Curly Hair: Mixed Textures, Soft Curl Control, No Crunch (Copy)



(Alan & Cheryl, Founders of Belegenza, escaped the terror of humidity on their curls by developing food-extract hair formulas that make humidity cry like a baby! )

Curls come in all shapes and sizes, and not one head of hair is like another. That’s why you want to discover this perfect solution for your hair, and you have now found it!

Hair has basic physiology or characteristics. That’s what we address with our natural formulations. From detailed research and testing on thousands of heads of curls (including hundreds of celebrities),  we’ve unlocked the best ingredients for repairing the cuticle and cortical level of the hair, which is the key to curly hair perfection!

Belegenza created formulations that stack these ingredients together in never-before-done ways that deliver superior, synergistic hair conditioning and control! Our blend of unique seaweeds from 3 exotic and remote ocean “gardens,” oils of 7 differing plants, and specialized extracts of elements of over 23 natural elements from across the world! By distilling the most important parts of these botanicals, the microscopic “crevices” of each hair now absorb an exact amount of the powerful parts without useless buildup.  In other words, these formulas are not only concentrated, they are packed with active ingredients that lock into your curls throughout every strand for maximum results you feel every time you touch your hair!

These formulas give you the power for curl repair and cuticle sealing. By locking in the best qualities of your hair, your curls respond with a soft yet confident control and now reduces the inner core’s ability to pull humidity from the atmosphere during the day! You now can get on with life knowing your hair is in its best shape ever…all day with Belegenza!

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1  IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser
This shampoo prepares hair for maximum reconditioning and filling of the inner parts of the hair. By using this gentle low-lather process that may take up to a month to completely remove cosmetic (silicone) buildup from conventional products, you will notice your hair’s flexibility and softness returning, with marked improvements each and every time you shampoo.  Once you enter this new world of curl perfection, you will understand and love your curls like never before. Even by trying other products,  you will always come back to this shampoo for a fresh new start.

2  RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment
By infusing differing molecular weights of moisturizing and strengthening agents in this cream, your hair selects and absorbs the particles it wants and needs. The rest rinses away for perfectly conditioned curl patterns that now look refined and defined from the very first use.

This gets better each time as your hair absorbs the perfect amount according to its porosity.

3  VirgINity Hair Repair
This super intense repair formula sprayed onto wet hair further seals for protection and humidity control factors like no product on the market!  This treatment lasts up to 7 shampoos, but our “curly heads” report being used more often due to their addiction to the control, shine, and humidity protection.

4  PerForm Control Styling Gel
This plastic-free (acrylate-free) and silicone-free gel works along with VirgINity to create control in your hair and soft hold with its springy-seaweed-based helix, blending curls and reducing flyaways and frizz. (Moisture exchange is BEST demonstrated in nature by seaweeds which must keep salt outside its membrane walls, preserving its moisture inside. Though very complex, it is the basis that allows you to afford your curls perfect moisture balance without these humidity issues ever again!)

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To view ingredients click on each product name above.  Also, you will find deeper explanations of each product on those pages as well, including some “off-label” use ideas!

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