How to make the best hair growth treatment for thinning hair

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When Cheryl and I set out to make our products, we didn’t really set out to make a  faster hair growth series.  It happened rather organically.  We simply set out to make the best shampoo, best conditioner and best styling gel as possible from foods.  Even though it seemed that everything had already been invented, […]

How to Stop Breakage from Natural Keratin Treatment

“Dear Alan, I just did a natural version of  a Keratin Treatment on a singer yesterday.  His hair is Indian Indian curly, and we’ve done this treatment before and it’s awesome.  Unfortunately, today he called me to tell me his hair is breaking about 3/4 of an inch from his scalp.  What can I do […]

Ingredients Belegenza Uses and WHY!

Just updated a page on our site, and it just reminded me about the foundation for how we make our products and how we assume that everyone knows! So, it’s quick and easy to read, AND it has one understand a bit more why we do what we do, and why they work so well! […]

AlexisJoyVIPAccess Red Carpet Young Artist Awards with Belegenza

Belegenza Natural Hair Care provides gifts for AlexisJoyVIPAccess Red Carpet Interviews at The Young Artist Award Ceremony March 15, 2015 Belegenza Natural Hair Care provides gifts for AlexisJoyVIPAccess Red Carpet Interviews at The Young Artist Award Ceremony March 15, 2015, of The Young Artist Foundaation, a non-profit 501(c) organization founded in 1978 by long-standing Hollywood […]

How to Get the Secret of Celebrity Magnetism Beyond Makeup & Hair

Working with celebrities has confirmed a theory on what I believe about beauty. I believe beauty can be enormously enhanced or diminished by ones thinking. How many times have you seen a person who is visually beautiful, but you find unappealing to be around?  On the other hand, you’ve certainly encountered someone who isn’t the […]

Tyler Champagne, Oreos and Transformers, Age of Extinction

  We love our celebrities, and Tyler Champagne always puts extra big smiles on our faces!   Congratulations on your career growth, Tyler!  We’re so happy to know you. Take a look at the Oreo’s trailer   and if you are like we are, get ready to run to the kitchen for more OREO’s! We […]

Actress, Movie Writer & Producer Raves about IlLustrious!

Carmen Corral‏@TheCarmenCorral My favorite #shampoo EVER and it’s all #natural! #paraben free @Belegenza  Reply   Retweet   Favorite   More What a great surprise to hear from   Carmen Corral on Twitter.   We are always flattered to hear from our customers and users this way, because we could not afford to pay for this kind of endorsement!  Carmen is about […]

GrowOut vs. IlLustrious for hair growth!??

  “I had been using GrowOut Shampoo (& Strengthener) and the (GrowOut Scalp Energizing) nutrient spray after having had chemo therapy 2 years ago.  I have since needed chemo again and now my hair is growing back.  I still have GrowOut Shampoo (& Strengthener) and just received my (GrowOut Scalp Energizing) nutrient spray today.  Now I am reading […]

Hair Growth: An Apple a Day

We are so happy to grow (hair) with you! While you are growing hair, we’ve been growing, too!  Every day we get more interest, information and opportunity, and are having a time keeping you updated with what’s been going on.  Some things we can’t tell you, like patent-pending ingredients proven to encourage hair growth, like […]