Here’s Fashionista, Stylist Extraordinaire, Sally Lyndley, from with her morning skin routine, which includes her “hair routine.”  Seems she uses a few of our products in off-label ways that are fantastic! I love how she makes it so easy and is inventing anti-aging secrets on the spot, and uses our products along with Clairsonic,  Retinol, Organic Rose Hip Oil, and even eye drops! Highlights of Sally’s routine: ” I use Simply Young (after cleansing with Cetaphil, rinsing with cold water, patting dry and then using ” Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner which smells like shit, but works really well at restoring the pH balance to your skin…”) .  Simply Young Skin Tightening Spray increases collagen production…. ” As she continues with her Retinol cream and Organic Rose Hip Oil as a natural anti-wrinkle combination, applying one after the other respectively, she then moves to her hair routine. ” I use the GrowOUT Scalp Energizing Spray . I use this to help produce growth and definitely makes it grow twice as fast as is normally would.” Then, she moves to Virginity Hair Repair, saying: ” I put (Virginity Hair Repair) it on the old under cut… and on the bleached ends just because they are totally frazzled and it helps with the condition.” Her hair finale, using SpotLite Shine Serum, Sally says, ” I use the SpotLite Shine Serum (4th step in the series of products, she gestures) because it’s an all organic silicone-free shine oil…and it’s a really good oil for my body, even thought it’s made for the hair!” Which a this point, she moves her hair into place, and then remembers….Eye drops! What a surprise ending to the quickest routine that is obviously working because Sally always looks beyond gorgeous, natural and amazingly healthy and vibrant! Thank you, Sally, for such a treat and extreme compliment, given your access to the finest in the world!  Your taste, experience, and expertise in the fashion and beauty industry is beyond world-class, it’s Universe-class, and we are so proud to make your “cut!”    (If you think this sounds braggadocios, it absoutely is!)!! Follow Sally on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram    Love you, Sally! Alan