Postpartum Hair



Postpartum Hair Loss & Regrowth


Whether a first-timer or seasoned mom, nothing seems more exciting than a newborn.


Along with mommyhood comes a few other things that need no reminders.

Postpartum hair loss.

And, it’s interesting to hear about how & what celebrities do as they take on parenting.

We believe that parents ARE celebrities.

Babies are miracles, right?

postpartum hair loss & regrowth, best shampoo for postpartum hair loss,
After the miracle of your baby….
Hair Loss?
Hair Regrowth!!

Being a parent is a huge commitment, and our job is to make life easier.

We will change no diapers, babysit, or any of that.

What we WILL do is help you feel awesome again by delivering hair to match the “mommy-glow” that every mom HOPES for!

So, before we tell you more about celebrity postpartum hair loss and hair regrowth, this is for moms who need TLC now.

What do we mean?

Even if you have nannies and staff, the questions and concerns that go with parenting can eat up your time, privacy, and mental well-being.

If you don’t have staff and have a career, too (besides raising your bundle of joy),
you are REALLY deserving of a few minutes for yourself.

So, if you have experienced some postpartum hair loss and have found
Belegenza because of it, you, like our other obsessed Belegenza users will come to realize that it was a miracle in disguise.
We are going to impress you from your very first use.

We are going to nurture your hair and scalp.

We will make that shower that may only last a few minutes feel like a spa experience.

We will make your hair FEEL awesome, so much so that we are not responsible if your baby becomes
obsessed with grabbing your hair because
it feels so good... PLUS, no worries
because it’s non-toxic from start to finish!

We are going to win you as an obsessed Belegenza user for a lifetime
by having your hair in optimum shape all the time!

So, if this resonates, stay tuned for the details.

If you are already getting obsessed with Belegenza,
add this package to your cart now.
You can always come back and read
more about the reasons why it works for every mom.

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What is this postpartum hair loss all about?!

Just a few weeks ago… it was:

I’m glowing and growing the best hair of my life!

Didn’t those pre-natal vitamins work?!

How can I keep my hair growing beautifully?!


Now….your body is healing and restoring itself.

You may have noticed you’re a bit tired, too.

It may be a good thing you are a bit tired…. this way when you look in the mirror or notice the hairs at the drain hole of the shower, it’s not that big a deal because you just want to rest.

There are so many contributing factors,
like hormonal re-balancing,
less nutrition (oh, those pre-natal vitamins),
lack of sleep,
what about those epidurals and hair loss,
the stress of life with another addition, and
“why do babies love to pull out what little hair mommy has?”

Who’s even got time to do more than shampoo and let it dry?

Where’s that ponytail holder, right?

Belegenza knows nothing about newborns or child-rearing.
Nor do we really know what it’s really like for you!

But we do know, thanks to our Belegenza Mommies who rave about us…

Belegenza knows how to make mommies feel better about their hair during their personal Postpartum Hair Loss & Regrowth!

We give them more confidence as they figure out how to do their version of SuperMOM!

We also assure you that
you are getting the best natural products that
exceed expectations, and
we ensure that
you are using food extracts without chemicals or what we call… The Nasties!**(more about that below)

Like all Belegenza products, these awesome natural food-grade products are
and do an amazing job as they nurture you back into
feeling like a fully expressed woman again.

Though you only have a few minutes to yourself per day at best, if you can at least jump into the shower,
the next few minutes can have you and your hair feel amazing! 

Get ready to say goodbye to postpartum hair loss,

And, say hello to awesome hair!

Here you go!

1  GrowOUT Shampoo & Strengthener
Know that food-grade ingredients are shampooing away your hair’s tiredness and toxicity and replenishing your scalp with nutrients from your new best shampoo choice. 

2  DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner
Go ahead and steal just one more minute to detangle your hair– and mind with DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner. Feel luxurious knowing that each hair will be doing its best to serve you while you care for your little one.  Yes, this conditioner actually adds body and volume using a special seaweed extract that adds springiness to your hair.

3  GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray +
Don’t feel guilty yet.  Though conditioning seemed luxurious forever,  it was only 2 indulgent minutes!  By now, you realize 15 seconds more makes all the difference, as you spray your scalp with a treatment that you will keep on enjoying until you shampoo the next time, called GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray. This is also the magic potion that you will use on your non-shampoo days to replenish the nutrients to your follicles. (Secret, if you have an extra 2 minutes you can refresh it with a blow-dryer instead of toxic-dry shampoos.) Ultimately, in less than 15 seconds, you will have lavished your follicles with 17 trusted hair growth factors!

4  PerForm Control Styling Gel
Though you may not have time to dry your hair, a small amount of PerForm Control Styling Gel provides those brave hairs a bit more bounce, especially when applied at the roots as a booster!

What sounds so luxurious is simply 3-4 minutes, of which you completely deserve!

What else is great is that when your little one reaches up to touch your hair, you are certain that their hands are clean of chemicals because you’re using the natural goodness of Belegenza Natural Hair Care for yourself AND  your precious baby!

Bought separately, you will buy these for $176.00 .

NOW, you can receive this 4 part package for $167.20 including FREE Shipping within the contiguous U.S.!

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Don’t you deserve some sweet indulgences that still allow you to keep your attention on your precious baby?

Aren’t you ready to see your hair growing faster, thicker, longer, and healthier?

 Won’t it be great to know that in less than 4 minutes, you will treat yourself and your hair to an ultimate indulgence—one that will last for days?    

Say “yes” to you, now!

It’s time to start enjoying these 4 awesome products now.

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As your body is restoring normal levels of hormones, unfortunately, the follicles get “weaned off” of the very high levels of hormones that had your hair growing in full bloom!

So, the time period in which the follicles are being reset, you want to be sure you don’t prolong postpartum hair loss.

In fact, this crucial time is VERY important for your long-term hair growth and thickness. Belegenza will set the stage, and even if you only use it for 90 days after birth, you will have done your follicles and hair the greatest service.

Using nasties or silicones during those 90 days can be detrimental.

Don’t take any chances.

During these 90 days of using Belegenza, you can continue researching more about our findings.

From there, you can switch. Just know, though, that they always tell us…

…..“I always come back to Belegenza!” 

Again, don’t take a chance during that 90 days.

Ingredient lists of each product can be easily found on its individual product page near the bottom,  by clicking on the name.

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P.S   We have recently learned that no one is really telling expectant mothers what it’s like Post-Partum.   Conventional thinking is “I’ve delivered, my baby is healthy, and it’s all over”… It’s NOT!   NOW is the time to up your game to restore yourself like never before.  Unfortunately, by the time you read this, you may be one of the victims of thinning hair due to Post-Partum complications.   We only wish we could have known to tell you beforehand that this Post-Partum time is crucial.   Rest assured, though, that we are here to assist you and other mommies who’ve been so kind to share their experiences and how we’ve helped them through this time…

We’re happy to provide you with these extraordinary products to “get your game” back!  And, of course, congratulations to you and your Bundle of Joy!

We look forward to hearing about your awesome hair and growth results!

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+GrowOUT Spray may be fitted with an atomizer sprayer rather than the nozzler, as pictured, due to supply chain issues.

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