How to Restore Hair, Period…Shown on Hair Extensions

  Not all hair needs to be cut off, nor all extensions need to be thrown away. With the expense of new hair extensions today, restoring, refurbishing and renewing extensions may be just what the “Green Doctor” ordered! Watch this fast and unbelievable natural approach to rejuvenating this “seen-better-days” hair extension. The question is….. “Imagine […]

Honey Boo Boo with Belegenza Natural Hair Care’s Alan & Cheryl

As you may have noticed, Cheryl and I seem to make the rounds.  Here we are with Honey Boo Boo,  Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson. Alana, who was six years old when the first season was filmed, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo , the show features her stay-at-home mother, June “Mama June” Shannon; her father, […]

Hashimoto’s Thinning Hair

Hi, I’ve been using Belegenza for several your months and have absolutely loved every product of yours I’ve tried. I wanted to contact you and ask what products to use for my hair. My hair is extremely curly, but has thinned out a lot over the last year. (I’m 31 now, and have Hashimoto’s Disease, […]

Will Simply Straightened/Smoothed Hair Revert?

Will my natural hair revert if I skip using Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker for about a week? No, but you may have humidity problems again, and you can use Encore Leave in conditioner to substitute for the time being for excellent frizz control.

Alexis Joy Interview-Ready: Belegenza makes her DAZZLE for MTV HIT SHOW ACTOR

absolutejoy2u@alexisjoyvipacc @thealexisjoy #NYC bound for a much awaited interview with an #MTV HIT SHOW ACTOR. #STAYTUNED Of course extra @belegenza care for her hair to make her dazzle #Belegenza #alexisjoyvipaccess #thealexisjoy belegenzaWow! Lucky actor! deepaggican’t wait to see who it is! ! Lex look so beautiful! ! Alexis, we can hardly wait to find out […]

Sally Lyndley How to Grow Hair Faster Skin/Hair Routine YouTube

Gooseberry for hair growth

Here’s Fashionista, Stylist Extraordinaire, Sally Lyndley, from with her morning skin routine, which includes her “hair routine.”  Seems she uses a few of our products in off-label ways that are fantastic! I love how she makes it so easy and is inventing anti-aging secrets on the spot, and uses our products along with Clairsonic, […]

Belegenza Helps Keep Stars Prepped During “Photo with the Stars” Session

Belegenza Helps Keep the Stars Prepped During “Photo with the Stars” Session The Hollywood Show is please to be able to offer the opportunity to have professional photos taken with a variety of celebrities. Belegenza will be there to ensure the celebrities continue to look fabulous throughout the day. Jackee Harry Signing Autographs at the […]

Hollywood Film & TV Hair Styling Star Raves about Belegenza

Nina Paskowitz praises Belegenza natural hair products as incredible addition, “It has revolutionized my hair world…and the actors are thrilled” with the results. No frizzies, not overly shiny, not wet or stiff like pomade, EnCore by Belegenza leaves hair workable and actors “hooked.”