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All hair types respond to Belegenza ingredients, like food responds in the body to nourish, empower and energize.
All hair types respond to Belegenza ingredients, like food responds in the body to nourish, empower and energize.


We provide natural, safe, and effective products to stylists and clients.  Based on a secret patent-pending formula, which includes proteins, nut oil extracts and sea vegetable elements. When uniquely blended, our proprietary formulas provide synergistic beneficial effects to your hair and scalp.  The partnership of nature, science and technology enagles us to produce high quality products without the use of harsh, synthetic, unhealthy and “green-washed” ingredients.  Our approach to beauty is natural, extremely effective, and eco-responsible.


Because we use Aloe Vera as our basis, we provide up to 33% active ingredients, without using water as our base.  Typical professional and retail products only contain about 5% active ingredients in a base of water.  Not only are our products super concentrated, the reduction of water weight decreases the costs of shipping and the carbon footprint.


Belegenza Natural Hair Care products are the world’s finest and original silicone free products, and are free of paba, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, mineral oil, SD alcohol, sodium chloride and sodium lauryl sulfate/SLS.

Gently removing silicones and synthetics left behind by conventional shampoos and conditioners, you hair emerges cleaner each time, allowing for your scalp to do what it does best-grow hair.  Weightless natural conditioners nourish and moisture, without suffocating or impeding your hairs’ growth.  Because of the compatibility of the food-grade ingredients with your scalp and hair, your hair gets better and better, month by month!

Part of the secret is that we use the extracts of some of the most important and potent ingredients in the world.  Furthermore, we’ve found a way to blend them in perfect proportion for hair to absorb better than other natural products and even chemically based famous products!


Here are some of our star ingredients:

Aloe Vera (healing)

Red Mapleweed  (smoothes)

Hawaiian Algae   (repairs)

Gulfweed Algae  (strengthening)

Honey  (moisturizes)

Lemon  (pH balances)

Beet   (gentle cleansing)

Coconut    (shines and cleanses)

Green Tea   (anti-aging)

Nettle    (volumizer)

Rosemary (antiseptic)

Apple   (sleeking agent)


We welcome you to a new world of hair care!

We love hearing from you, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Alan & Cheryl