Quote taken from Facebook Belegenza April 30, 2014 

Belegenza is Incredible!

Thank you to Verina at Verina Organic Salon, for introducing me to Belegenza.  Spending almost 30 years in a hair and make-up trailer, I’ve been exposed to every kind of toxic product. But not anymore!

And my health and eco- conscious actors are thrilled as well.  I only use Eco-Friendly Belegenza & Parenthood Photo - 2-7-015Hair products!

Belegenza is my latest addition! 

Their hair cream, ENCORE, has revolutionized my hair world.   It is not wet like a typical cream and it is not stiff like a pomade.   It has no silicone, so it is not slippery and overly shiny. 
It gets rid of frizzies, without making a hairstyle go limp and lifeless. 
It is quite spectacular. I introduced it to all of my actresses and everyone is hooked! 
Thank you, Alan Eschenburg for your creating this awesome hair care line.  Your generosity
is invaluable!

More from Nina Paskowitz on her site….

Nina, we couldn’t be happier to hear from you!   Cheryl and I find our expression in making these products, and with our loyal fan base, we are inspired daily to make more products that we think everyone will love.    We thank you for all your input, your connections and fun times in the trailer, on the sets, and with all your crew and cast members!   I’d like to thank my mother, and …..ooops, I guess I went into a fantasy of my speech at the awards…LOL….

Seriously, we thank you so much!!

Alan & Cheryl