Best natural deep conditioner for fine hair….

Actually for any texture…..

And, how you can find the HIDDEN secret on any conditioner label!

Now that the world is learning more about cleaning vs sanitizing and such , it’s a perfect way to tell more about silicone and how it creates a FALSE sense of hair conditions.

FOR EXAMPLE, wiping a table down with a wet cloth can improve its cleanliness appearance.

Cleaning vs. Sanitizing
Silicone Coverup for hair vs. Repairing Hair Care

As we’ve all learned, it may not do much to clean and sanitize the microscopic germs and viruses…

UNTIL it is wiped with an approved ANTI-BACTERIAL cleaning solution, right?

How does this apply to the best natural deep conditioner for fine hair?

Silicone and their nasty derivatives, (listed below) do well to make the hair appear better, if you are willing to take the risks.

BUT, nothing is really happening to the CORE of the hair with silicones, especially if you are looking for the best natural deep conditioner for fine hair.

UNTIL, you penetrate past those slick synthetic coatings (think acrylic paint), and

infuse INTO the core of your hair,
amino acids,
moisturizers, and
extracts that fit
the damage sites, like a lock & key, for a
perfect repair from the inside out!

THE best natural deep conditioner for fine hair starts here.

If you’re okay with a quick, cheap, coverup…silicone conditioners will help.

 best natural deep conditioner for fine hair, long fine hair
The Conditioner Celebrated by Hollywood. As Seen on TV
Perfect blend of moisture and STRENGTH for hair.

But if you want and demand the best of the best, let the over 17 extracts in a base of Aloe, coconut, & luxurious moisturizers

infuse their magic INTO your hair with Belegenza.  If you are serious about the best natural deep conditioner for fine hair, you are on the right track with Romance Deep Conditioning Treatment and our famed DraMatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner, which maintains perfect condition on fine hair with a body boosting secret protein!

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Before you add the best natural deep conditioner for fine hair to your cart, now….

Here’s the list of dastardly silicone names to stay away from (and they add new names every day, so beware!)

If you wonder, you can send us the chemical name.

We’ll confirm what it is and add it to our list of AVOIDS!

“Originally designed as an electrical insulator, silicone has an incredible history, and has made its way into the personal care industry, one of the main reasons being that it is cheap to produce, a glossy/glassy cover-up, yet may not be all that it’s cracked up to be. It did, however, make a game changing impact in the performance of hair care products in general upon its acceptance in the mid-90’s, but not without unknown concerns.
Also know as, DIMETHICONE, SIMETHICONE, CYCLOMETHICONE, DIMETHICONE, PHENYLTRIMETHICONE,AMODIMETHICONE, DIMETHICONE COPOLYOL, CYCLOMETHICONE, SILICONE QUATERNIUM-8, TRIMETHLYSILOXYAMODIMETHICONE, DIMETHICONOL, DIMETHICONE PEG-7.) POLYSILICONE-9, CYCLOPENTASILOXANE, DIVINYL-DIMETHICONE, DIMETHICONE COPOLYMER, PEG-12 DIMETHICONE, CYCLOHEXASILOXANE, PEG-PPG-18/18 DIMETHICONE, METHICONE, DIVINYLDIMETHICONE, there are new versions coming into the market regularly, and can be typically identified by the suffix –cone or –one or –ane. (Did you know the Keratin in Keratin treatments are silicone related, it’s how they stick to the hair, and don’t be fooled about Formaldehyde free.)  Silicones are found in products and prepared foods as well.  Find out before it’s too late for your follicles and hair–Be sure to read “12 Everyday Things Slowing/thinning Hair Growth.” 

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Your Favorite “Brother-Sister” Hair Repair Experts,

Alan &  Cheryl




P.S. Belegenza provides a new world of beauty products including the  best natural deep conditioner for fine hair, silicone-free for all hair types, for those who demand the finest money can buy. 


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