Also, use Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker  as your styling aid to further strengthen the hair and eliminate humidity issues.  USE AS LITTLE HEAT AS POSSIBLE to get your styling done, and try not to add heat the weakest areas if  you can!

Send them home with the full array of Belegenza products.  Silicones and synthetics will not be helpful at this point, and may slow the effects of the super small ingredients that come from our patents pending ingredients.  Just because silicones and cyclopentasiloxanes are considered natural, they are not necessarily good for you or your hair! Stay away.

SpotLite Shine Serum

4 Part Keratin Health PrePack

We are sure that you feel terrible about this predicament.   He, too, is probably out of his mind.  When you stop this breakage, and restore his hair, you both will feel a whole lot better!  From now on, you can keep his hair super healthy, and forgo this problem completely.

Thank you so much for allowing us to make a difference.  We’re glad to be here for you both!

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